C Section After 3rd Degree Tear

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Chrissy - June 24

My first delivery was an emergency-section, then the second was a VBAC with a 4th degree tear and the last delivery a scheduled section. The emergency section was a nightmare and I was depressed for over a year and in pain for about 6 months. The VBAC was also very difficult and then to tear and have everything sewn back together and numerous trips back to the OB/GYN to have some st_tches fixed, and the pain and now 5 years later bowel problems that I am trying to figure out, well the scheduled section for my 3rd baby was great. Yes scary laying on the operating table but I read what I could on what to expect, how to prepare for and how to recovery quickly and it worked. After how my friends saw me with my first two deliveries they couldn't believe how quickly I recovered with this 3rd one! So I would go for the section, and I have always been the "natural way" is the best way mentality, but it honestly didn't work for me.


Jessica - June 26



Karen - June 26

My labour was a fantastic experience on my 1st baby, but final stage happened too quickly and Jamie came out on first push, resulting in 3rd degree tear, through rectum and all muscle and tissue, 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd (Jamie is 20 months) and have consultation this Wednesday about delivery so will let u know the outcome


saima malik - August 19

Hi,I had a traumatic delivery resulting a 3rd degree tear in my 1st pregnancy whic i still havent got over in 3 years,but i did have another baby 7 months ago but had to go for a c-section as things were very complicated the 1st time round.The caesarean wasn't a doddle but it was alot better then the v____al delivery and of-course with a caesarean the healing process is alot longer. so good luck and best wishes!


Jeni - August 25

I had a 4th degree tear with my first child. No episiotomy but he was 4.5kg. We are now planning our 2nd and going thru the natural vs c-section debate. There is so much conflicting info out there over what is best for me and baby. I just wanted to say thanks to e'one that has posted replies. I still don't know what we will do but it helps hearing from real people about real experiences. Good luck with all the new bubs out there.


Karen - August 25

Hi Jess I had a 3rd degree tear on my 1st child and am now 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. seeing consultant on 31/08/05 re birth options so will let your know


KH - August 26

I agree that the c section recovery is much better. I was petrified of a c section, but I did so b/c I learned that even if I tried v____al, that just having the baby in the birth ca___l can put pressure on the nerve and make me more incontinent forever. I'm so glad I chose to have a csection and I can't believe I'm saying that...


Angie - September 7

The same thing happened to me after my first child. When I had my second I had a c-section and I"m happy I went that route. The surgery went well, and you'll expect soreness after for a couple weeks, but it's a better choice considering what could happen when you have your second child.


Kirsty - September 22

Hi there, I Had a 3rd degree tear with my first. Absolutely no problems afterwards. No incontinence and as far as I can remember I had no pain either. I was able to sit no prob. My problem is I am now 32 weeks preg, due in November and I have the decision to make whether to go for a natural burtgh again or a c-section. I have read up on c-sections and some websites I have been on have put me off. Then I come eon here and my mind is put at rest again. I know everyone is different but I am sooo scared. One website which is run my Midwives was saying that although there is a risk of another tear, the risk is low but I had my antenatal the other dayy and my MW went through what could happen and now I'm worried all over again. I go to the hospital to speak to my consultant on the 21st of October but I would rather be able to decide sooner rather than later. There is not enough information on this and what can be done to reduce the risk of it happening again.


Jessica R. - September 22

Kirsty, I know. I have the same dilemma. I have been to two colorectal surgeons who both said that if I were their wife, they would suggest the c-section, since I have pain and incontinence problems 11 mos later. If you had no pain and no incontinence, that may be different. Let us know how it went!! I will check back.


KH - September 22

Jessica R., can you email me? [email protected]


Fran - September 27

I can relate! I had a 4th degree tear with my first (15 mos old) and am due to deliver no. 2, but needed my pelvic floor reconstructed after no 1. I felt like I had delivered two babies. My OB is waiting to see how big this baby is to recommend a c! I'm really scared and this has helped me alot. I will post again to let you know how it goes.


Jessica R. - October 2

Fran, Why woudn't they do a c after you had to have reconstruction? Seems like there wouldn't be a question....that is awful. You poor thing!


Ally - October 4

I had a 3rd to 4th degree tear 11 years ago with fast delivery of first posterior baby. The pain and misery afterwards was awful- the women with the ceasarians looked to be in much better shape than me. I couldnt move sit or walk without a lot of pain for weeks. It took months to get back to relative normalcy. When my second was on the way, i was keen to have a ceasarian but my Obstetrician advised me to go ahead with a v____al delivery and a planned episiotomy( which turned out to be huge) .. I would have felt a lot less nervous during delivery if I had undergone a ceasarian and the episotomy hurt like hell afterwards with ma__sive bruising that took weeks to resolve. I was very disappointed with the outcome. Years later I find that best practice in UK and Aust is now to recommend a ceasarian as the damage done the first time is thought to be aggravated byt the pressure of a v____al delivery. I can certainly say that I have had ongoing problems that have started to get a lot worse in last few years. I advise a ceasarian


to Jessica - October 4

See all the problems with c-sects on the other forum...open, draining horrific wounds, infections, bladder/bowel probs, sick babies, hysterectomies, sounds just like the v____al delivery problems...doesn't sound the least bit better. When I deliver I am trying v____al...all my friends are fine who delivered that way, the only one who isn't had a c-section last year and she still has to wear Depends. They hurt her bladder and twisted her ureters. Hers was a scheduled c-section because she asked for it...I feel very badly for her as she now suffers physical trauma and for some reason, guilt. Her baby is okay, thank goodness.


Jessica R - October 5

re: 10/4 post.....hope v____al goes well for you. It does for most women. C-section has gone well for many, too. Both can really screw you up, too. Luck of the draw, I guess. Good luck. ! Let us know how it went.



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