C S After Fourth Degree Tear

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Christy - October 13

I had an appointment with the OB almost two weeks ago (pregnant with number 2) and he noted that I had a 4th degree tear with my first. Recovery wasn't too bad with it, and I'm not incontinent, although I feel like I can never get my behind clean, if that makes sense (and sorry if tmi!) Anyway, he offered to give a c/s due to the risk of tearing again and becoming incontinent of bowel. I am having a tough time finding out what the real risk is. I guess if I had my druthers, I'd rather have another va___al delivery with not pitocin this time around ( I hated that stuff and it lead to a lot of unnecessary intervention for me, IMO.) Of course, I don't want to be in adult diapers either. I think that it may be better to be safe than sorry, give up the idea of an ideal va___al delivery this time around and opt for the c/s, but I'm so conflicted about it. Luckily, I have about 12 weeks to decide (he wants me to decide by 30 weeks.) Anyone have any experience similar to mine or know anyone who has that would like to share how things went the second (or third, etc) time around?


zoelouise_xx - October 18

Hello Christy. My first pregnancy in I had a 4th degree tear due to fast delievery id been rushed to threate where i only just pulled thr after 2 blood transfusions.. My 2nd I had a 2nd degree tear didnt any any trouble after my 3rd i had another 4th degree tear...my 4th baby in Jan 08 was born via C section due to been told id be left Incontinent... Not always will you suffer another tear but its a risk you have to take... I had an a___l scan done... Which results proved i could not have a normal delivery... You could always request one.. Dont worry its not painful or anything i was scared when i went for my a___l scan but at least i knew the damage..Ive gone thru 3births all natural and my 4th i did have to have c section... And im due to have another c section in april... Think hard about your choice... xxxxx If it was me id go for natural but thats completely up to you hun and i wish you all the best keep me updated... xxxxxxx hugs all the best hun


Christy - October 19

zoelouise_xx- Thanks for the great response. I will definitely ask about the scan, as much as it freaks me out- LOL! Not too many people seem to go through this issue, so I appreciate you sharing your experience. I'll let you know what I decide. Thanks again!


zoelouise_xx - October 20

Your very welcome hun.... I came on here last year asking people about 4th degree tears but didnt get any response... Not many people suffer from 4th degree ......... xxxxx Good luckxx Im glad my reply helped xx hugs


Squffy - November 10

Hey Christy! Don't know how much help I can offer here but I do know that I like hearing other peoples experiences. I had a 4th degree tear when giving birth to my 9lb 5.5oz (that .5 oz really counts!!) in March. I've been really impressed by my repair and treatment. I've also had an a___l scan (not scary at all and done by two very lovely female nurses !) and the results came back as 'excellent strength'. All advice I've been given is to go for a c-section next time. I'm a vet nurse and we see ops like these on a daily basis so maybe that's why I'm not scared at the thought. I've also spoken to a couple of ladies in their 40's/50's and they wished they'd had the 'choice' of a c-section after their tears as they now suffer with urinary incontinence and weak bowels which makes their lives miserable. I think if I was pregnant for a second time I would go for a c-section but very easy for me to say sat hear isn't it !! Keep up those pelvic floors and good luck whatever you decide !! xxxxxxx



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