Bruising And Numbness Six Weeks After C Section

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poppet - February 22

I had a c-section on 15 jan and have had no problems with my wound as such. My anaethesiologist commented at the time that the procedure would feel like someone doing the washing up in my stomach and he was right. Pushing, felt like someone going thru a bargain bin looking for the buy of a lifetime! The pain I've had since seems to be from peripheral bruising, further up towards my belly button, and numbness across the wound and slightly above. My question is: is this normal and how long does it last? I'm just a bit concerned there's been some nerve damage. Look forward to your input.


emunah - February 23

I am having EXACTLY the same symptoms. It's more like a soreness to the touch of the stomach in the area all around above the incision. I had a Dr's appointment this week and I mentioned it to him. He said that it is normal and it takes a few months to get back to normal. Not what I wanted to hear, but I guess it's better than a permanent situation. Any others who have been through this, how long did it take you to have no pain to the touch of the stomach?


Christy1 - March 2

My c-section was Dec 20th and I am still tender. I have just started sleeping on my stomach again, but it hurts and also it still feels numb in places. I just think it takes quite a while.


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

It is completly normal to be tender and numb remember a csection is cla__sified as "major abdominal surgery". think of all the nerves and layers they have to cut through so soreness will linger and it can take a long time for the numbness to get away. If the incision gets red and swollen or leakage happens see your dr immediatly.


lovemy3 - March 13

I have had 3 sections and my last was 4 years ago and still have numbness. I doubt mine will go away. I think it is a part of having the surgery. Good luck



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