C Section After 3rd Degree Tear

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Kimwoodward - July 3

Hi on my first child I had a third degree tear. Recovery was long around 6 months. I havnt had any problems with incontinance. While pregnant with my second my doctor ordered a c/s which I declined. We were told an epidural would help slow down pushing to allow the perinium to stretch. I went ahead with the epidural and it did help. I ended up with a second degree tear which was a doddle compared to the first. I then fell pregnant with my 3rd child and once again was advised to have a section which I again turned down. I was told it would be safer to have an episiotomy which I was open to. When I went into labour the midwives were fantastic they understood that i preferred not to have a cut but set it up in case. As the baby crowned they pinched with there fingers on my original scar which was very uncomforatable but helped the tissue stretch. I had no epidural with this one but I was ok. I had another 2nd degree tear and once again i recovered well (within 6 weeks). I did perineal ma__sage with the second two from around 35 weeks and I really think it helped. I am now planning my fourth pregnancy and await the negative response of my doctor when he finds out. My three children are 5, 3, and nearly 2 so they are fairly close together. I plan to deliver the next v____ally and im sure that is the best thing for me. I dont like the idea of a c/s. I will admit Im not 100% like I was before I had children but we all pay a certain price when we give birth.


yvonne Charrot - July 25

i had a 3rd degree tear followed by a scheduled c section because i didn't want to risk it happening again. the caesarean was a walk in the park by comparison. We are lucky to have these choices women in the third world are walking around doubly incontinent shunned by their communities, their baby dead. don't mean to sound harsh.


Diminishing - July 27

I wrote a while ago debating on csection after a fourth degree tear. To whom this helps this was such the right decision for me. The procedure went great no cpmplications and my recovery was 1000 times better. In my opinion if you suffered from a horrible tear like I did definatly look into this as an alternative! My son is 1 month old and I have been healed and felt good for like 3 weeks now and with the tear at this time I was still not able to sit down without a pillow! Hope this help someone!! email me if you ever need to discuss it [email protected]


Nicky79 - August 16

Hi, when I gave birth to my son 3 years ago the midwife said I had 2nd degree tears but a week later I was back in hospital being told it was 4th degree tears. The midwife hadn't checked me properly and because of that I have had to have a permant colostomy. I can not have the colostomy reversed as my a___l muscle were too badly damaged. My husband and I are trying for another baby and I have been told by doctors that when I do become pregnant I will have to have a c-section. There is many woman who this has happened to and it makes me very angry knowing that the midwife caused all this because she didn't do her job prperly. If I could go back 3 years I would defently of had a c-section at least then I would have to live with a colostomy.


sharongi - September 18

Firstly, it has been a relief to find this site and actually hear from women who have the same problem as me. I had a 3rd - 4th degree tear after the birth of my son (who weighed >4kg) 22 months ago and have been suffering faecal urgency/incontenance since. It took me 18 months to tell a doctor I was having a problem! I have had specialist physiotherapy which hasn't helped and have had 4 different opinions on what my next options are. I would really like to hear from women who have had the a___l sphincter repair surgery - has it been successful? I am weighing up whether to have it done and I can't find much information relating to it's success. The incontinence is unbearable and feeds anxiety which axacerbates the problem, so I don't think I have an option - I have to have the surgery. I suppose I am lucky that I haven't suffered fissures. I'm terrified of ending up with a colostomy. I would like another child and have resigned myself to the fact that I will have a c section, I dread the thought of it but there is no way I can risk further damage. Any feedback would be fantastic. Thanks.


karlynn17 - September 18

hello, I just wanted to share that my symptoms have drastically decreased due to Weight Watchers. I don't know if it's due to dietary changes or weight loss or both. I'm not in pain everyday anymore (maybe once a week or less). Sometimes I do have a few days in a row again where I'm in pain, but it's still not as bad as it was even when that rarely happens. As for the c section question - no one was more scared of c sections that me. It was a walk in the park compared to the v____al birth and the recovery wasn't bad at all. I wish I had one in the first place. As for the surgery, I would have one if I was incontinent. There is a chance (20%) that it could get worse from surgery. I will probably need it as I age even though I'm feeling better now. I would like to start a yahoo group regarding this b/c there isn't one now - I will invite all of you once I do it :)


karlynn17 - September 18

oh yeah, my other problem right now is endometriosis :(


jenprice - October 18

I'm wondering if those of you with third and fourth degree tears had episiotomies. I was just reading that an episiotomy is more likely to cause severe tears than prevent them. I'm sorry to hear that you had such terrible tears. I found an article with a study evaluating the success of episiotomies and comparing the recovery of women that had them vs. tore natuarally-natural tears healed faster. http://www.childbirth.org/articles/indications.html I've also found numerous quotes from doctors who said that after they stopped preforming episiotomies routinely, they almost never had patients with a 3rd or 4th degree tear. Good luck with your decision, and I hope your experience next time is a better one.


