Anyone Been Put To Sleep For A C Section

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Cindy - July 20

I am asking those of you who have had scheduled c-sections & were put to sleep with them. I am going to be put to sleep for my scheduled c-section due to epidurals & spinals not working for me. Has it affected the baby in any way after the baby was born? Was it safe for you & baby?


Nanita - July 21

I had 3 C-Sections and was put to sleep with all three of them and they are healthy as a horse. I have 3 boys, 41-39-37. It was very safe


Cindy - July 22

Thank you very much for replying!


Veronica Vaughn - July 23

I was put to sleep during the first section. I can't remember anything but i lost my child do to a placenta abrubtion but i also had another of this year and every thing went great. It did not affect the baby. Good luck


Michelle - July 24

I have had two c-sections and was put to sleep for both of them. The first time was due to it being an emergency c-section and the second, which was just three weeks ago, I chose to be put to sleep. Both times went very smoothly and I have had absolutely no negative results. My children are both perfectly healthy. Don't worry...everything will be just fine. Good luck and enjoy your new baby.


Amanda- - July 27

I was put to sleep with my first c-section. Me and the baby are fine and he is 6 now.


M - August 1

Spinals and epidurals are 2 different things, not to say you are not knowing what you are taking about. This might be your 6th baby, but make sure you know the difference....but just know that there is a difference. I was put asleep for my 1st baby due to a life threatning emergency and it was the worst ever! I woke up 2 days later and had to be introduced to my baby by a nurse and my husband. It just seemed like there was no closure to my pregnancy and I missed out on a lot. My daughter was born 2 months early, but she did ok with the general anesthesia. I think they try to work faster when general anesthesia is involved for the sake of the baby. Good luck.


ch - August 3

i had to have an emergancy c/s w/ my 1st baby because I wouldn't dialate past 4cm. The baby started to have some problems and they were originally going to keep my awake but after doping me up AGAIN I could still feel them poking at me so they gased me. I was happy to have the c/s but scared also. I woke up several hours later and that was a c___ppy experiance. I was sort of freaking out in my head. My mind was starting to wake up before the rest of my body. I was a little angry and sad because I was the last one to meet my baby and when they brought her into the room to me I cried and told them to take her back because I didn't feel strong enough to hold her and though I would drop her. I didn't like the experiance at all. But we were both safe. Her dad video taped it and I saw that when they pulled her out she was a purpleish greyish blue I think they said from all the drugs they gave me, but it has not had any advers effects on her. She is a perfectly healthy and very smart child. Good luck



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