C Section At 38 Weeks

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Kris - November 18

I'm having a planned C-Section at 38 weeks. The reason being is that my doctor is going away on holidays. She has moved it earlier to 38 weeks from 39 weeks. Is it safe of should I look into changing the doctor and have my baby as planned earlier only one week before due date. It is a C-Section because my first one was also C-Section. It is safer for me and the baby according to my doc. Please input on this. If I have to then I would change my doc ASAP. I don't think she is rushing me but I need to know if it is safe to have my little one at 38 weeks. I do understand that the last weeks are very important. Thanks for the input ahead of time


Jamie - November 18

I had my daughter via c at 37 weeks and she was fine - weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs 1oz, and was 20.5 inches long. FYI, your doctor may be misleading you about having to have a 2nd c section. There is a risk of uterine rupture, but that occurs in less than 1% of women; but, because uterine rupture can result in mother/child death, most medical malpractice insurance companies insist "once a c, always a c" So...there may not be a medical reason for you to have a 2nd section.


djh - November 18

hi, If you are truly worried, demand an l/s ratio be done. It is an amniocentesis procedure (they aren't bad!!!) that determines how much lecithin and surfactant you baby's lungs have...one of the most important things. Have her do it the day before and if it comes back a little low, tell her you will wait and get one of her partners or a doctor she recommends. There is a slight risk of starting labor with the procedure, but if you do it the day before, no harm no foul. Good luck, I agree with Jamie, you can refuse a surgery if no one's life is doc_mented to be in danger.


Michelle - November 20

I had a c section at 38 weeks and baby is extremley healthy.


be sure... - November 20

to check the hospital policy where you're planning to deliver. There are a few in my area that say once a c always a c, and they don't care what you or your doc prefer.


Jbear - November 21

I had my first baby at 36 weeks and she had breathing trouble. I had my second at 37 weeks 3 days and she was perfectly healthy. Anything after 37 weeks is considered full term. I wouldn't worry if I were you, as long as you're sure about the dates of the pregnancy.


naelahg - June 12

Your baby will be perfectly healthy at 38 weeks. My first daughter was delivered via c-section at 38 weeks and i'm pregnant with another baby which i plan to deliver at 38 weeks by elective c-section. Don't worry everything will be fine!


csgrodriguez - June 26

you know when I read your question.. I had the same problem I had my 2nd baby in december at 38 weeks also. I was also scared about that and my doctor informed me that any baby delivered after 38 wks was ok. I had her by planned csection due to that on my 1st baby i had a csection because my baby was breeched. My little girl is now 6mths and everthing is going great... So dont worry 38wks is fine...


KellyCano - July 17

Ditto.. 38 weeks is full term. My son was born c-section at 38 weeks- no problems and my third baby is due in 11 days. This one is also scheduled for 38 weeks as I don't want to risk going into labor on my own with a dr. who I might not feel comfortable with or risk a rupture.


hkm91297 - July 18

i just had my daughter a week ago at 38 wks, c sect. she was 9lb 7 oz !!!! that is why....dont worry, and good luck


suze42 - July 18

i had a c-section scheduled for 39wks (also prev c-section) but went into labor at 38 wks. So had my c-section bumped up. My little girl is perfectly healthy, got a 9 on APGAR (they dont give 10;s) and was 7lbs 10oz. My full term boy was 7lb 14oz...not a big diff. So im sure your doc would not do it if they did not consider it safe...believe me Doctors nowadays are very very cautious...they do not want malpractice suits. Good luck. ps. im so happy i had mine early...im fully recovered...and done and i wasnt suppose to go until tommorrow! What a difference a week makes! lol



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