Anyone S Child Have Breathing Problems After C

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Em - February 14

I have heard that some babies have breathing problems if delivered by c because the gunk doesn't get squeezed out of their lungs during delivery. My son has had a chronic cough pretty much since he was born and is getting worse. The pediatrician thinks it may be asthma. ANyone else seeing this in their c-section babies?


djh - February 14

Well, out of four babies, TWO had respiratory poblems. My second child, a full term son, was caught napping and took his first breath in utero, he inhaled more fluid and because he was a c-section, he didn't get any squeezed out much less the excess. He immediately took a turn for the worse, they put him in my face, then put me out as he got a pneumothorax (hole in lung) and then his lung collapsed. His NICU doc said that wouldn't have happened in his case if he was a vag-birth. My fourth child, a preemie, had RDS and extra wet lungs due to his birth method. They both have severe allergies now and the older son has asthma.


Eugenie - February 14

Yes, my daughter has continued to have fragile lungs and has always been c___pped out since her c-section birth 2 years ago. My v____al birth son age 4 has had only 2 colds in his entire life. I am searching high and low for a chance at VBAC for bub I am carrying now, due in 3 months. I see a clear difference in their health in many areas: colds, coughs, allergies, sensitivities, etc. The c-section babes are more at risk for these things as well I am told.


Jbear - February 14

My first baby, born at 36 weeks (but I think she may have been earlier than that, my periods were pretty irregular and I didn't have an ultrasound until 5 months) had RDS and had to stay in NICU for 10 days. She had a lot of colds her first year, but that was most likely because my husband was working in a kids' hospital and probably brought a lot of germs home. She hasn't had any problems since then...she's had 2 colds in the last 3 years. My second daughter, born at 37 weeks, also by c-section, didn't have any breathing troubles.


Sissy - February 14

my DD was a 34 weeker via c-section and she also had RDS, was on vent for 12 hrs, c-pap for 7 days. She had apnea after she came home and was on a monitor till she was 6 months. She has been fine though since.


mary - February 15

yes my son was delivered as emergancy as he was stuck when he was born he was taken to special care for 2 hours as he was not breathing properly. now zak always has a cold and i have just took him doctors as he coughs alot at night making himself sick and he has been diagnosed with asthma which i never wanted him to have as he is such an energic boy.


Em - February 15

Thanks for sharing ladies. I never thought of the colds being a connection but Joey also always has a cold. It started when he went to daycare though so I always just blamed that but I guess he could also just be more suceptible than some other kids. I ask partly to help me decide wether or not to have a VBAC with my next due in August.


Annette - February 15

I have 2 children, both delivered by c-section. I don't know for sure, but I believe their c-sections births did cause them both to have asthma. I have never smoked, no one smokes around them, I am careful with household chemicals, etc. From the start they both developed the disease. No one else in my family or my husband's family has it. So far I am the only one with cesarean deliveries.


JacksMom - February 16

My son's breathing was too fast and he had fluid on his lungs after c-section. He was in NICU for 4 days. He lost 6 ounces of fluid over night on the 3rd day.


Em - February 16

I sure hope our kids grow out of this crud!



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