At How Many Weeks Is Your C Section Scheduled At

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Tjane - May 30

I am due on July 23 and have to have a c-section due to no other reason than Ive already had one. I am thankful for no complications but it seems they are waiting until the last minute because there are no complications. I thought it would be sooner but by c-section isnt scheduled until July 18. Especially if you have no complication and cant v-bac because of insurance and hospitals when is your sceduled? Thanks.....


Tjane - May 30

ooops sorry, i see this question a little below too.....


snugglybugglys - May 30

Well I know it's answered down there too on another post, but my last c-section was at exactly 38 weeks...and this one is for 38w 3d.


Tjane - May 30

Cute name... Oh, I wish it was sooner, I see someones was scheduled on their due date....That is sooo late.. My birthday is on the 16th I was hoping I have it so I could be coming home on my birthday....


snugglybugglys - May 31

Oh thanks! :) You could probably talk to your dr about that. I have always pretty much been able to choose. My dr will offer a date, and then I'll offer a date until it's good for both of us. Your c-section is only 5 days early. I dont' think there would be a problem. Sorry I'm repeating myself....bad habit. Anyway, I would ask at your next appt. Good luck! :)


Rhonda - May 31

My last one was schelded at 39wks.


Been There - May 31

Tjane, I am scheduled for a c-section. They were going for week 39, but before hitting 40. I only got the doctor to week 38 because they only schedule 2 days per week and my week change date falls on a Saturday. After a little begging, she went for 38 weeks, but before 39. But I think your doctor is not waiting until the last minute. He is just being sure the baby is developed enough to minimize possible complications. Oh, I had a choice to try VBAC, but due to a couple of different health reasons, I went with the repeat c-section anyway. The doctor was relieved I chose that route.


Tjane - June 1

Well the hospital I am delivering at wont allow you to schedule c-sections (for no complications) until you are 39 weeks but it falls on a Sunday and they are booked for Monday. When I first went the NP told me I could do it on the Thursday or Friday before so she had my hopes up=-( I guess 4 more days isnt that much, but when you find out youre pregnany when you are 2 weeks it makes things go by so much slower... I feel bad for these girls that are 40 plus weeks!!!!


LL - June 15

My doc wants to schedule mine for 39 weeks which would be 7/21, my due date is 7/28. He said I could try for a vbac but I haven't decided what to do. With my first I had a scheduled c-sec because I was past due and had not progressed at all and they thought the baby was to big for me to deliver because my bones are small, mind you this was 12 years ago. I'd much rather have a schedule c-sec than an emergency one after trying to deliver v____ally with no success. Who knows what I'll end up doing? I know you’re impatient but they probably want to be cautious. Talk to your doc though and see.


victoria40 - June 17

l am 38 weeks and having my c-section June 20. My doctor said they usually do it at 38 weeks.



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