C Section After 3rd Degree Tear

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piles - March 2

Haemorrhoids - swollen veins in the rectal area - old women always seem to get them. Caused by pressure in the area, sometimes due to constipation, hormones (more likely in pregnancy) and v____al childbirth (due to the pushing involved). They itch, bleed and hurt due to the swelling and make it difficult to sit down, and make going to the toilet uncomfortable. They can heal on their own or require surgery to remove them (by placing an elastic band around them to shut off the blood supply or injecting them). Sometimes they leave large skin tags behind that require surgical removal because you can't wipe yourself clean after going to the toilet and they can be painful and swollen too.


Jaylen - March 3

I got hemorrhoids and I only had c-sections, no pushing. My dad had them too, from being a long haul truck driver when he was young.


Jessica R - March 10

I POSTED THIS QUESTION A YEAR AGO, AND HAVE AN ANSWER RE: MY EXPERIENCE. I HAD A 3rd/4th tear with my first baby. I have fecal incontinence problems from it, and a___l fissures, a year and a half later. I HAD MY C-SECTION LAST WEEK! I WAS IN LESS PAIN 3 DAYS AFTER THE C-SECTION THAN I WAS 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TEAR- HONESTLY!!! Don't get me wrong- the pain from the c-section was intense. The duramorph & morpine didn't work for me, so I had NO pain relief after the spinal. I was pa__sing out and crying from the pain for almost 2 days. But when they got the pain under control, the belly pain was bearable. It hurt, but it was bearable. It's now a week later. It's tough to get up & down, it hurts a lot when I bfeed because of contractions, I am very sore. But it is nothing compared to what I went through with the tear. I remember crying 3 months after the tear because I still couldn't sit in the car for 5 minutes to run errands because my bottom hurt so much. I know everyone's experience is different, so I don't mean to undermine negative c-section birth experiences anyone has had. But I started this post with the question of which recover is worse? c-section or 3rd degree tear? my experience? the tear was definitely worse. hope that helps someone! let me know! feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Jessica


djh - March 12

Hi Jessica, and congrats! Remember me, the one who really had probs after all my c-sections? Well, I conceded to you that a c-section may be better for you...it took alot for me to say that. I am glad you are okay and that your c-section, while painful, was the way to go. You are an example of why c-sections CAN be a good alternative. I never thought they didnt' have their place, like for me, a C or everyone dies. I am glad to hear a good outcome for you and baby! Blessings to you both.


susan - March 17

I had a fourth degree tear and know how you feeel. That was with my first, even with an episiotomy. But, I delivered v____ally for my 2nd and 3rd kids and only had some tearing. Your body stretches more for consequent pregnancies. Hope this helped- susan


stretching - March 17

Didn't realise how much extra my body would stretch for next pregnancy - but do I want more stretching? Bad tear plus stretching = even worse s_x life.


Hi All - March 19

Well, I also had a 3-4th degree tear with my first because it turned out he was slightly facing sideways. I elected to avoid re-tearing and had a c-section. I am afraid that I did not have as positive an experience and am still not recovered 4 months later. I had an adhesion form inside that caused such tremendous pain because it was pulling my stomach muscle and my pelvic ligament together. The worst pain I have ever ever had, even worse than having a BM with 40 st_tches in my perineal area. I go int for surgery to try and release the adhesion next week. Oh goody, another surgery in the span of 4 months and a b___stfeeding infant at home and a kindergartener. I have decided I am done. I didn't enjoy the recovery from my first birth and I most certainly won't do a c-section again as I am due for a minimum of another 6 months of recovery from that, and that is if there are NO complications and no more adhesions. Not likely. better luck to the rest of you.


put off - March 19

I agree - I am starting to be really put off having another baby ....


cush74 - March 19

Hi everyone. When I was pregnant with my second child, a c section was offered to me due to a 3rd degree tear with my first. I asked why and the doctor said that I was more likely to tear again because the skin, once damaged, does not have the same elasticity it did before . She also said that because of this I would probably tear in the same spot but worse. Ouch!!!! ...............I ended up with the c section in the end and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone is different though.


