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Karina - November 23

Ladies, I am a single mom and will have a c-section. For those of you who already had one, is it true that I won't be able to take care of the baby on my own? Lift him from his bassinet, feed him, etc? Will I need full time help? Thank you


Jen - November 23

Well I think It all depends on how you recover. I didn't have a problem with lifting the baby or taking care of it, It was getting out of bed (kinda painful)fixing meals inbetween feedings, and you just feel drained from the hospital. You should be ok but do you have a family member that can come over and help for a couple hours here and there? Those couple hours really make a difference. Also I think some hospitals can send a nurse to your home within the first couple of days to check up and make sure everything is ok. ( I think it is included with the cost of the hospital stay). You should definetly take advantage of any help that is offered to you. Good luck!


dani - November 23

I was able to lift my newborn, feed, etc. when I got home but I was in a lot of pain. If you can, at least get help for the first week out of the hospital. After that it gets easier.


Karina - November 23

Thank you for your advice. I have a lot of help from family and friends just didn't know how much of it i will need... Overall do you think the c-section experience was tolerable or would you have preferred a v____al delivery?


dani - November 23

I think it all depends on the experience you hear. I have had friends that had horrible labor and tore. I actually did not mind having the c-section. I have actually had two -and had pretty easy recoveries. I would not change it, and I don't think I missed anything at all. The end result of having a healthy little baby is the only result I was after:)


Jbear - November 23

You can do it without help, but if you have relatives around who want to come and give you a hand, go for it...You'll be able to lift your baby without a problem, but nothing heavier than that. My only problem taking care of my daughter after my c-section was that I fell asleep every time I was holding her (think it was the pain meds). I've only had c-sections, so I can't compare it to a v____al delivery, but it's not a horrible experience. Not all c-sections are the same, though...it took a lot longer to recover from my first than my second.


Karina - November 23

Thank you all again for your advice. I think I will be okay. Maybe hire a baby nurse for a few days upon discharge... I am a bit anxious but that's natural. :)


TC - November 28

I had a c-section and was able to lift him out of the cradle the next day after the surgery. I could not, however, walk while holding him. That took another week and a half. He was 9lbs 9oz at birth.


Karina - November 28

TC, thks for your reply. Congrats on your baby. Sounds like I'll need a baby nurse in the first two weeks or so.


nicole. - November 29

I know it is natural to worry karina,but just focus on the baby,there are many women who choose to have an elective c-section,and that is much easier than an emergency one.Many women prefer this method than a v____al birth,others prfer the normal way.Remember there are so many being done in todays world.


TC - November 29

Nicole, Not trying to start anything, but....Karina did not say that she was worried about having a c-s. She was asking about caring for the baby. How does her "just" focusing on the baby answer her question? Not trying to be "smart" just wanted to know what you were thinking.


jen - December 15

i was a single mom with my 1st and i had to manage, jus take things slow and dont life anything heavy x


djh - December 15

You can lift your baby, but while some say the c-section isn't bad, I personally hated them and my recoveries were longer than my friends who had v____als. Wish you didn't need one. Good luck and have lots of help for the first week or so at least.


Karina - December 15

Thanks to all who responded. I am considering hiring a baby nurse for the first 2 weeks



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