Bikini Cut Or Classic Cut C Section

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Choices - November 24

I am having a C-section and was asked by the doctor which "cut" I would prefer. Bikini cut or classical. He said that the bikini cut shows less, but is a longer recovery because your body's muscles run vertically and with this procedure you are being cut horizontally. The classical cut shows from just under the belly button but heals well, since it's easier for the stomach muscles to re-attach and repair themselves. Can anyone offer any advise, especially on the classical cut since it is not as common today?


jorden - November 24

i had a cla__sical section...but i was only vut vertucally on my uterus. It didnt take long to heal it took about a week...


Choices - November 24

how long was the scar? About 4 inchs or so?


NP - February 16

definetaly bikini pains much lesser...and heals way way too fast....i had both


hi - February 16

my husband's cousin had a cla__sic cut and she said that it loks like a b___t in the front bc she has a pouch of stretched skin. I have a bikini cut and will have another one with this pregnancy.


agtemt - February 16

I had a bakini cut with my healed really well and pretty fast. Also if you ever want to have a v____al delivery a bakini cut is better...your less likley to have complications with a bakini cut if you do a VBAC than if you have a vertical cut.


melissa - February 20

I had a bikini cut and here two years later its healed so well you cant really tell its there.


eunicejinn - January 17

i had my c-section 9 mos ago and have a cla__sical cut. i would say it heals fast and recovers. your doctor is right about cla__sical cut.


DelroyandDevita - January 30

I had both. With my 1st daughter, I had a vertical (bikini)incision on the out and inside. With my second daughter, I had a cla__sical on the outside, but a low transverse on my uterus. With my third daughter I had a vertical(bikini), and this new baby which will be my 4th c section and a BOY..YAY.. I will be having a veritcal(bikini) also. I would have to say that with my second daughter the recovery was the longest and hardest. Only because I couldn't really move around the way I wanted too. It was hard to lay in the bed because of the incision. Mine is below my navel on down. It was extremely uncomfortable. With my 2 other babies, It was a breeze. I could lay in bed, move around and do everything that I would normally do. But to each it's own. Also, my new doctor asked why was the cla__sical section done and was relieved that the incision on the uterus was low transverse. He said that cla__sical incision on the inside raises a higher risk for uterine rupture.


tummy tamer - February 3

wow- get another Doctor! In a way they are correct, but there are other issues with the cla__sic cut. Ask them to st_tch your peritoneal sac, and do a horizontal cut on your uterus- so a vbac is possible.Wear a binder post surgery- that will help with healing. they don't cut muscle anymore- they rip them open after cutting the facia, and hold them open while they cut the uterus to get baby. Check out the website- good luck



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