C Section And Older Child

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heather - May 19

I am scheduled to have a section this coming monday. My mother has been keeping my 4 year old son for the past 3 weeks because i have been on complete bedrest. She will be in town with my son for the surgery and afterwards but she wants to take him back with her until the next weekend. I really miss him but i understand that she thinks it will be easier on me? Is the recovery going to be that bad where it will be that difficult to care for him and the baby? I have my husband's help when he will be home but he will be at work most of the time.


jennifer - May 19

it would probally be best for your mom to keep your son until you see how fast your going to heal i just had a c-section and a couple of staples came out and i have a hole in my tummy and my husbant took a week off work to help out and now he's back at work and i really still need him here mine is almost two and she keep's me going and im supposed to be off my feet


Jill - May 19

Why don't you see if your mom can just stay with you? If you can have someone else around while your husband is at work, you'll do fine. You'll be able to walk, you can go up and down steps (although slowly), and as long as you don't try to pick anything up (including your son), you should be ok. But I would recommend having help. I had a section with my first child and I still needed help. And you don't want to lie down if you're home alone!! You can't get back up!! As long as you prop yourself up, you should be ok, just be sure that you don't have to use your stomach muscles at all, because they won't work right for a week or so. If your son is fairly well-behaved and listens to you, it won't be a problem. Just be sure to get rest and don't try to be up doing everything. It would actually be better if your mom stayed with you, she could help cook, clean, and do laundry. That's my idea.


heather - May 21

thanks so much for your advice. My mother cant stay bc she lives 4 hours away and is a teacher who has to get back to her students. But my mother in law may be able to. I decided to let him make the decision whether he wants to go back with my mom for another week or stay here with his other grandma. More than likely he'll want to stay. I really appreciate your advice and info on what to expect with the recovery.


Jill - May 21

No problem, I know what it's like. I wasn't expecting a c-section, so I didn't read anything about it, and no one in my family had ever had one. Just remember, even though it hurts, get up and walk as soon as you can. And your doctor will probably tell you this but, don't lift anything heavier than your baby. Not even your baby in the carseat. And I know the pain medicine is great, but remember that it can make you constipated. When you have no muscles to push, that can be bad. I only took the pain pills 4 times and I still got it. I know it's a gross thing to talk about, but no one warned me (because I had no one TO warn me), and I was surprised. Good luck, let me know how the baby is.



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