Anyone Cut Vertically Classical Cut

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Jorden - November 3

I had a classical c-section and i was wondering if anyone has had a normal pregnancy after that. They told me i had a chance of tearing because i was cut that way. Did you guys have a good pregnancy after the classical cut and how was the next section?


My answer - November 6

I am going to make a huge a__sumption here and say that you must have had a problem, multiples, etc... that would cause them to do a cla__sic cut?! Forgive me if that's not the case, but it is highly unusual to have that type of incision with a "normal" c-section. With any more pregnancies you have, there will be an increased risk of uterine rupture (although that risk is still statistically very low) and you will have to have another c-s. I don't beleive you are a candidate for VBAC after a cla__sic cut (forgive me again... I may be mistaken... there always seems to be at least one person who has a story to the contrary).


jorden - November 6

i had to have one beacuse my baby was too big and the doc said he couldnt make a big enough cut without hitting my veins or something. he was alost 11 lbs though.


olivia - November 6

i have had a csection almost a year ago and i had the same type of cut i resontly found out im pregnat again. iwas on her doing research to see if it was safe to carry another baby so soon after having my first baby.. My initally cut was going to be a biekin cut but winded up being a zipper cut i had to have a second surgury two weeks later because my organs and stuff was pertruding out my opening because they didnt take their time in making sure i was closed properly so im hesitationg on carrying a second baby to term its my health im worried about i have type 2 diabities and i have tyroid cancer and i might have to have my toncels removed because of breathing problems so im more worried about my health so before getting pregnat again check with your ob/gyn before you make any plans our a jump like i did.


Lynne - November 7

I had a section on June 19, 05. My son was breech plus he was born 25 wks. (dx with incompetent cervix emergency cerclage placed & failed) I had the c-section 3 days later. My son subsequently pa__sed on 8/31 while in the NICU due to complications of NEC. I was told that due to the fact that the incision actually goes higher into the muscular part of the uterus then the chances of rupture increase during future pregnancies. I don't know that you would be allowed to go completely to term in future pregnancies because the uterus may not be able to handle the onset of actual labor. I plan to see a Perinatologist in January to find out what the plan will be for my next pregnancy. My regular OB told me to wait for 1 year but the high risk doctor said that if all checks out in January we should be able to become pregnant again if we choose to after that. Actually we could before that but I am not ready for that yet. It is amazing how diverse physicians opinions are. I hope all goes well for you in your future pregnancy.



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