2boysmama - April 21

I know it is a long time since the initial query was posted, but this was my experience: 3rd degree tear with first v____al delivery (midline episiotomy (sp?)) -- significant problems in healing rectum (pain w/bowel movements, fissures, hemoroids, etc.) but fortunately no fecal incontinence issues . . . as well as related hip and back problems from nursing in odd positions that would not cause me to sit too much! During second pregnancy, worked with a physical therapist who specialized in "women's" issues (i.e., perineal, incontinence, pelvic floor) to have perineal ma__sage of the scarred area PLUS worked with another physical therapist on prenatal exercise (which included pelvic floor work) -- the exercise regimen is based on Elizabeth Noble's book "Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year" I seriously considered a c-section the second time BUT decided to have another v____al delivery. The second time I had a different dr. who did not believe in routine episiotomies (would only do them if he saw a tear "going North" -- which sounded fine to me). Second time had a second degree tear that hurt very briefly (a few days), healed easily and did not cause ongoing problems. I did not spend a single minute on the "donut pillow" that was a fixure in our house for most of my first child's early months! It was great -- much easier recovery than I would have had with a c-section, in my opinion. I did still have some problems with fissure and hemmoroids post-partum the second time, but NOTHING compared to the first time. I am not anti-cesarian at all -- I think it's a totally valid choice and one that I almost made myself. However, with hindsight, I am glad that I made the choice that I did. I felt like the prep work that I did -- exercising pelvic floor, perineal ma__sage were things that at least were in my control -- I don't know for a fact that they helped, but they certainly didn't do any harm! Good luck to everyone dealing with these problems -- I have found them to be difficult to research and discuss with people who should be well-informed (i.e., doctors) -- and have greatly appreciated getting advice from others who have been there personally.


paulalu - April 21

It seems to be that the outcome of childbirth is pot luck depending on which doctors you get to treat you. Russian roulette with our lives and those of our babies - this is not rea__suring.....


clairey - May 6

Again, I know it's a while since this query was posted, but I feel I would like to add my experience. My first child weighed 9lbs 11oz and was delivered by forceps after a lengthy labour. I remember being told I was too tired to push any more and that I was to be given an episiotomy. Once this was done and the forceps were used the baby was born very quickly. I was in hospital for a week. When I left I was still in intense pain and told my midwide, who relieved some pressure by cutting a couple of st_tches. it didn't help, and I was horrified when I realised I was getting no warning about needing the loo, and that I was pa__sing solids through the wrong place. I told my doctor who examined me and said i needed further surgery as "the episiotomy has completely disintegrated." I underwent surgery the next day, but not until I'd had a fight with the doctor on the ward who insisted there was nothing wrong with me. I was only properly diagnosed with a third degree tear after insisting on speaking to a consultant. Unfortunately, despite the opearion itslef being a success, I contracted an infection which necessitated my being put on morphine for pain relief. I thought it would never end. I suffered constipation for weeks afterwards. Thankfully, once i did recover there were no lasting effects. My second child was born by Caesarian, I had no choice about that. It was much easier than I expected and I would heartily recommend that method.


TonysWife - May 18

By the time I get done reading these posts, I don't want to have a baby either way! It all sounds sooo awful! My husband would like a child--maybe I should have him read these posts and see if it changes his mind! It certainly makes me know I don't want to do this to my body--colostomies, incontinence, nerve damage, adult diapers...why bother?


kcll - May 20

I have had 2 c/s and I can't complain. My first c/s I was completely recovered after two weeks and same with my second. For my second I also got my tubes tied so there seemed to be a little more pain for this one but the nurses didn't give me anything for pain so I think that was why. I finally asked the second night after my surgury and they gave me Tylenol 3. But even so the pain was bearable. It/s now been 7 weeks since my c/s and I don't feel like I ever had surgury. If you were a first time mother asking I would say try to deliver naturally but since you did and had a bad experience I would definitely say go for the c/s. I never had any problems with mine.


