C Section Because Of Fibroids

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Leilani14 - March 15

Hi! I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I have 1 fibroid. $ weeks ago it was about 5cm, and dr said that it is fairly large. The good news is that it gows outside and should not affect the baby. The fibroids usually grow in first and second trimestar so it may become even larger. I think that I may need C-section because of it and I would like to hear from you if you had C-section due to fibroids. Thanks Leilani


kelly - March 15

What they will do next is see where the fibroid is lying, they may not know until the last minute if you'll need one or if it will interefere with the delivery....example, it could be blocking a part of the ca___l....I have a fibroid and it's 7cm, I'm now 35.5 wks, I've had no complications but I am having a Csec ONLY because I had one with my first. I'd say you should read up on them just in case....You should know more of your situation and what the fibroid may cause or not cause as you are further along....the good news is that you get a lot more ultra sounds!!!!


rk - March 16

Hi leilani14! I had a c-section because of a fibroid. It was about 4 cms and blocking part of the ca___l so they scheduled a c-section. My water actually broke 3 days before I was scheduled to go in. I'm actually glad I had the c-section! It's been a little over 2 weeks & I feel great! Best of luck to you!!


Leilani14 - May 1

Just an update. I had my big US, at 19 weeks. It turns out that my one fibroid is actually two fibroids that now measure 8cm together. They do block the way out so it is very likely I will nees C section. Dr said that they could move up later in pregnancy, but I kind of doubt it. I'd like to hear any sories about fibroids and c section. rk and kelly thanks for your input.


krnj - May 1

Hi Leilani14, I'm rk from the previous post. My csection went very well! I was pretty much back to normal in 2 weeks. My dr said the fibroid will probably go away if it hasn't already. Do you know if you're having a boy or girl? Good luck!


Leilani14 - May 2

Hi rk! I'm having a boy. I am fortunate I have no pain, I'm little scared of preterm labor. Did you feel any contraction before time? Did they do normal c section or vertical? It is great to hear that you recovered quick. I had my apendix removed so I kind think that I know how will it be after c section in terms of recovery. Did they schedule you before your due date? I'm sorry if I'm too nosy.


krnj - May 2

Well I had preterm labor at 29 weeks. Turns out I was dehydrated, I thought I was drinking enough water but guess not! They got it under control and everything went smoothly. My dr scheduled the c-section at 39 weeks but my water ended up breaking 3 days before. They still did the c-section because of where the fibroid was. Plus I'm older, 37 and my dr said it would be safer for me and baby. I'm not sure how that works if you had your appendix out. I don't think it should matter. I had the bikini cut across and it healed pretty fast! They stapled it and removed them before I went home. It didn't hurt at all, I was surprised! Is this your first baby?



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