caryn - July 22

I had a horrible 4th dgree tear with my first baby - right to the spinter muscle - our life was hell for at least 6 months - this also affected my husband and new baby cause we were at emergency every second day to try to get some medical care for me! I had fecal incontinence - 6 months of pain - Also had a infection and the pain was horrific - way worse than child birth - It took at least 5 months to heal up- Just had my second baby - and deceided to do the elective c-section - it was a very hard decesion - but i am so glad i did. I felt better way better a week after the c-section compated to 5 months after natural childbirth. How did i make my decesion?? I went to see two obstrecians for advice - both doctors said low risk of tearing that bad again ( 4th dgree) - but HIGH RISK of having some serious permanment problems down there if I tear that bad again - basically high risk of not being able to fix you again - I feel very lucky to have regained fecal continence from 1st time - and couldn't handle going threw that nightmare again -or risking it even again- Good luck with your decesion!


mabels mummy - August 13

hi, i wld just like to say im so glad that i found this forum. I received a 3/4th degree tear to the rectum and episotomy with my first and v.long 39hour labour because of my daughter coming out with her hands up. I still cannot decide wether to have a caesar or try for a natural birth for my next. after reading this i think i may have a caesar. my grandmother is a senior gyno nurse & tells me that all the female gyno doctors have elective caesars because of all the probs they see but for some strange reason i still have this dream of having a natural and problem free birth with no tears (hahah i wish)


karlynn17 - August 14

unfortunately the risk still is that even if you don't tear, you can still have nerve damage that could make you incontinent :-( That's why I did the c-section..........


mabels mummy - August 15

ohh really, that is a scary thought. i am starting to think a caesar is the way to go. think i have been through enough already , thanks


cutie_wutie - September 2

Wow reading all these stories ..... I have had 2 4th degree tears... My first was in1996 with my 1st child i was only 16 and i tore and lost a lot of blood i was rushed into threate where i recieved blood tranfusions and luckly pulled thru.. My 2nd child i had a 2nd degree and then my 3rd again a 4th degree my scar tissues fom 1st birth tore open.. Im pregnant again and in a few weeks im going to have a andoa___l ultrasound scan to see weather i need a c-section or not and to be honest i am scared death c-section have always scared me but then i think bk to my 4th degree tears and the agony i went thru for months and months on end after even sitting down was a hard task and even pa__sing any bowel movements...I been looking up c-sections on net and been put off even more ... what is a c-section like..????


megghealy - September 16

Hi everyone - new to this board. I had my daughter in March of 07 - had a 4th degree tear (which to this day I believe is the fault of the physician) - anywho..I am having slight fecal "soiling" now - it sucks. I am just starting Physicial Therapy for this - has anyone else gone through therapy who had a severe tear? I couldn't imagine what it would entail...thoughts of picking up quarters with my b___t crossed my mind, but it isn't the case. I am doing some specific stretches at home and will have my second appt. this week...I am afriad to have another child - I do N OT want to go through this again. I feel badly saying that I don't want to have another because of my pain, but man, this isn't fun.


sharongi - September 17

I had physical therapy and it just entailed a LOT of pelvic floor exercises (kegels), I did have surgery to further repair the tear (which had limited success). I am pregnant again (due in December) and I am having a c-section, there is no way I am going to risk making any existing tearing worse! The problems I experience are somewhat worse with the increased pressure of the baby but are bearable so far (fingers crossed). From what I've been reading, a straightforward c-section should be far less traumatic than faecal incontinence which is basically a life sentence.


Twons - March 3

I also had a 3rd degree episiotomy with my first who is now 17 months. I am still suffering from stress incontinence when I exercise, and I think I have a bit of a prolapse because I feel a lot of pressure on my area - esp in the evenings. I can no longer use tampons because they fall right out (devastating). I'm contemplating baby #2 but I don't know if my body can handle it - even if I have a scheduled C section. I'm scared my pelvic floor won't be able to support another baby. Anyone else have a similar experience or any advice? I am seeing Dr's and PT's and kegel about 200x a day but I would definitely like to hear other people's experiences so I know it's not only happening to me. Thanks!



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