C Section After 3rd Degree Tear

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Julie - November 15

I think that only those who had a 3rd or 4th degree tear should give their two cents on the matter. There was one on here who only had a c-section. How can one compare the pain if they haven't had the other. I had a 4th degree tear without the doctor cutting and the recovery pain part lasted for about 6 weeks, but there are times where using the bathroom is a little tricky. I'm pregnant with my 2nd one and after reading all the replies am 99% for the c-section (need to talk to my husband first before calling the doctor to let her know)


Jeni - November 15

AFter reading everything on here, I've pretty much decided to go for a c-section as well. We are trying for no 2 at the moment. My dr totally supports our decision for c/s rather than risking more damage. I haven't had any nasty side effects after 4th degree tear and would like to keepit that way if i could. We are actually really excited that we can plan round c/s so much better with our first child and paternity leave and everything.


Monica - November 16

I read all these posts, thought about all the stories, read and re-read a couple of each, one from the lady with c/s problems and one from one with a fourth degree tear...worried and worried and it was all for naught! I went in to labor during the night, got to the hospital by 6 am, was already 7 cm. By the time I was admitted, in bed and hooked up I was 9 and one hour later I had an 8 pound 2 oz baby boy. I never felt any real pain of any kind! I didn't tear as my doc really had me push SLOWLY not fast like it seems everyone else does and it was the one of the easiest things I have ever done. I was so surprised...I had no idea I could do that. Sometimes mother nature takes over. Good luck.


Kelli - November 16

shouldn't Julie be a little more respectful? I mean she tells the woman who only had a c that she shouldn't put her "two cents in"...how rude...the original post says "the lesser of two evils" and that lady was just presenting the pitfalls of c-sections. So what is it, is this another pro-c/s or go forum? To the original poster, if you want to hear all sides, there are other forums that will scare you away from c/s's, just as many horror stories for every one of these good ones here. I DID have one of each and even though I had a tear into my rectum I would still prefer it to my cesarean section.


Aimee - November 16

I have read all the entries and am still undecided how to proceed. I had my first baby 11 yrs ago. She was 6lb 15 oz at 36 weeks and I had a 3rd degree tear due to fast decent. I had my 2nd baby 2 1/2 yrs ago. She was 7 lbs 11 oz at 38 weeks and I had a 4th degree tear again due to fast decent. I am 31 weeks pregnant with baby no. 3. I have talked with my OB and he said the decision was ultimately up to me. I was very fortunate with both tears, as recovery was very easy with both and so far no noticeable long term effects. However, my OB said that although I could have the same luck again he has seen many women have severe complications after trying to deliver v____ally after a 4th degree tears. My OB suggested that we monitor the baby's weight by ultrasound at 34 weeks and again at 36 before making a final decision. My OB is strongly suggesting the c-section, especially if this baby is over 7 lbs. I will keep you posted on our decision and how things pan out.


To Aimee - November 17

You really must consider several things. How old are your other kids? What kind of help do you have? If you have complications and or a major infection, how long-term IS that available help. If you work and have complications, can you survive on one income? I didn't consider these things and while they don't involve my body, we ended up nearly losing our house as I had a serious staph infection in my wound (MRSA, very nasty!) and my husband had to take 6, yes, 6 weeks off of work to care for the kids, 4, 2, and the newborn. Careful, and consider all the ramifications, thought i would warn you since no one warned me.


Oh! - November 17

And MRSA is hardly ever found in someone who didn't have surgery ...community MRSA is different and it is unrelated to birth but even more dangerous.


Aimee - November 17

Thank you for your post on November 17. I go back to my OB next week for 32 week check. I am going to have him give me the pros and cons of both delivery methods so I can have something to ponder until we make a final decision. I have a great support group if I need anything. Thanks for the warning.


