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avasmom - February 3

With my first baby she was breech and had to have a C-section. I really wanted a natural delivery but doc. said c-section is better. Well, I am preg with my second and am 18 weeks. I asked my doc. about vbac and she says I am a candidate for a try. But....yesterday my ultrasound showed this baby is also breech. But this is still early, I guess. My question to you all is....had anyone had this happen twice? When does the baby usually turn (if they are going to)? AND, had anyone out there attempted a vbac with a breech baby? Thank you for any responses.


candaceann1 - February 3

At 18 weeks, most babies are breech. When you get closer to your due date and the baby is breech,there are some things you can do to maybe get the baby to turn. I was breech 30 years ago and my mother had me v____ally. Doctors today are knife happy and love milking the insurance companies for C-sections. I am trying for a V-Bac!


Nerdy Girl - February 4

A VBAC in itself is risky, and a v____al breech birth is risky, so wouldn't a VBAC with a breech baby be almost out of the question? I know this is just a TV show, but did anyone see the ER with the woman with breech baby who refused a C-section?


Evans mommy - February 4

I saw the ER show you mentioned 3 weeks prior to giving birth to my breech baby via C-section. I tried all the at-home methods to turn him, and the doc tried to turn him at the hospital. He stayed breech and we went C-section. I know that ER episode was in the back of mind, that I was meant to see it, and not be so dang stubborn to see through a v____al birth. :-) although I will hope for a vbac with baby #2.


Nerdy Girl - February 4

That ER scared the bejesus out of me. My 1st baby was breech, born via c-section. I opted for the repeat c-section for my 2nd baby. My first baby was 10 lbs, and they say 2nd babies are bigger, so my doc said that I was not really an ideal VBAC candidate. I actually never made it to my scheduled c-section date with my 2nd because my water broke at 38 weeks. I still had the c-section, just earlier than planned. My son was still 9 lbs at 38 weeks, so I am sure he could have been a whopper if I went ful term. Good luck to all!



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