C Section After 3rd Degree Tear

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Twons - March 3

I also had a 3rd degree episiotomy with my first who is now 17 months. I am still suffering from stress incontinence when I exercise, and I think I have a bit of a prolapse because I feel a lot of pressure on my area - esp in the evenings. I can no longer use tampons because they fall right out (devastating). I'm contemplating baby #2 but I don't know if my body can handle it - even if I have a scheduled C section. I'm scared my pelvic floor won't be able to support another baby. Anyone else have a similar experience or any advice? I am seeing Dr's and PT's and kegel about 200x a day but I would definitely like to hear other people's experiences so I know it's not only happening to me. Thanks!


karlynn17 - March 3

Twons, I had no problem carrying my second baby with the pressure or anything. It was the exact same for me. Good luck to you :)


GingerLady - March 31

I also had a 3rd degree tear plus torn cervix and extensive v____al tearing when my son was born (7lbs even). I am surprised to find little or no mention here of the role pitocin has played in many of these tears. I have a complication-free pregnancy and smooth labor up until the pushing part. I saw my doc pump up the IV drip as she said "this baby will be out in 20 minutes". I pushed exactly 2 times, my son came flying out, and I tore all the way down and needed 2 years to feel normal again. My docs and other midwives I have talked to are convinced that my tearing was due to the pitocin/epidural. It sped up the labor so much that my tissue had no time to stretch. I am now thinking about another baby and after reading tons about this, I am leaning towards a v____al birth with no meds (definitely no pitocin) next time around. I will consult an experienced midwife who can help me to labor more slowly and gently to reduce the possibility of tearing. I have read many stories of women who have birthed naturally after extensive tearing and most have said they did not tear as badly or at all the second time around.


Christy - October 3

I know no one has posted on this thread since March, but I had an appointment with the OB yesterday (pregnant with number 2) and he noted that I had a 4th degree tear with my first. Recovery wasn't too bad with it, and I'm not incontinent, although I feel like I can never get my behind clean, if that makes sense (and sorry if tmi!) Anyway, he offered to give a c/s due to the risk of tearing again and becoming incontinent of bowel. I am having a tough time finding out what the real risk is. I guess if I had my druthers, I'd rather have another v____al delivery with not pitocin this time around. (I agree with Ginger that the pitocin can definitely contribute to many issues!) Of course, I don't want to have some of the issues that the other ladies have gone through here either and I think that it may be better to be safe than sorry, give up the idea of an ideal v____al delivery this time around and opt for thec/s. I'm so conflicted, but luckily, I have about 13 weeks to decide (he wants me to decide by 30 weeks.) It really seems like a c___pshoot, doesn't it?


Joanne - November 14

Wow - I just spent so much time reading all these posts....I found it after googling for people who were deciding whether or not to have a C-section after a 3rd degree tear, which is the same dilemma I'm in now. (currently 14 weeks pregnant) It sounds like there are many advantages/disadvantages to either side, and that you just have to make your own personal decision and know that there are risks involved either way. Right now I must say that I'm leaning toward csection....with my 3rd degree tear, i thankfully have not had any urinary or bowel problems, but i just keep thinking that if something goes wrong this time, i could have severe problems for the rest of my life!! gosh, decisions, decisions......


Christy - November 14

Joanne- I'm leaning toward the C/S as well. I'm going to talk to the doc who delivered my son about it, since she was the one who sewed me up post-delivery. I've noticed some differences in how things are functioning "down there" since I got pregnant, so I'm thinking if it's that bad now, how is it going to be if I push out another 7-9 lb kid?


ES - December 18

I also had a 3rd degree tear with my first child. She is now 9 weeks old and I still have constant pain in my rectum. I went back to my Ob/Gyn and he acted like it wasn't a big deal. He did finally refer me to a colorectal specialist. I have an appointment on Jan. 12 and we will see what he says. I am very angry about this because I begged for a c-section because I knew she was going to be large. I am a small person and I was afraid that she was going to get stuck or that I was going to tear badly which I did. The doctors did finally agree to my c-section but when they were going over all the things that can go wrong they scared my husband half to death. (which I think that they were trying to do) So then he didn't want me to do it. So I didn't which now I regret!!! But I felt like it was his baby too, so I did what he wanted me to do. But noone knows my body better than me and I knew she was too big for me. I also am very angry at him, I know that he didn't want me to get hurt, but I still blame him for what happened. It's not just the pain as it is the mental and emotional damage it has caused. I feel deformed, mangled and ruined. All of this could have been avoided if everyone had just listened to me. I feel like I was just an incubator and no one cared about how I felt or what I wanted. I knew all the risks with a c-section I did my homework. Women actually have more problems with v____al deliveries than they do with c-sections. If you want info on c-sections, you should readThe Essential C-Section Guide: Pain Control, Healing at Home, Getting Your Body Back, and Everything Else You Need to Know About a Cesarean Birth by Maureen Connolly , Dana Sullivan. I told my husband we will not have anymore children unless I have a c-section, which my doctors have now said that I should have. I know it sounds like I am just a whiner but I'm really not. I had morning sickness thru my whole pregnancy I threw up everyday, all day for 33 weeks. I was throwing up while I was pushing. I had back labor so bad that I was hitting my knees as we were getting ready to go to the hospital. But I would do all that again, but I will not have a v____al birth again and risk tearing as bad or worse. I feel like my birth experience was ruined because I instantly was depressed when they told me I had a third degree tear. I think that I would have rather had a c-section with no anesthesia than to go through all of this. At this that would have been over with quickly and I would be healed by now. Now I have to go see a specialist and there is no end in sight. Some of you guys are still having pain after years since your deliveries!!! Hopefully I hear good news when I see the specialist. If and when I have another baby I am definately having a c-section!!!


