Booked In For C Section 2 Days Beofre Due Date

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Fiona - November 16

Im booked in fro a c section 2 days before duen date because of Christmas period. Hosp said I can only go in earlier if I go into labour and they give me emergency C section. I'm 33 weeks preg already measuring 37 any ideas how I can start the process to break my waters or start contractions


maisy - November 17

when are you talking about doing this? NOW???? Your baby is NOT ready now and if you try to do something like break your waters yourself you can contract a bacterial infection that can destroy your baby in utero or after it's birth. Do not be that impatient. By the term "emergency" that is very over-used. An emergency c-section involves a whole lot more than say a few days earlier than a scheduled c. Good luck. I am a L/D RN, please don't do anything foolish! The measurements are not really accurate, tiny people can measure 2-3 weeks behind and (not saying you..) larger ladies can measure further along. Some women have higher uteruses due to short torsos. Take care.


Michelle - November 17

when is your actual doe date?


Fiona - November 17

I am due 1st January I will not be trying anything until i am 38 weeks pregnant but as I am just about bed ridden now I would like to go out a buy what I might need now, as getting around with a 20 month old and this belly, with bad back is becoming increasingly har let alone dangerous for us all.


Maisy - November 18

There are herbs out there that are useful in female health, but please do not take them Namely the cohosh herbs. If you love your baby do not take this! It has been shown to cause fetal distress and high blood pressure in both the mother and even more so for the baby. I wish there was a safe alternative for you, but it is just too risky to try to initiate your own labor or bag of water breaking. Infection is easy to get if you are slightly dilated and your try to strip your own membranes. Please, please try to stay strong and stick it out.



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