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J - April 28

I'm having a planned c-section May 24, what things should I pack in my hospital bag or is it just the same as va___al birth


chel - April 29

You can expect to need about the same things as for a v____al birth. I have had 2 c-sections. BTW, my birthday is May 24!! You might want to bring a comfy pillow to prop up with or to hold against your stomach.


Jbear - May 2

You should get a boppy pillow so that you can hold your baby without pain. The one thing I wished I had when I had my (unplanned) c-section was a robe, because my baby was in the NICU on a different floor and I was going up to see her all the time, and worried about mooning everyone...My husband went out and bought me an electric b___st pump, but he wouldn't buy me a robe.


lisa - May 2

I took a whole suitcase full of clothes, and i wore none of them. Stayed in hospital gown, since first couple of days your epidural will still be in- i would recommend just make up and hair dryer, that kind of stuff. good luck


J - May 3

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the robe idea. I'm really anxious and nervous about the c-section, but can't wait to see my little girl. =)


Jessy - May 3

You can't leave until you pa__s gas and the pain killer they give you, VICADINE is a terrible constipator and they won't authorize very much prune juice to help it along the way, just because of the pain it causes...the gas pain is terrible so I don't care about a little more pain to get it out...sooo SNEAK SOME PRUNE JUICE IN, YOU'LL BE SOOO GLAD YOU DID! my doctor finally authorized me to raid the hospital fridge for prune juice after trying to pa__s gas for 4 days...imagine not EVER PASSING GAS FOR 4 WHOLE DAYS!! apparantly SOMTHING WE ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED!


jeanie - May 4

Take some of your favorite "overnight" Maxi-pads... those hospital ones were just NOT the ticket for me.... My mom brought me some control-top panty girdles after the first day. That made moving/walking easier. I was given percoset (sp?) for pain - but did better after BEGGING to be switched to tylenol/motrin in combination. I was less drowsy (and ditto with the baby after b___stfeeding) and had less pain.


Kristin - May 9

Pack your husband some food, extra change of clothes, a pillow, etc. He will need to be the person changing the diapers, taking care of the baby, and helping you. I had a c-section 6 weeks ago. It went well but I really couldn't get out of bed for the first day. My husband was awesome. He took care of our baby. He would hand her to me when I need to b___stfeed. I wish we had packed for him!


liz - July 16

what i need in the hospital bag (for me and newborn)



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