Back Amp Foot Pain 5mth After C Section Anyone Else S

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Brandy - October 29

I am 5 mths postpartum and still have back, and foot pain. I had a c-section and feel maybe it was from that? I did gain 60 pounds, and after birth went to 163. I am now 147 and I still have pain. I am not sure if it is the weight gain or not? I have 25-30 pounds to lose before I am at my normal weight. I hope to feel pain free by then. Does anyone else have back or foot pain? Help, any tips on how to feel better again Thks!


KC - November 2

My situation sounds similar to yours, except I am experiencing pain in most all my joints. I have weight to lose as well after pregnancy; however, even at my peak weight during pregnancy, I did not have these problems.


Amber - November 28

Wow - I can't believe how much like myself this sounded. I am 3 months postpartum (after a c-section) and am having incredible foot pain. I myself gained too much weight (darn ice cream) during pregnancy but am working it off. Have you received any answers to your foot pain??


nicole. - November 28

I know of a few people who had natural births,and had back,joint,or foot pain,as well as other complaints.I am not a doctor,but I guess your body goes through a lot of trauma being pregnant,and either way of the baby entering the world,be interested to hear more.


geraldine - December 2

i too suffer from incredible foot and lower back pain, i am 6months pp and gained 29lbs and have lost most of it. it helps to know that i am not the only mother with those symptoms but i would like to know more about the cause of it. is it arthritis? is it the weight? change in hormones?? any answers please? did anyone suggest any remedies? many thanks, g


[email protected] - January 6

before 5 weeks a had a 3 c -section a tied tube the last week of my pregnancy my sugar went high but after that im normal thats mean im free of sugar but im worried why i have tickeling in my feet and my arm


jstabatha - January 16

I might have an answer you can research about your condition. Have yor ever heard of dermatomes? I learned about them in Anatomy 2 this past semester. I can barely recall how it works but I'll try to explain. Each vertebra in your spine controls ceratian areas (something to do with nerves the run to your brain in that area). Maybe when you had your spinal or epiderals it damaged it some how. The lower dermatomes do control the lower back and part of the feet. This is just a guest but you can do more research on the topic by looking up deratomes. Just thought I would give you a helpful tip. I Hope it helps all of you.


GP - January 23

The pain is probably more likely from your spinal/epidural than from childbirth or pregnancy. A good chiropractor can help you get things realigned, and you might see some relief after just a few visits. Also, pregnancy has been known to trigger things like RA, MS, fibromyalgia, and lupus, all of which can cause signficant joint pain. See your OB and see if your symptoms seem to be lingering from the spinal or epidural, or if he/she thinks you need to have some bloodwork and x-rays done to rule out preliminary causes of muscle, skeletal or joint diseases like those I mentioned earlier. If necessary, see if the OB will give you a referral to a rheumatologist and/or neurologist. Hope you feel better soon.


awebs - September 1

I did not have an epidural and delivered naturally. I have horrible foot pain as others have mentioned on this site. It normally occurs after I have been sitting down for a time. Either in the car or on the couch. It goes away after walking for a bit. I gained 33 pounds and have lost all but 2, so i do not think this is drug or weight related. If someone could help with a differeny answer that would be great. I am also 5 months postpardum.


canadiangurl85 - September 2

I am 8 months postpartum and I have had really really bad pains in my feet since I had my little guy. I went to my doctor to ask him about it two weeks ago and found out that it is plantar facitis. He said that it is common for women to get it after pregnancy. My pain is mainly in my heels, my feet are always soar after I have been in bed or sitting for awhile. In order to have this problem fixed I need to get casts made for my shoes. Thats the only way plantar facitis can be fixed, I guess.


wailing - September 7

Wow. Good to know I'm not the only one who's feet hurt!! I thought for a while I was crazy and didn't bother mentioning it to anyone. I'm 11wks pp and gained 39lbs. I still have 15lbs to go, I b___stfeed, and I had a C-section. I just read the plantar fasciitist thing. I hope I don't have to get treatment. But, when I do sit for a while (only sometimes)...when i get up, it feels like the entire bottom of my feet are bruised and I can barely walk w/ out a limp.


RR - October 10

2 months post-partum w/c-section. I saw my ob/gyn, my pcp, and an orthopedic a__sistant. the OA stated that i have a combo of plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel, and metatarsalgia in both feet. it's frustrating, incredibly painful. i lost all of my pregnancy weight. i've been icing, resting -- if i can, and taking ibprofen. i had 1 cortizone shot in each ankle and cannot get any more shots unless i get a 2nd opinion. i've bought power step inserts that are painful to wear for too long, but supposedly will help reshape my feet (high-arches). Anyway, i am hoping that i will heal soon since it feels debilitating. not a lot of info is available about this post-partum issue. but i wonder if it is hormonally related as well since i am b___stfeeding... Any suggestions?


Candi101 - October 10

See your OB just in case there has been damage from having spinal block or epidural. It could just be that you are suffering achiness because of the fact you have a new baby and you're busy being a mum and working off the extra weight you gained during pregnancy. Another thing that ot could be down to is during pregnancy the body produces relaxin, a hormone which loosens joints and ligaments in preparation for childbirth and the opening of the pelvis. This makes injury, to joints and ligaments, more likely. Now you're postpartum your body is returning to normal, but this is a slow process, you're body has just been under immense pressure during pregnancy, give it time. But do see your OB/GYN just to put your mind at rest if nothing else. Best wishes and acspeedy recovery.


rr1 - November 9

Am at 3 months now w/pain in feet and hands. I've finally got my PCP working with me. She does believe that it's systemic. I'm being tested for all sorts of things: vitamin and mineral deficiences, diabetes, thyroid, etc. and am being sent to a neurologist, an orthopedic surgeon, and an endocrinologist. One test showed that I have ant_thyroid antibodies which can lead to hypothyroidism. My doctor is putting me on the lowest dosage of Levothyrixine. If anything, get tested for all of the above, esp. if you have been suffering for more than a month's time. We should *not* be suffering after having our babies! It's taken the joy out of my maternity leave since I've had this crippling pain. sigh.


rr1 - April 16

It's been more than 2 years now since I had my baby, and after having seen more than 15 doctors I finally saw one doctor (Dr. Anne Oaklander, neurologist at MGH in Boston) who was able to give me a diagnosis: small fiber polyneuropathy. I am still testing now to see if it is related to my thyroid issue or is auto-immune-related. It was skin biopsy that showed that I have this medical issue. Hope this helps other women in need of knowing why they are in pain. Ma__sachusetts General Hospital Center for Pain Medicine Wang Ambulatory Care Center, Suite 340 15 Parkman Street Boston, MA 02114 Phone: 617-726-8810 Fax: 617-726-3441


jbenning - December 10

After having two babies 14 months apart, I experienced severe foot pain immediately following my second pregnancy. The pain was primarily located on the outsides of my foot and in the side/bottom of my heel. After being referred by my PCP to a podiatrist, I was told (very kindly) that during pregnancy my hips had spread, which changed the way I walked on my feet. He tok molds of my feet and within a week I picked up the custom made orthotics he recommended. Relief from the pain was immediate, and has lasted for three years. I just had a third baby about 5 months ago and am once again experiencing the foot pain. I plan to make another appointment. At least I know this time it's an easy cure!



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