Baby Might Be Too Big

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mommy2 - February 1

My dr said I might have to have a C-section for the baby might be too big... Has anyone been told this? If the baby is too big.. would you have natural or C done?? I'm very scared of the C section. My first child was 12 years ago and was all natural, no cut, nothing. I'm not one for needles or pain and I'm a bleeder.


sahmof3 - February 1

Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are way off when they estimate a baby's weight. I don't think I'd let them talk you into a c-section if you don't want one just because they say it *might* be a big baby. Even if they are right and (s)he is big, you might be able to have a v____al delivery and not have any problems. You never know. If you would like another v____al delivery you could go into labor and see how it goes... if you fail to progress or the baby seems too big to come out, they can always do a c-section at that point if needed. I actually did have big babies... I only had labor with my first (next two were scheduled c-sections) and couldn't get him out. He was 9 lbs. 5 oz.... BUT I've seen several women on here (3rd trimester section) over the last few months who delivered babies over 9 lbs. v____ally with no major problems. Some people can do it... I'd give it a try!


Nerdy Girl - February 2

My college roommate had an 11 pound baby v____ally. She had an epidural, and it was hard to get him out. She pushed forever, and they had to use suction finally to get him out. She said that a hushed silence fell over the room when he was born because he was so enormous that everyone was just stunned. Bottom line is that she was never told in advance that the baby might be big, and she had a v____al birth (slightly longer than normal), and both mom and baby are healthy.


WP - March 5

OK. I had a positive birth but a negative recovery for a v____al birth of my 9 lb. 4oz. boy. I had to be induced at 40 weeks, and it took me 2 hours to push him out. The good news is that I did it without forceps or suction, he was fine the whole time and I was in no pain with the epidural. I had minimal tearing and didn't need an episiotomy. The bad part was a tailbone injury that took two months to heal and hemorrhoids that probably should have been surgically removed (from the pushing). I didn't even know what a hemorrhoid was before this pregnancy, but now I am intimately familiar with them. And finally, my v____a has never been the same since despite intense exercise and kegels as soon as I possibly could. I know many women don't have this problem, but I wonder how many do but just don't admit it or talk about it. I am pregnant again right now and I can guarantee that if my baby is the same size, I'm begging for a c-section.


JulieK - March 5

My baby was measuring in the 98th percentile for size my first pregnancy. That was at 36 weeks. I was immediately scheduled for a c-section, as the baby had not started to move into position, and the doctor just didn't feel he would fit. Had I gone to term they estimated he would have been 12 to 13 pounds. As it was at 36 weeks he was already nearly 9. I could not imagine trying to push out a baby that big, and I have often wondered what would have happened if I had had a different doctor, and actually gone past 40 weeks?!!!!! My c-section was great and my recovery quick. I'm pregnant again now, and already measuring 2 weeks ahead, even though I'm only 15 weeks along. If this one is huge too another c-section will be recommend and gratefully accepted :)


JulieK - March 5

FYI, my husband was 12 pounds at birth. His mother delivered v____ally, and has had nothing but health problems since from the damage he did coming out.


amybaby2 - March 6

so mommy 2 how did your csection come out??? i was just told the exact same thing today..i am very upset, and scared of a csection. i had a normal delivery with my1st and was looking forward to her being in the delivery room.


amybaby2 - March 6



clairem - March 26

hi i just read your question. my oldest boy will be 8 in october and he was a BIG baby. i was only 17 when i had i him and weighed only 6 stone when i fell pregnant. he was 9lb 7ozs and was born after 23 hours of labour with help of forceps.


Seredetia - March 26

I was told that my daughter would be at LEAST 8lbs, but at birth she was very tiny at just 6lbs7oz. I wouldn't go with what the doctors say because they really don't know for certain. I did have her via c-section, however, but only because my pelvic opening wasn't large enough to accomodate a natural birth. I'd suspected this in advance to going into true labor and was correct. (my mother had the same problem)


Seredetia - March 26

oh, and don't be scared of a c-section...sure there are things that can go wrong, but they can go wrong in a natural birth, too. Mine went very very smoothly and I recovered exceptionally quick. I was out of the hospital in two days with relatively mild pain. I was so scared of that stupid needle going in, but it didn't feel any different than a regular shot to me...just as painful (and quick) as one in the arm. ;)


djh - March 27

Hi. since you have a tested pelvis, I would wait and see before allowing someone to perform a c-section. Just as some report they had good recoveries from their c-sections, there are those of us who had nothing but complications. I know that if I did not have a juvenile pelvis I would never have a surgery until it was absolutely verified that there was no other option. I would opt for a trial of labor, that is not only prudent, but it also stimulates the baby and prepares him or her for transitioning to life outside the womb. Best of luck to you.


Stacey8 - April 3

How big was your first baby? I ended up having a c-section after 10 hours of labor with my first son who ended up being 11 pounds 1 ounce. The doctor had wanted to do an elective c-section, but I wanted to try a v____al delivery. After 10 hours of labor, I opted for the c-section. My son had flipped himself into a "sunny side up" position making it too difficult for a v____al delivery because of his size. For my second son, the ultrasound tech estimated his weight at anywhere between 9 and 12 pounds. Apparently ultrasounds are not very reliable for predicting weight (he ended up being 10 pounds 3 ounces at 39 weeks). I was more concerned about his estimated head size (15.5 "), which turned out to be accurate. I had really wanted to do a VBAC, but I was concerned about the risk of uterine rupture due to his size and because I had already had one c-section. You need to discuss with your doctor why he or she feels the c-section is necessary and what his or her concerns are. My doctor was worried about my first son getting stuck in the birth ca___l due to his size. In those cases, he said that doctors may have to break the baby's clavicle in order to get the baby out and that can cause permanent nerve damage. As I mentioned previously, I decided to try a v____al delivery with my first son. It didn't work out, but I don't regret it. I had told my doctor that if a c-section proved necessary, then so be it. The end goal was always a healthy baby. Perhaps your doctor would be willing to let you try a v____al delivery. I should add, however, that I found it much easier to recover from the elective c-section with my second son since I wasn't exhausted from labor. I found that the first two days of c-section recovery were the worst. After that, I was able to bounce back fairly quickly. But everyone is different. Make sure that you are comfortable with your decision, but remember that the doctor is the expert and should have the final say. Keep in mind, however, that some doctors have higher c-section rates than others. You might want to ask your doctor what his or hers is. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best. I'm getting ready for the birth of my third son after a six-year gap.


amybaby2 - April 3

my son was born on 3/8 after the sono on 3/6 said he was going to be 8 and a half pounds. he was only 7lbs 14oz. i still feel i could have pushed him out, but wasnt given the chance to. everyone is healthy and happy, but i will tell you i looked at the board, and out of 29 women that were there, 19 were csections....i think that is horrible! i think there is something very wrong with those numbers! is all over, and Jeremy wont care how he came out!


djh - April 6

I agree, last poster! There are entirely too many women being put under the knife. I think docs do a terrible job of really explaining the risks both immediate and long-term re: c-sections. I wonder how many women know about pulmonary embolisms? SEVERE hemorrhage needing hysterectomy, thromboembolism? Sepsis? MRSA? Bladder injury, colon injury, nerve damage, vessel damage that leads to pelvic congestion and pain forever, the same pelvic floor problems v____al moms have? I know these were not all discussed with me and the ones that were were glossed over with "we do many of these, you are in good hands". Well, yes, they do, and the mortality rate for babies and moms hasn't gone down with the increased c-section rates. I know c-sections save lives, but there should NEVER be more c-sections done than v____al deliveries, that is criminal.



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