Anyone Had Really Bad Scar Tissue And Still Had Another Baby

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sarah - March 7

h__lo i have had 2 c's and i really want a third but the doctor told me i had really bad scar tissue when i delivered the second one and told me it would not be a good idea to have another one well i want a baby bad and i was wondering if anyone else had been told this and still had another and things went ok thanks


amyp - March 9

sarah its funny because when i read your post it sounded like me 6 months ago...i have 2 boys via c section and i am now pregnant with my third..i had ma__sive amounts of scar tissue..everything was adhered together (bladder to uterus, colon to uterus) the whole deal so i had a very hard time deciding to have doctor said it really wasnt a BIG deal if my uterus was nice and healthy and the reports from the previous c's said my uterus was thick and i am putting my faith in god and my doctor..since he told me it would be ok to get pregnant i totally trust him...good luck to you i wish you the best! it is a hard decision but in the end i know it will be worth it, oh and this is my LAST no more for me!


sarah - March 12

thank you amyp noone seems to answer me on here.


djh - March 12

Sarah, I had very bad scar tissue and a bladder stuck to my uterus for my last pregnancy. There were problems, but we ended up okay. I had pre-term labor with my last, but he is now very healthy. It does take longer to cut through the scar tissue and of course you will form MORE, but if this is your last baby I say go for it. You will have to watch symptoms that can develop after your next c-section that can indicate excessive scarring and/or adhesions as they can not only be uncomfortable, they can be something that needs to be taken care of. Best wishes. HI AMY!!!


molliejoy - March 15

Hello! I had a c-section b/c my son was face up and my pelvis was so narrow. 16 months later I had another c-section b/c my daughter was 1 month and 2 days overdue and they couldn't induce me. My scar tissue had adhered to my insides also. My dr. told me I just needed to take tylenol and it would work its way apart. Very painful. My daughter was 3 months when I got pregnant with my son. The scar tissue did tear apart and then I had no pain. My preg. was perfect with no pain. He was born 3 wks early b/c of preeclampsia. He was 8lb 14oz. I'm planning on having one more soon. He's 1 1/2 now. Good Luck. Also, you need to find a good Dr. One who specializes in c-sections and is willing to work with your situation. There's nothing like a bad relationship w/ a dr. and being stuck w/ them till it's over.


babygirls1st - March 15

What are symptoms of excessive scar tissue?


sarah - March 15

mollie thats very encouraging thanks! did you doctor ever tell you not to have anymore becuse of the scar tissue though or he says its ok?


CDE - March 15

I too am deciding whether or not to have another baby and I am worried about scar tissue. I have had 2 c-sections (20 months apart) and was told last time that my bladder was adhered to my uterus. At a recent visit with my doctor i addressed my concerns and he told me that the adhesions I have are common after a c-section and that I could have another baby. However, I am still worried because lately I have been having a lot of cramping that lasts about 2 weeks during the middle of my cycle and then again with my period. My doctor and I thought it might be a cyct on my ovary - a v____al ultrasound showed that that was not the case. I then had a CT scan to see if it was my appendics or something else, and that showed nothing. I know that adhesions cannot often be seen on a ct scan and am now worried that my pain is due to adhesions. Does anyone know if pain from adhesions happens immediately after surgery or is it possinle to show up months (23 to be exact) after????? I would love to have another baby, I just want to make sure I am O.K. first.


amyp - March 15

CDE-that does sound like it could be adhesions what i have learned is that the pains usually start a while after surgery. they can go a procedure where they go in and explore to see what is going on and the scar tissue can be cleaned out However, it usually comes back worse. so you have to be careful, every abdominal surgery you go through enhances the scar tissue. i dont see any reason why you can not have another baby. i have been told from numerous doctors that the only thing that matters is how viable your uterus is. scar tissue just takes a little more time to get through before the baby can be delivered. also, there is a little higher risks to the bladder, bowel, and ureters b/c of the organs possibly being knicked removing the organ and scar tissue from one another...but this is a risk no matter if its your first or 5th section. the risk just increases a little everytime. i will be having my 3rd in october and i have a lot of adhesions during my last c my bladder was adhered to my uterus and so was my colon. however, my doctor sees no problems and says everything will be fine...good luck. if you really want another go fot it!


CDE - March 15

amyp - Thanks for your advise. Does your scar tissue get worse with every c-section? If I am having pains due to adhesions will they get worse if I have another baby? That is my fear....


amyp - March 16

actually that it whats weird since i have all of this scar tissue and the doctor told me it was pretty bad...i have no least as of now...however, each c section you have can increase the scar tissue. when your c is performed the doctor will clear out all of the scar tissue so it is a toss up it can come back again or things could even improve? its one of those things you never know until after.. good luck in whatever you decide~!


CDE - March 16

Thanks amy and good luck to you in October!


amyp - March 17

thanks...i am alittle nervous but i am sure everything will be ok and my doctor is good so...and good luck in what you decide..


lovemy3 - March 20

hi there, i have had 3 sections and am trying to decide if it is wise to have 1 more. My dr told me because of scar tissue (mine is "moderate") that I have a 1/20 chance in getting placenta accreeta which is when the placenta attaches to the uterine wall and can result in needing your uterus removed and severe bleeding. I go to a high risk clinic for past preeclampsia and when I was having my son, there was a woman in there whose placenta had really overgrown into organs. (placenta percreeta). If the dr told you no, and you still have the desire like me, I'd get a second opinion from a high risk specialist and see what they have to say. i wouldn't close the book on this, but I'd get another opinion before getting pregnant. Good luck.


yofete - April 3

Thank you Sarah for asking this question and I need help. I just found out that I am pregnant for 3rd time since I had bad scar tissue when I delivered my second child my doctor told me not to risk it. I am 41 years old and my 2nd son is 4 years old. I do not know what to do I am very scared special with the age fact could someone give me advice what to do.


rvrbavv - April 25

Hi. I'd like to ask amyp about the symptoms you had with the scar tissue. You say everything was adhered together. (uterus to colon) I am having some pain and was wondering if it was due to adhesions. I have four kids and my third child was a c-section and that was 6 years ago. Thanks so much, Vickie


amyp - April 26

rvrbavv i really didnt have any pain..the only thing i noticed off and on was the i had a hard time having a BM and pa__sing gas. i think at times my bowel got kinked. and then i had trouble with my bladder. my bladder could not get too full or else it really really hurt. other then that i really didnt have any other signs? so i dont know. and i am not pregnant with my 3rd i am 15 weeks and so far i am not having any trouble due to the scar tissue so i hope all goes well. good luck to you..



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