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S - December 6

I'm 35 weeks and the baby hasn't turned yet. They said that if the baby hasn't turned by next week they are going to try and schedule to turn the baby manually at the hospital at 37 weeks. This could cause the baby distress and they said be prepared to have an emergency c-section. I don't really want them to manually turn the baby. it sounds dangerous. Would it just be better to schedule a C-section>? Has anyone else experienced this? Does this sound right?


Makensie - December 7

I had an ECV at 38 weeks, it was a bit uncomfortable, but well worth it! I had no problem, baby started to react for just a few minutes and then settled down. I had a fairly easy labor and in 7 hours I had a beautiful 7 and a half pound boy! It was much more preferable to give it a try since you know going in that you may have a c-seciton so it is essentially a "scheduled c-section" any way. It won't be a surprise if you go in for surgery if it doesn't work. No big deal really. I am very glad I did it.


Julie - December 9

Hi S, it is definitely worth it to try. I too had a breech baby. My doctor tried to turn him at the beginning of my 39th week. If it was successful I was to be induced the same day, if not we would do the c-section the same day. Since I'm on the c-section forum now --- obviously the turning didn't work for us. But it is so worth it to try!!! My recovery hasn't been terrible at all, but I imagine it would be tons better if I could have delivered v____ally. One thing....since the C was already scheduled as the back up plan my epidural went in BEFORE the turning procedure. So I didn't feel it at all. You may not be able to be induced at week 37 so this may not be an option for you, but I thought I'd let you know! Plus my doctor monitored the baby through ultrasound and heart monitor during the entire thing --- which really only took less than a few minutes. My doctor tried to turn him forward and reverse but he wasn't budging!!! Good luck!!!!



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