Breach Birth

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sweetbabyis - June 13

what did you experience during a breach c section?


amma2b - June 16

i too would love to know about this as i am scheduled for my C-sec on June 24th, i.e 5 days before my due date. My baby has been so stubborn..refuses to turn head down :( . sweetbabyis..have you been scheduled already or just considering the options??


sweetbabyis - June 17

like your baby mine has been stubborn as well. my C-sec is shedule for July 3rd a little over a week befor my due date. how do u feel about the surgery?


Krissy25 - June 17

I had a c-section due to my baby being breach. I was scheduled for one a few days before my due date but my water broke, 3 weeks early, and i started to go into active labor. Everything went very smoothly, i got to the hospital around 6pm and my dd came out at 9pm on the dot. When i got to the hospital, i was quicky admitted. They drew some blood and put an iv in (that was probably the most painful thing) Then i got my epidural, that didn't hurt at all, then i was being wheeled into the OR. While the dr was cutting i did become nausated and threw up a little, that kind of sucked but she came out very healthy (8lbs, 4oz) It probably took aobut 20 -30 min to be sutured back up and then i had to go to recovery for 2 hours, my dd was with me for a little bit but then they took her to get her cleaned up and when i got to my room they brought her to me. Recovery went well overall. I was on my feet in 2 days, i was able to stop taking pain pills after about 6 days. I felt pretty much back to normal at about 3 weeks. When i found out my baby was breach my dr told me she didn't think trying to turn her would be a good idea due to her larger size and i don't know if this caused her to be breach but the cord was wrapped around her neck so i am glad i did not attempt a v____al birth (although my dr didn't really give that as an option to me) I must admit when i found out i was ging to have a c-section i was heart broken, i had really wanted to give birth v____ally but no matter how it happens the birth of your baby is the most amazing thing in the world and it was not as bad as i thought it would be, in fact i feel a little guilty sometimes b/c the birth was so easy. Plus your baby will probably come out looking pretty good, no cone heads or brused faces. So just relax it will be fine.


amma2b - June 18

Thanks Krissy. you are right, it doesn't matter how the baby comes out as long as its healthy. I have been telling this to myself so that i don't feel bad for not having Vaginal birth. be honest i am nervous about the surgery. i get weird dreams every night. My Doc did gave me an option to turn the baby. but we din't want to take any chances. We thought C-sec would be "safer" side to go. God...i am having cramps from morning. hope its not the labor pain. Good Luck to you.


K - June 18

I'm a little different because my dd had finally turned head down at 36 weeks, but then flipped back breach when I went into labor (very unusual) at 37 weeks. I also was having a speed labor- if she hadn't been breach and stuck, my total labor would have been 1 1/2 to 3 hours. I dilated from a 2-10 in 30 minutes and hit the pushing stage during the time they discovered dd was breach so I had an emergency c-section and they had to give me drugs to try to slow down the labor enough to get me to the OR. Because I was having major contractions at the time which also was causing a stuck baby to bash my insides, I really didn't even feel the I.V. or the spinal going in. All I know was that the spinal was great because it made all the pain go away. As for the C-section itself, I didn't feel a thing. They hang a big sheet at about your waist so you don't see anything. They say you can sometimes feel a sensation like someone pushing or pulling on you, but I didn't feel that at all. The C-section itself was pretty quick, I don't think it was more than 5-10 minutes, but of course they were in a big hurry to get the baby out to be sure she was okay (she was bruised up but OK). I don't think it took more than 10 min. to sew me back up- again I felt nothing. Seems like I was in and out of the OR in 20 minutes or less. Things happened so fast, my Mom didn't even know I had a C-section until after the fact. My hopsital/Dr. knows Moms don't like to be separated from their new babies. They kept the baby in the OR and checked her out there so I could watch while they stiched me up. Here, you don't go to recovery. Once they finished sewing me up, I was taken to my room. They took my husband and baby to the nursery and cleaned her up, and then brought her straight to me. I wasn't apart from her for more than 10 minutes. I was up walking around the next day. I kept the pain meds to a minimum and usually only took 1/2 doses, but I used them off and on for probably 2-3 weeks. Of course, again, my situation is different because I had dd stuck and bashing around inside doing damage so I know not all of my pain was from the C-section itself. It took me 6 weeks before I felt completely back to normal, but again some of that is from the internal bruisingcaused by the baby, not the C-section. Based on what I went through, I sure wouldn't recommend attempting a v____al with a breach baby. I sure didn't do it on purpose. We are so lucky that we had great nurses and doctors who acted fast and the baby was okay. Don't feel bad about not having a v____al birth. I wanted a no drugs natural birth (at least until I was actually in labor!). In the end, all that matters is the fact that your beautiful little baby is here.


K - June 18

Oops-I meant to say my labor would have been 1 1/2 to 2 hours if she had not been breach. Even with the C-section, I got to the hospital somewhere between 9:30 and 9:45 a.m. , had the baby at 11:06 a.m. and was calling my office at 11:25 from my room to tell them I had a baby. (I was getting ready to leave my house for work when I went into labor)


sweetbabyis - June 18

hey amma... i to am nervous about the whole surgery thing...i've never had nykind bf tells me look at the bright side no labor pains...where i live i am having my baby at a public hospital no epiderl unless u have a good insurance or private doc. so i am going to be put to sleep. i wont get to bond with my baby untill the anestheia weres off...that sucks...i want to hold her right away but i cant.


Krissy25 - June 18

K that is nice how you were only seperated from you dd for a short time. I think i was seperated from my dd for 2.5 hrs after they took her to be cleaned. ANd when i finally did get to my room they asked me if i needed anything and i was like "yeah, my daughter" duh. It took them a bit to bring her to me b/c she was on a different floor but after that i had her room with me for the next 4 days i was there. I know some women just want to get home but i kind of liked it. My bed was so comfy, and all i had to do was call for my meals. I was really pampered and having my dd with us the whole time was wonderful. So all and all i'd say it was a pretty good experience.


amma2b - June 19

oh sweetbaby that really sucks. Its gonna be my first major surgery too. I will try to post my experience IF I CAN before your C-sec. Thanks K, i love to hear positive experience. I had my appointment today and the doc said that he too was born breech and that his 3kids were breech too. He was so sweet and made me feel better about the whole thing.


sweetbabyis - June 19

hi guys I want to thank all of you for sharig your experiences with really helps


sweetbabyis - June 19

hi guys I want to thank all of you for sharig your experiences with really helps to hear your stories...I know everything is going to be great when I hold my sweetbaby hailey in my arms...


K - June 19

I know how you guys feel. I hate medical stuff and had never had any kind of surgery either. I was terrified of the possibility of a C-section, tried every trick in the book to get her to turn head down, and was thrilled when she did- little did I know she was planning a surprise for everyone. Sweetbaby that does suck- I didn't know they even did it under a general anymore. Krissy, I can't believe you actually had to ask them to bring your baby-you'd think they could have figured that one out! Wow- 4 days. I was out in just over 48 hours after the surgery, but they did let me out a day earlier than planned because I was doing so well and also we were forcast for some ice and snow. Amma, really the C-section was SO much easier than the labor part- the recovery may have been longer, but it really was managable. Do you two have some family to help you out after the baby is born?



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