Bladder Problems After C Section Done 1 Yr

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Veronica - January 6

Has anyone had problems with bladder tenderness or frequent urination problems since there c-section? My section was 1 yr ago and I still have severe pain if not worse now. I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Bladder is very sensitive.


claudia - January 8

I had a csection 9/03 and another one 10/04. it hurts after I urinate or after i have a BM. i just got my period sunday and my abdomen is really really sore. this just feels very weird to me. it doesn't seem normal. i didn't have these issues after the first one. have you found any answers out?


Julieb - January 9

I had my baby 16 months ago. I always feel like I have to pee. I continue to leak a bit after I'm done ...when I stand up. But , I also have this pain on the right side..I know it's where my ovary is. It's the side they cut further to. Sometimes it hurts more than others. I also have a pulled cramp like feeling that also comes and goes on the right side too, but closer to my outer waist. It is most comfortable when I sleep on my back. When they did an ultrasound it looked like that right ovary was lower and tucked back. I wish I could get better answers from DR., she thinks it's probably nerve entanglement. I remember it hurt like HE** when I would pull knees together turn in bed or cross my legs...this pain shot up inside me. Now, I still have it, but not as severe. Pilates kills me though. I can't find answers anywhere my husband is a medical doctor (an Internist) and he thinks I might want to get a 2nd opinion. Of course I'll go to a different hospital. I just don't think this is normal.


julia - April 16

i also have a friend who is having probloms w/ c-section after a yr. they did a plvic exam and nothing. more studdied will be proforme


Holly - April 30

I had a c-section 4 months ago and have had bladder problems since. Pain when I urinate, frequency, burning, leakage I feel like something has crawled up inside me and died. I will keep in touch and let you know what happens.


JL - June 9

I had painful urination for a few months after my c-section. It was weird pain though because it was internal, like inside my bladder. I was told that organs can adhere to each other, such as the bladder and uterus. If they were peeled apart to be separated during the surgery, the bladder walls could be very irritated. I think this is what happened with me because the pain eventually went away.


Megan - July 7

I had a c-section 8 months ago and i have to urinate constantly, not only that but i am sore and i have very bad back problems and my stomach still hasnt healed


wendy - July 14

yes, two years now and my bladder always feels as thougfh I have to go. if my bladder gets very full its feels as if it is overstretched and hurts. I talked to my dr. and she said its a risk you take with a c-sec. possible meds can help. but no real good answer...basicly live with it.


Kayleigh - July 17

Hi there, yes I had my c section in march (6th) this yr, I know it hasn't been as long as you but I am in pain when I go to the toilet and I have lump in the wall of my stomach. I feel sick at the thought of touching my stomach under my belly b___ton and to my scar. Eww the feeling just goes through me. I don't like my partner coming near my stomach, which you can imagine causes problems!! Do you ever feel as if you need to use the toilet that badly that you would have an accident if you didn't go? Please email me back . my e-mail addrss is [email protected] Cheers Kayleigh


jessica - September 6

I have had 2 c-sections and my last was over 3 years ago and I have frequent urination. It is very annoying ecspecially on road trips.


Colleen - September 15

I have had a total of 3 C sections and nothing has improved. I still have to get up during the middle of the night...will it ever stop?


Jackie T - October 28

I have suffered for nine years after having 2 c sections and bladder damage during the second one.After painI have been diagnosed with IBS and been to various specialists and now after finding blood in my urine for 3 years I have just had a MRi scan followed by a cystoscopy I have finally been diagnosed with a Uterovesical fistula.Please if you are suffering get them to check out this possiblity as its a known but rare complication from c sections.


Carolyn - October 28

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first, so I can't say if a c-section makes your bladder worse. However, I have had bladder problems since I was a child and was diagnosed with interst_tial cyst_tis about 7 years ago and have had bladder problems on and off throughout my pregnancy. If you continue to have bladder problems - frequency and urgency of urination, bladder sensitivity, etc. - and you do not have bacteria in your urine or show negative test results for urinary tract infections, you might consider seeing a urologist - one who specializes in interst_tial cyst_ts. Check out the website - as there are many women who claim that pregnancy and childbirth, including having a c-section, brings on ic and aggravates their bladder. IC is frequently misdiagnosed or undetected in women. A urologist who specializes in ic or pelvic disorders can make a diagnosis and prescribe meds for you to alleviate bladder problems, give you advice on a restricted diet or suggest pelvic exercises. Good luck.


djh - October 28

Yes!!! I suffered for years, my bladder was so stuck to my uterus from those c-sections that It was impossiblet to feel normal in regards to bladder function. I felt my bladder's existance every second of every day. I had a hysterectomy and while it improved it due to repositioning the bladder where it was supposed to be, it didn't cure the bladder frequency stuff too much. The reason for that is I also had so much scarring from my c-sects that my ovaries were pulled down and not working right...hence I had a TOTAL hysterectomy w/oopherectomy and now I have to take Estrogen everyday. It is not the same as real estrogen and so my bladder muscles are weaker. To Carolyn...if I were you I definitly wouldn't let them do a c-section on can exacerbate your IC...I have that too now (before my c/s I could eat vitamin C foods, drink carbonated sodas, eat blueberries I can't as it causes bladder spasms.) Your bladder will not like being cut and moved out of it's normal position very much so be aware. Good luck everyone!


Carolyn - October 28

Thanks djh for the kind words. Unfortunately, I am penciled in for a scheduled c-section on 3 Nov since the baby is in the breech position and too big to turn. Of course, if he turns, then the c-section will be cancelled but I won't know until the 3 Nov. I'm trying to convince my ob-gyn not to use a catheter because of IC, but it's like talking to the wall. I find that many ob-gyn either completely ignore or dismiss bladder problems, which is annoying to say the least. Do you or anyone else have any ideas on how to reduce potential bladder problems from a c-section?


djh - October 28

Man, Carolyn, that's the best route then, the c/s. They really do have to catheterize you as they will literally move your bladder completely out of the way to get to your uterus. Hmmmm...perhaps some Detrol and prophylactic antibiotics for a few days after your c-section might be an option, or at least an Rx for them. I am not familiar with whether Detrol gets into b___st milk, so that would definitly be a pharmacolgical question. This must be so exciting for you, your first baby!!! I think you are going to have to see what all your options are regarding urine re-direct during you surgery but I know it is one of the necessary things they have to do. I guess what I am saying is, expect, unfortunately, to have bladder problems after your section. It will be worth it, however, to have you beautiful son! Get the cranberry juice ready if you can tolerate the Vitamin C (I can't), or get whatever meds that can be prescribed to you if you are b___stfeeding ready before you go in for you c/s, then at 3 in the morning you won't be sitting in hot baths, or dancing around with bladder spasms. I will think great thoughts for you and baby on the 3rd. God Bless you both.


to carolyn - October 28

is there any chance they can try a cephalic version? where the manually turn the baby from the outside using ultrasound? also they cath is necessary to empty your bladder so that is doesnt get knicked in the process so you really want the cath in place trust me..a full bladder would be a mess for you and the doc good luck!



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