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Hi - February 7

This is probably a stupid question but do you bleed va___ally after a planned c-section?


Rhonda - February 7

Yes,you still bleed.


Jbear - February 8

You bleed just as much after a c-section as a v____al birth.


Kim - February 8

Actually, I had less bleeding after my c-sections than with my v____al birth. It was like a heavy period for me, but then I'm used to some VERY heavy periods, so I'm no help!


To Hi - February 9

It is not a stupid question if you have no experience with it. Have you ever had a c-section before? If not, the uterus still must shed the remainder of the lining and residual placental components. If you had an emergency or urgent c-section before the only thing that changes in regards to the scheduled section itself is no labor.


Hi - February 9

No I this is my first baby so I'm clueless! Thanks to all who responded!!


to Hi - February 9

May I ask why you are having a planned c-section? If it is your first baby, how do you know it is a c-section? Not getting on you, just curious!


Hi - February 9

I have fibroids on my uterus and apparently one is obstructing the birth ca___l. I'm high risk also and have gestational diabetes to make things worse. So needless to say I'm not too happy about the csection. I trust my dr and I'll do whatever he thinks is best. How far along are you?


melissa - February 9

i am having a planned c-section too -- i also have gestational diabetes and the baby was measuring really large lat wk at 36 wks -- my c-section is next wk at 38 wks, I am terrified but I think it is best for the baby -- there are BIG labor/delivery problems in my family and the totality of circ_mstances seem to favor on the side of having a c-section.


To Hi - February 10

No longer having babies! I was looking c-section problems when I came on here. Don't worry, c-sections suck, but there are reasons for them. I am having heavy periods and saw your post. Advice: Have your pain meds ready, have help, get your house stocked up and prepare meals. HAVE HELP...oh, and HAVE HELP....good luck ladies, prayers for healthy babies and mommas. Oh, since you all are having c's due to possibly big babies, have 10 pounders!!! If you have to have them surgically, the least nature can do is make them magnificent! God Bless!


Hi - February 10

So far my baby is measuring fine at almost 6lbs which isn't bad at all. I think he'll probably be around 7 lbs when I have the C. Melissa, do you know how big your baby is?


JacksMom - February 16

I bled very little.


JacksMom - February 16

I don't agree JBear. I bled very very little. Then I had a normal period close to a month later, it just didn't last as long as before. They pull a lot of junk out of you that you would have to pa__s with a v____al birth, so that cleans you out a great deal.



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