C Section Effects

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Nichole Sowiecki - June 4

My sister has had two c-sections both cuts done vertically After the last one which was about 6 years ago she had a little bit of a belly bulge but nothing serious.Well now she is on the depo shot to help regulate her periods and she maintains her weight but her belly has poked right out like full blown pregnancy all over again. The doc who gives her the depo shot say that's not the cause. Does anyone out there haveany ideas as to the cause or a way to "fix" it. Oh she also had her tubes tied or burned or whatever right after the last baby. By the way yes I am personally pregnant too with my first. Does anyone have any suggestions for foot pain? The tops and bottoms of my feet feel bruised all the time. My job requires being on my feet all day. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


olivia - June 4

It sounds hormonal to me. Women who go through menopause often have their tummy buldge out like that. I would get a second opinion about it being related to the depo. Congrats on your pregnancy. If you put a bottle on the ground, or a tennis ball and roll it under the arch of your foot, sometimes that helps. Sometimes you need bigger shoes, my feet seemed to grow during pregnancy (I think they just flatten). Good luck.


kcll - June 9

The tummy bulge unfortunately is very common after pregnancies. Exercise and good eating habits are really the only fix for this. As for your question about help for your feet, I also for my first pregnancy had a job where I was constantly on my feet and the best thing I did was soak my feet at night. Rubbing them after with peppermint foot cream was nice as well..if you can take the smell..if your feet are swelled that is probably why they feel bruised. now that the weather is nice I found wearing sandals was alot easier than shoes..hope this helps



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