AM - November 17

My little girl will be turning one on Dec. 2, 2005.(only child) I always said I was too scared to actually have a baby, but my husband wanted one pretty bad.....so here we go. My pregnancy was the most awesome thing in the world. I threw up one time and I don't think it was from being pregnant. Everything was perfect so something had to go wrong. I went in the have her on my due date and was helped along a little bit (I was already having contractions pretty steady). I wanted to have her natural....... okay lets say I didn't want an epidoral. I think I was more afraid of the needle then any pain I would endure during childbirth. I was only in labor a good 5 hours when I had this overwelming need to push. I did this for about 45 minutes realzing that I was a little bit to small (my sister had just had her first baby 5 months earlier and she was to small but he was 2 weeks early) and she was not coming out without a little bit of help. So out comes the vacuum and then he cut me and out she came tearing me the rest of the way 4th degree. It took him longer to sew me back up then it took for me to have her. I remember thinking at that moment that I never wanted to move again. One hour later my doctor came in and said no more vag deliveries for you its not worth the risk. I had no idea how bad it was. He said if it were his wife he wouldn't let her have a baby vag again. I am still unsure if I will have another child, but I do I am going to have a c/s next time. If you are already having problems I strongly recommend you go with a c/s!!! Good luck and congrats!


Hi - November 17

I say go for the c-section. Ihad one and it was great! I was in the hospital for 4 days and went well for me-having another in June!


Delia - November 17

I have severe long-lasting problems from my c-section. My nerves in my pelvis were severed on accident and now I have no bladder control. It can happen to anyone, I had a planned c.


marcie. - November 18

after having the 1st v____ally,and the pain was tremendous,afterwards I was uncomfortable for what seemed ages,I was determined to have a c-section next time.I refused to get pregnant unless I had my wish.The procedure iteslf was brilliant,no painful contractions,everything relaxed.The recovery afterwards was nothing as horrendous as the natural birth,the pain was manageable,and the recovery smooth.I would go for the section every time.


noelle - November 18

i wouldn't have a c..I had an elective c because I was afraid of giving birth...now my daughter will be an only child. They nicked an artery and they had to take out my uterus. I think it is really foolish to do one if you don't need it and I will remember "my choice" forever. I would rather of had reconstructive surgery that was only mildly successful than to have a hysterectomy at 22. I also did not think the pain was manageable and the hysterectomy had little to do with it as they didn't cut me anymore...my doctor said that is "just c-section" pain. My roomate had a "horrendous" v____al delivery and she was up and about the same day, she walked sore but she was fine.


Monique - November 18

Sometimes when women have "horrendous" v____al deliveries they end up with a lot more than just walking sore. They may also end up with cuts or lacerations to their a___l sphcinter muscles and therefore may end up with a___l incontinence which is extremely gross when you cannot control yourself on a daily basis when using the bathroom for number 2. And yes, with a c-section you could end up with bladder and/or bowel damage as well. There are no easy answers. There are risks with both types of births and unfortunately in most cases it is difficult to predict ahead of time if a woman will have an intervention free v____al or which women will have a successful c-section with no complications. Sometimes the success of a c-section also depends upon the skill of the surgeon performing it. Does the surgeon have lots of experience performing it? Does he or she have a good reputation? Some women heal fine from c-sections so a lot of the success of c-sections really does depend upon the skill of the surgeon performing it as well as the general health of the mother.


Shelly - November 19

To Monique, why do you keep sugar coating c-sections? Some of you had better experiences, but there are many many women who have lasting problems from them elective or not. It almost seems like a couple of you want to get rid of v____al delivery all together...why? A c-section with complications can actually kill you, whereas except for the EXTREMELY rare event in v____al deliveries the worst outcomes are a___l, v____al, bladder issues..as horrific as those can be it is not death. The health of the mother before a patient requested elective c is probably pretty good, and since an OB is performing the c-section they must have some skills. To reverse your statement, a good v____al delivery depends on the health of the mother and the skill of the delivering doctor. Maybe people like Marcie had a rotten doctor with her v____al, let's hope she didn't go back to the same doctor to have him/her perform surgery on her as that certainly wouldn't make any sense.


Melissa - November 19

I am living with a colostomy after my v____al birth. If I had my time back do you think I would have requested an elective c-section rather than be sliced up the way I was down there and permanently unable to use the bathroom? You bet ya. My v____al experience was horrifying. I was like a science project. After the birth I was constantly on examining tables with my legs spread open for a variety of medical staff and specialists to see. It was not the childbirth experience I thought I was going to have. So a c-section in my case was definitely warranted. And because I am wearing a colostomy now because there was too much damage to repair, I do know a lot of other women who are in the same boat as I am.



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