Breech Baby 38 Weeks Should Dr Try To Turn

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jamie - May 5

My daughter is 15 and 38 weeks along next Thursday. At 36 weeks dr told us baby is butt down and next week if she feels baby not turnning she wants to try to turn the baby. It is hard on anyone to be pregnant and give birth but with her being so young I don't know if I should agree to them even trying that b/c most babies will turn back to breech, right?? I read online that there is only 50% chance baby will even turn. Should I let her go throught all that with the odds (i think) being aginst her? Need any and all advice on this one. I have had 3 normal pregnancys with baby turnning on its own. Not sure how to deal with this one. HELP thanks


Kathrine - May 5

I would explain to her all of the risks and facts and let her decide if she wants to try it or not. I do know that it can be very painful, and it would be alot to go through for it not to work. But on the other hand if it did she would avoid having to have a c-section. I have had c-sections with both of my children and they are no fun. The recovery time is alot longer than a v____al birth. But just explain and talk to her and you both make the decision. I'm sure it will be the right one.


bridgette - May 7

Jamie, I had a baby on 1-26. At 37 weeks he had turned breech, two days later, I elected to try the externval version, where they externally try to turn the baby. To try and avoid a c-section (4th child, 1st c-section). HE turned side to side after several tries, but then he flipped right back to his breech position. If I could do it over again, even if it were a guaranteed sucess, I would not. It is very painful! That is one of the reasons for the low success rates, women can't handle it. There were no drugs to dull the pain. I describe as something comparable to torture. I have a strong pain tolerance, my other 3 children born all natural. But, this was a whole new ball game. With the age a factor, I would ask the DR. what they think, ask your daughter what she thinks and may be the dr. can show a video or visually explain to her exactly what they do and how it feels. I had two women (four hands) (dr and nurse) twisting and turning at the same time on my stomach. Because I can almost guarantee, the nervousness and the pain she is gonna have... is not gonna help turn the baby . In fact she will probably in a way just work "against" the turning. Good luck to you.


lisa - May 8

No No No-- to dangerous, if the baby turns itself it was meant to be if not it wasnt meant to be.


Kristin - May 9

My baby was turned at 37 weeks and did not turn back. She remained head down. The ECV (version) completed to turn the baby was rather painless. It took the doctors about 3 minutes to turn her. It was just a lot of pressure. Deep breathing got me through it and also the doctors who knew what they were doing.


Lorena - May 22

Don't worry, and if baby doesn't turn around is okay. My baby was breech,asked alot of my friends c-section they told me is not bad.


PEITA - May 22

Even though there might only be a 50% chance of the baby staying head down after being turned by a Dr, giving it the chance to work and possibly allowing your daughter to have a natural v____al birth is better than having to go through with having a ceserian.


Bethany - May 23

My friend tried to have her breech baby turned.. she said she was screamin because it was hurting to bad she ended up not letting them finish it and she had a c section. I personally think if the baby wants to turn let them do it by themselves and if not a c section is the way to go.


Nerys G - May 23

My baby was in the breach post_tion and the doctors offered to turn it, but id read about the complications and decided not to and to go ahead and booked a c-section. After my son was born, i asked the doctor was there any reason why my son had stayed in the breach position and he said that the cord had been trapped around his neck therefore not giving him much room to move, i thought something like this might have been picked up on the many scans i had. I am so glad that i refused to have the baby turned as i dread to think of what could have happened.


Amber Pangborn (Williams) - June 10

Both of my girls were breech. I was 19 when i had my first and 20 when i had my second, both of them were turned by the doctor and both were sucessful and i had them natural, it is uncomfortable but it beats having a c section and well if it would have been back in the day i would have probably died, there is a reason why God gave us brains. Hang in there


crystac - June 13

I wouldnt let them I had the same thing and that hurts like hell and it also has alot of other things that can happen dont do it


To: Jamie - June 14

I have had two c-sections. The first one was because my baby was breach. My doctor will not deliver breach babies, and he also feels that the risk of turning the baby is too great. So many things can happen. Not to scare you but this is what he told me. He said the cord can wrap during the turn. There is also the chance of tearing the placenta and causing a lot of bleeding. I would never have a baby turned. My c-sections were both wonderful experiences.



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