Anyone Thinking About A C Tuck

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prin12 - June 28

I heard a news report about some ob/gyns that are learning how to do tummy tucks or are forming partnerships with plastic surgeons to do it. That way once you are already drugged and on the table they cut away the extra before they sew you up. I didn't do it last time because I knew I wanted another baby so Why do a tuck just to mess it up again. The thought of getting it done when I will already be recovering anyway sounds good to me. I consulted with my PT and he said that the baby did a lot of damage and that no amount crounches or situps will make the damaged muscle go back. Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else? Have any of you actually done it? I'm very intrested. I'm still young (24) and would like to look good for my husband again.


Nerdy Girl - June 28

Good Lord, if I would have heard about this I certainly would have done it with my c-section last year. He was my final baby, so no chance for me to do it now. Keep us posted on how it goes if you decide to do it.


prin12 - June 28

I have to find a doctor that will first. Not sure mine will.


olivia - June 28

i've never heard of it either but it sounds fantastic. I hate my perma-roll where my scar tucks in. I am not done having children but if I knew it was my last (and insurance covered it) I'd definately go for it.


prin12 - June 28

my insurance covers all if it didn't cover the tuck then I'd only have to pay for just that procedure.


SusanJ - July 2

I work in a hospital and asked two OB nurses if they had heard of a "C-Tuck" so they asked the delivering OB's and they said there really isn't such a thing, unless only certain Docs and hospitals are doing them off label. They also said it wouldn't be practical to do one at section time because the doctors aren't plastic surgeons and the amount of stretching and abdominal distention can not be ascertained right after delivery to make the proper "adjustments". So I don't know if this is an urban myth about Celebrities or not but the medical staff here says they aren't done. It would be very interesting to hear if you find out more about the existance of such a thing. Let us know!


SusanJ - July 2

Also, we have celebrities deliver at my hospital and they look just like everyone else after their births, either c or v____al. What they DO do is go get "thermage" on their abdomens about a week after birth . Thermage is a heat treatment done by Plastic Surgeons where intense heat is applied to the skin and it goes down to the dermal layer of the tissues, this heat triggers the collagen and elastin cells to form which tighten as they heal. Collagen and elastic fibers break down after over stretching, gravity and the like and without them one gets sagging, loose tissue and skin. It is what everyone in Hollywood gets on their faces and bodies all the time. It is like turning back the clock a decade.


JenR - July 3

Sounds like a great idea to me :) I had a c-section 6 weeks ago......I would have at least given it some thought if I knew a doctor who did those!!!


Saird - July 3

I WISH. I aleady thought of that, but don't see how it's possible- I am in a small town in Canada...


prin12 - July 6

I just checked locally and my Ob/Gyn will allow the surgen in to do the tuck. Now I just have to find a surgeon I like. This will cut the cost of the tuck SO much. I only have to pay for the actual procedure this way. Whoo Hoo!


Saird - July 19

Where are you at Girl? I thought only the stars could get that!


bbm - July 20

Strange. My c-section cut is so low it hasn't affected my belly. All I have is a very thin line, like it was drawn on with a marker just above the pubic area. There's no flap, no bulging over or under. I think it depends on how the doctor does the incision and if there was belly fat there before. I'm wondering what makes some c-section scars need a tuck at all.


Nerdy Girl - July 20

BBM, I think you are right that it has something to do with the doctor. After my 1st C-section, my scar looked like how you describe your scar. But then I had a 2nd c-section and my incision did not close. They took the staples out and it plopped open. GROSS! Now I have this totally disgusting lumpy lower belly because the surgical wound had to heal from the inside out. I feel sort of self conscious about this because the weird shape is visible through a bathing suit. You can't actually see my scar when I wear a bathing suit (I would not wear a suit THAT LOW!) but you can see the weird shape through the fabric of my suit. What a horror this has been.


bbm - July 22

Nerdy girl. I can just imagine how it must feeln since I'm pretty self conscious person as it is. I'm wondering about what would happen if I have another Csection. If the surgery is affordable then it's probably a good thing to do.


prin12 - July 24

My problem isn't the baby didn't sit right while I was preggy. She was low at first and then went high. She never dropped. So she not only stretched out the skin, but the muscle too. My P.T. said it's not possible to exercise it away. It's not fat, but dead muscle I want cut away. Oh yeah I live in Oklahoma.



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