C Section Confusion 1st Baby

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Kate - October 27

I am at 36 weeks 5 days and my baby was "sized" yesterday at the sonogram to be about 6 lbs. 11 oz. The doctor has already scheduled me for a c-section b/c he thought the baby was even bigger than that (however, the sonogram sizing isn't 100% accurate and my baby was very active during it so they had a hard time getting the measurements) and I have a small pelvis. He still wants to go ahead with the section even though the baby isn't measuring quite as big as he thought, but he did postpone it a week from the 8th to the 14th. I want to do the right thing for my baby, but I am concerned about having a section if its not really necessary. Also, I would like more children, but no more than 1 or two more. I guess I should follow my doctors advice but I am still concerned. Any thoughts?


amy p - October 27

i would not go straight to a c section unless that is what you want...i would try to have the baby v____ally if i could. i have had 2 c sections and i am full of scar tissue and one more will be my max..i think you should really research c sections and know that is what you want before you do it. i am not against people wanting c sections for whatever reasons but i would make sure thats what i want..especially if there in NO medical reason for it...just the doctors convinece. some women have no choice but to have a c but i wish i could have delivered v____ally...however, my baby would not come down...and in my state once a c always a c so i was stuck on the second one. and now the 3rd will be my last and i am VERY sad about that. i just want you too really think about it... what do you want? a section is MAJOR abdominal surgery and can cause problems later on in your life especially the more children you have...i understand there are also problems when you have a v____al but i think they are different...however, ultimatly the decision is up to you but do it b/c you wan to not b/c you are being "forced" too...hope this helps,,,and YOU SHOULD NOT FOLLOW YOUR DOCOTRS ADVICE unless it is a medical necessity, to me this is a clear case of doctors convience and this happens all the time.....


djh - October 27

Do not agree to a c-section before you even try labor...in your case unless you have an EXTREMELY SMALL pelvis confirmed by accurate measurements you should at least have a go at it. The term "emergency c-section" is over-used by many, if you have one after laboring for a simple physics reason ( ie. your baby's head is bigger than your outlet) then that is not an emergency and no harm no foul...I did not enjoy my c-sections, and not to get into the scare stories, but I definitely would NOT have one before I tried to deliver v____ally. Like Amy, I had horrendous scar tissue and it caused many other problems which I had to have corrected. If your baby does outgrow you then it will be better to schedule the c/s, but I would wait for labor and see how you do, personally. good luck


-m - October 28

Sonogram sizing sometimes isn't even close to being right. I had one at about 37 weeks and they told me the baby was around 7 1/2 - 8 lbs. Then when my doc. measured me she said that she thought the baby was going to be even bigger. I was induced at 38 weeks (for unrelated reasons) and I delivered a 6 lb 1 oz. baby girl via c-section. I labored until I hit 9 cm then doc told me that my pelvis was to small for baby to come through. C-sections are not fun, I wish I could have delivered v____ally. If you're unsure about having a c, talk to your doc about attempting a v____al birth or get a second opinion.


marcie - October 28

kate,I have had two children,the 1st naturally,2nd section.The other posts,I'm sure may have made you feel even more anxious,from my point of view,and others have agreed I actually enjoyed the section experience.I had a horrendous time with natural birth,drugs not taking,the pain overwhelming,I never thought it would end.In contrast the planned c-section,I chose this method because I did not want to have another birth like my 1st,if they had refused then I would not have got pregnant and had number 2.An elective cesarean,ask anyone,is better than an emergency,the recovery,etc.I had the date,ok a bit apprehensive when arriving but it was more calm,dignified,had our own choice of music,not that in the excitement you could hear,and I felt so awake and pain free when the baby was born.The recovery for me was not as bad as expected,just felt sore,but with pain medication it is tolerable,the nurses ar great.I would hate to have a natural birth,I felt better after the birth with my operation,than natural.As for you want another,but no more than 3,good for you not wanting too many,other women have had a number of sections.I cannot see anything wrong in that.


Kelsey - October 28

Hi Kate, I had the same thing happen to me 6 mos. ago...get a second opinion. Most places don't let you play music and laddy da fun fun like Marcie said! It is a c___ppy way to have a baby, you get through it but don't do it if you don't have to. Most people don't like c-sections, especially if they find out later they didn't need one like me. My baby girl was supposed to be an 8-9 pound boy...she weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and was termed a "little early" Oh, and Marcie forgot to tell you, the infections you can get in your incision are REALLY FUN and make you feel so sick you can't take care of your baby. I don't want to scare you too much if you end up needing a c, but I don't want you to think most of them are like Marcie's either.


Renea - October 28

Kate-I have had 3 sections and having my last one in March. My first one was not elective, but the last ones are due to a small pelvis. I did go through the labor with the first and tried pushing for 2 1/2 hours, then did have to have a c-sect. Yes, the recovery is harder after having gone through the labor compared to those that were just planned a c-sect. However, I don't regret trying to find out if I could deliver naturally as that would have been easier to recover from. I haven't had any complications from c-sections, but it is major surgery and the risks are there. I would really talk your concerns over with your doctor-it is your choice after all. Best of luck in your choice and enjoy your little bundle of joy!


carrie - October 31

Kate,I can understand where Marcie is coming from,you need to have the right att_tude,its natural to be apprehensive,but for me also,the c-section birth was no problem.Women can have problems either way,and whilst everyone jumps and tells you recovery is longer with c-births,that is not always the case.Marcie suffered longer after her natural birth.I was up and about and felt really good after my c-section.I really believe att_tude is the key,neither birth is going to be easy,but if you do/did,have a c-section,just remember that is is a commen procedure nowadays.


Jamie - October 31

I wouldn't have a section if you don't need it. Try laboring naturally, because they can perform a c-section at any point. I had one after 24 hours of labor, because my daughter's head got stuck on my pelvic bone. She was 8 lbs 1 oz. I wish I could've delivered v____ally, cause now, with all future pregnancies, doctors will try to push me into a c-section, and I'll have to fight for a v____al delivery.


Jbear - November 3

I had my first baby at 36 weeks because an ultrasound said she measured 9lbs 8oz. She was 6 lbs 4oz and had to spend 2 weeks in NICU. If you decided to go ahead with the c-section, ask the doctor to schedule it as close to your due date as possible.


kt - November 5

4 weeks before my due date my baby measured 7lbs 14oz and nothing was mentioned about a c section because of her size .I was in labour more than 24 hours still no baby which resulted in a c section.I wish my doctor had warned me and maybe suggested a section.it would have saved a lot of time and effort on y and their part.she was just too big to come out.Her head was squashed where she was trying to escape from somewhere that wasnt big enough.My daughter emily weighed nearly ten pound born and i think it was clear from the scan it was a big baby but i was offered no alternative untill 30 hours after my first contraction.I would not want ou too do all the hard work and end up in the same boat.Hope this helps.let me know what you decide.


TC - November 10

I was sized at 39wks and 2 days and was told that he was 8lb 80z. My son came via emergency section and was 9lb 90z. I was advised to have an elective section but I declined bc I wanted to try a v____al. (First baby) I do not regret my decision bc this is what I felt comfortable doing. So if you prefer to have a v____al birth then go for it and see where it takes you. Doctors know a lot but they are sometimes going according to what the textbook says and not according to the person.



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