gusergoo - May 28

I cannot express how relieved I felt to find this discussion. I would like to tell my experience up to today and then let you know my opinion sometime after june 2nd when I deliver my second child. I delivered my son in 2001. He was over 10 lbs. I was cut through my rectum and forcepts had to be used to get him out. My epidural stopped working properly some time before he was delivered, the doctor wasn't sure why. The doctor gave me something as soon as the cord was cut, but I was screaming when she cut me. The pain that I had was unbelievable, during and after delivery. I was given oxycodone to use for pain. I had stiches from my v____a through my rectum, hemorrhoids, and a fissure. I was in so much pain, and I was out of it. I feel like the entire beginning of my baby life I was not really there. I couldn't walk, sit, or stand comfortably for months. I also had stiches tear when I tried to have my first bowel movement. It was very difficult, even though I took the stool softener and fiber I was given I did not "go" for a entire week after his birth. About a year after his birth I went to see my long term gyn ( he no longer delivers babies so I went to another office for my pregnancy) He explained why I had such a hard time getting bowel movements out and so much discomfort STILL. As I understand it the layer of skin that separates the v____a and rectum was so stretched that when the stool was comming down the skin would give and push into my v____a, so that there was little or nothing for my rectum to work with to push it out. I also had a small tear in my rectum (fissure). He gave me a tip to use when I couldn't get my bm out. He also said that since my stools were large I should stop taking the fiber pills. He explained that they bulk up and can make your stool large which in turn can continue to tear the fissure because of the stretching of the rectum. After lowering my fiber, taking stool softener, and drinking plenty of water my fissure healed. I have only had it tear a little bit twice since. He explained that the good news was how I was forunate that the thin skin did not actually tear and allow feces into my v____a. It is now over 4 years later and I cannot hold in urine when I cough or sneeze (unless I can prepare by stopping stand still and squeeze my legs together - sometimes this works). After a bowel movement I must wipe wipe and wipe over and over and keep checking at 5 minute intervals to clean up leakage. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I cry and feel angry. I have had two very bad incidents were I was not able to make it to the toilet on time. The first time I thought I had just pa__sed gas for a moment but quickly realized that it was more than gas. I was able to throw away my panties and clean up ( did not go through to my pants). The second time I was at work and felt the need to go, before I got 4 steps from my desk my bowels let loose and I ran and hid in the bathroom. My husband had to bring a complete change of clothes. This nearly boke me. Anger, frustration, fear, embarra__sment. After this last experience and reading the comments on this discussion I decided to go with my new OBs (recommended by my long term GYN) advice and have a c section. She said that even if my second baby was not as big that just the delivery and pushing might cause more damage. I am fortunate that I do not have constant pain any more and I am able to function fairly well. I don't want to risk any more damage. No one I know personally has had an experience even remotely like this. I read every one of the postings and even though sometimes people seem to get a little heated with there opinions I was so relieved to read each one because it made me feel like I was not so alone. I will let you know how things go as soon as I am able. I am scheduled to deliver by c section June 2nd. Thank you to every one of you for sharng your opinion and experience. Wish me luck!


Kimwoodward - July 3

Hi on my first child I had a third degree tear. Recovery was long around 6 months. I havnt had any problems with incontinance. While pregnant with my second my doctor ordered a c/s which I declined. We were told an epidural would help slow down pushing to allow the perinium to stretch. I went ahead with the epidural and it did help. I ended up with a second degree tear which was a doddle compared to the first. I then fell pregnant with my 3rd child and once again was advised to have a section which I again turned down. I was told it would be safer to have an episiotomy which I was open to. When I went into labour the midwives were fantastic they understood that i preferred not to have a cut but set it up in case. As the baby crowned they pinched with there fingers on my original scar which was very uncomforatable but helped the tissue stretch. I had no epidural with this one but I was ok. I had another 2nd degree tear and once again i recovered well (within 6 weeks). I did perineal ma__sage with the second two from around 35 weeks and I really think it helped. I am now planning my fourth pregnancy and await the negative response of my doctor when he finds out. My three children are 5, 3, and nearly 2 so they are fairly close together. I plan to deliver the next v____ally and im sure that is the best thing for me. I dont like the idea of a c/s. I will admit Im not 100% like I was before I had children but we all pay a certain price when we give birth.



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