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Corrie - August 7

My baby is breech. I was given the option of external version or scheduled c-section. After much thought, i decided against the version...sounds scary, and the odds stink... 2 questions... 1) has anyone had the version? a) was it very painful? b)did it work? 2)After a section, do they alow your baby to stay in the hospital w/ you for the four days they keep you in recovery?? ( I can't bear the thought of having to let my baby leave w/ out me!!) Any info. on these subjects will ease my mind immensly!!


kl - August 8

i had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy 2 years ago...the external version sounded awful and painful so we opted for the was the best thing i had ever done...the baby did get to stay in the room with me.


Diane - August 10

I just delivered a breech baby boy on July 27 by c section. Things are more likely to go wrong with a version than a c section. I advise you to do what is safer, we did. My son stayed in the hospital my whole stay but we only had to stay two days.


melodie - August 19

my 2nd son was breech and was delivered via"emergency"c-section in january. i went in for a checkup 4 days after my due date and the doc discovered he was breech. she gave me the option of external version or csection. i had until the next day to choose, but my baby chose for me. he was ready to come out and didn't want to be forced to turn. i was in the hospital 3 days and was able to keep him with me as long as i wanted melodie [email protected]


msd - August 30

My baby is breech and I have been given the option of having a csection or external version- At 39 weeks, I opted to have an epidural and attempting an external version - if the external version works, I will be induced immediately, and if that doesn't work -turn up the epidural and go for a c section. I am hoping the external version will work.


Toni - August 31

I had an external version with my son. It was not successful and it was painful (I didn't have any painkillers though). My doctor had warned me that the chance of it being successful was low because of low amniotic fluid. I, however, wanted to try everything possible to avoid c-section. I was terribly upset that it didn't work but I had such a wonderful c-section experience and a quick recovery that I will be having another one in a couple of weeks with my second child. I stayed in the hospital only 2 days (in on Friday at noon, out on Sunday at noon) and baby stayed in my room the whole time. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. Hope this helps.



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