C Section Breastfeeding Success

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Jenn... - May 18

I am 38 weeks with my first baby. My doctor is starting to talk C-section because he thinks my pelvis might be too small for my baby to drop. I am not so much scared of the section especially if it is in the best interest of my baby. I am really worried that I won't be able to bond with him as well. Also, I am scared that I will not be successful br___tfeeding due to recovery and pain. Can anyone share their success story to set my mind at ease?? I would really appreciate it!!


Bethany - May 18

Hey Jen I had a c section with my daughter and I b___stfed her just fine till she was 9 months. My son was also a c section and because of medical reasons I had to be put out completely I didnt get to hold him right away becuase he went into intensive careI didnt even hold him for 7 days but I can a__sure you that I was up and walkin just fine the next day and pumping the milk for when I could feed him when he was allowed to be held and breatfed it went perfect I ended up breatfeeding him for 15 months we bonded just fine as well. Some people says its horrible recovering from a c section but to be honest both times I never had any troubles. The first time I was walkin about 3 hours after and the time after that it was the next day that was nly becasue I had to get put out completely though


lilmum - May 18

IMO i think that giving it a try may be worth your while. Your pelvis makes room for the baby when you give birth, so it might fit. BUT, i did have an emergency c-sec, and i do feel like i missed out on some bonding experiences, but only for the first few days. As for b___stfeeding, i b___stfed exclusively and had no troubles. The only advice i can really give that will help make sure you b___stfeed well is: don't let them feed the baby formula! There are ways to prop your baby up to your b___st that are comfortable for both of you, it just may take some adjusting to find what is best for you. As long as you feed your baby colostrum, it doesn't need to eat anything else for the first two or three days. By then, your milk is in and you should definately feel up to b___stfeeding (as long as there are no other complications). I wish you the best of luck, and remember, if the baby doesn't latch on right away, try, try again.. :)


Jill - May 19

You have the right to tell the doctors and nurses taking care of your baby to NOT give the baby a bottle or pacifier. Tell them you want to feed on demand, so as soon as your baby starts to cry, he will be brought to you. Or, better yet, see if your hospital allows rooming-in, so you can just keep your baby with you 24/7. I had an emergency section with my son, and we had absolutely no problems b___stfeeding. I could only do it for one month (I got a bad kidney infection and it spread into my bloodstream, I had to go back into the hospital for three days, had so many antibiotics, I tried pumping, but he just wouldn't take my nipple after three weeks on a bottle...), but every little bit counts.


nancy - May 19

I just had my 2nd baby boy by Csection a month ago were my 1st baby was Vaginal. it had to be done because his head was turn side ways but once the c-section was done he was 9.6 lbs. the Csection was painless just more fear than anything. & I had been in labor for 29hrs & pushed for about 15mts & then they decided that the csection was the best thing for the baby. If you do get the cseaction just rem that is the best thing for thebaby & you might feel awful but the pain does go away & your baby & the b___stfeedind will come just as natural no matter what way your beautiful baby is born.


Jenn... - May 19

Thanks ladies!! It is great to hear that others have been successful with b___stfeeding after cesarian. I am still hoping for a v____al delivery, but if a section is best for baby that is what will be done. I will definately ask the nursing staff not to give my baby formula or bottle.


Jen...too - May 27

Hi.. I nursed my son right after surgery. You may have the "post op shivers" but take 2 pillows one on each side of you and have someone close to you just in case and place the baby there and you can try to get it to latch on. The pain medication helped me-but my husband had to change the diapers the first night as the meds knocked me out-that sucked. Good luck to you!


Mommy Angela - May 31

I have had 2 c-sections and b___stfeed with my first and am currently b___stfeeding with my little one


hbmw - June 4

your doctor has no way of knowing if your baby can fit through your pelvis. your pelvis gets bigger (especially if you are able to move around) and your baby's head gets smaller (molding)during labor. not to mention the fact that ultrasound weight estimates of baby can be off by as much as 1-2 lbs. just so ya know.


Jenn... - June 8

Well ladies thanks for the advice. I was induced on Fri Jun 3rd. After making no progress and my baby still not dropping my doctor performed a c-section. The surgery itself was not that bad. Blake was 8lbs 13oz, 18inches. My baby had to be taken to the NICU because his sugar needed to be regulated, because of this I was faced with a road block trying to b___stfeed, also they insisted on supplementing to keep up his sugar. I however have been suucessful my baby is now exclusively fed from my b___st and he is very healthy and his belly is full :)


amanda - June 12

I went into labor on the 7th of june and my water broke june 8th and 7 in the morning, I was in labor untill 6 that evening when the doctor told me I had to have a c-section. It had taken me 3 hours to dialate from 7 to 8 centimeters. The doctor said his head was to big. I was walking 1 and a half hours after the sugery. It hurts alot to do many things, I b___stfeed, do household chores etc...Think of it this way: It is for the better of your baby. You could always pump your milk into a bottle.


bernadette - June 27

i have had five C- sections and have sucessfully b___stfeed all of them for a year. just remember to try to relax when you are about to feed the baby. it will help your milk let down and keep your supply going well


Wanda - July 5

4 c-sections and b___st fed all my children my baby is 5 months old b___st feeding great!!! Just lock yourself up with the baby pull the ba__sinet close to your bed feed and sleep its great. Not one of my kids ever had a bottle the bonding is so great!!! The important thing to know is at first you need to be patient sometimes the milk doesn't come in until the 2cnd day mine came in the 3rd day just keep on nursing and you'll feel that full b___st ready to feed. I always hear people say they couldn't nurse I think most people get frustrated and give up just don't give up and in a few weeks you will be a pro!!!!



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