cazntarby - January 15

am sorry if i have posted this on the wrong forum i was wondering i have had my first child and i had a third degree tear to my vigina and rectal muscle and have not bin right down there since but my patner and i want another and was wondering on if i would be granted a c setion as i am still finding things hard with bowl movements


cazntarby - January 15

he was 9.14lbs


Christy - January 15

ES- What became of your appointment with the specialist on the 12th? cazntarby- It depends on your doctor. My practice said they would support whatever decision I make about this issue- c/s, induction, natural, whatever. I think that because you are experiencing issues with your bowels, you might be a good candidate for a c/s. I would discuss it with your doctor in any case. Good luck!


ES - January 18

So I had my appointment with the specialist on Jan. 12. He said that I was not st_tched up properly and that is why I have had so many complications. Things are just taking a really long time to heal. He felt that at this time no surgical intervention is needed, because I have had improvements. He also thinks that my tailbone was either fractured or badly bruised and that is contributing to my pain. He did recommend that I consider a c-section with my next child. I had already decided that I would have a c-section next time, but it made me feel better having a doctor suggest it. He said because I am so young and healthy already that is why I have been able to regain my muscle control. I am glad that he doesn't think that I need surgery. It is just going to be a long process before everything finishes healing. I guess I am one of the lucky ones that I have been able to regain my control down there.


Christy - January 18

ES- I'm happy to hear you don't need surgery. It sounds like you're a more clear-cut c/s candidate than me. I'm kind of borderline. My Ob did an awesome job sewing me up, but there is still that risk of the scar tissue rupturing with a second delivery. I'm going to wait ans see how the big the baby looks on the 34 week US and discuss it with the doc then. I have read stories that are good and bad for both v____al and c/s deliveries after tearing, so I'm definitely not 100% decided right now.


Nicky79 - February 15

Hi I first posted here nearly 3 years ago. I had to have a Permanent colostomy after having my son in 2003 due to having 4th degree tears and i am now 31 weeks pregnant with our 2nd son. I had been told since having my first son that i would need a c-secton but when i saw the doc who will be doing the c-section (my normal doc is on holiday when i'm due to have the c-section so have this doc) last week he turned round and said that because i still have the colostomy i could give birth naturally so basically what he's saying is that because i don't pa__s stools from my bum it doesn't matter if i do tear because i don't use my bum anyway. I was fuming because that is not how i see it. Yes ok i don't use my bum no more but if i did give birth naturally and did tear again it would take longer to heal because of the scar tissue down below. The first 2 years after having my first son was a living nighmare and from when i gave birth to my first son it was 20 months later that my husband and i could make love again so there is no way i'm going through that again. I just can not believe that he could say that it would be ok to give birth naturally when it clearly states in my notes everything i went through. I have decided that i do not what him doing the c-section now and i am still going to go ahead with the planned c-section.


ES - March 5

Twons, I also had problems with tampons sliding out after my 3rd degree tear with my daughter. I tried to use Playtex, the brand that I had used for years, they didn't work. So I tried Kotex and they stayed in place. I hope this helps. I know I was upset when I thought I wouldn't be able to use tampons again.


ES - March 5

Nicky79, I totally agree with you!!! I have already decided and told my husband that if we have another baby I will only do so if I have a c-section. I am looking for a new dr. now so that when/if I get pregnant I will have a dr. who knows my situation and what I want and who is completely supportive. Good Luck! Don't back down like I did. It's your body and your baby it's your decision.


ES - March 5

Ginger Lady, I agree that pitocin probably has a role in these problems we have. But I didn't have any pitocin and I still had a third degree tear. So I think it can happen either way. I did have an epidural but I was already 7cm when I got to the hospital at 4:15 am by 6:30 am I was 10cm. I got my epidural at 5:00 am. I started pushing at 9:30 am and she finally came out at 11:20 am. She was 8lbs 4oz. and I'm smaller in size, I think that she was just to big for me.



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