C Section Hardness At The Incision Sight

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Jessica Solomich - September 8

My baby was in the breach position. I had a c-section just 9 days ago. Has anyone else had problems with hardness at the incision sight?


cal. - August 10

Jessica, yes it will be that way for a long time.


fay - August 15

The hardness you feel are the stiches you feel internaly, which do not go away...


Janet - September 8

I had twins via c-section and they are now 19 months and my scar is still hard on the inside, and right now it is giving me trouble. So I am going to see my Doctor about it. I don't know about st_tches internally. As far as I'm concerned, you only get staples on the outside.


Tellie - October 6

I have had three c- sections. The hardness that you feel will go away.My baby is four yrs old and I'm on my fourth. So I know !


Lisa - October 12

As far as feeling st_tches internally, they are dissolvable st_tches which do go away and I don't think you'd be able to feel them. The hardness does go away, just give it some time. I had a c-section a little over a month ago and the hardness is gone.


jacqueline - December 2

the hardness you feel i s called the healing ridge, it goes away with time. i'm on my first child, week 15, but 2 weeks before i got pregnant i had an operation and my doc told me that the incision would get hard and that it was called a healing ridge, which is normal and goes away...it's definately not the st_tches.


tiffani - December 2

About the st_tches, St_tches that are below the skin are ALWAYS the kind that dissolve. They will eventually go away, as will the hardness at the incision site. You will really start feeling better around 14 days after delivery. I know from expereince, i've had 2 sections myself. Congratulations on the new baby!


Shari - December 26

I had a ER C-Section 2 weeks ago. I feel improvement with every pa__sing day.


Tamera - January 16

yes i had a c section 6 days ago and my stomach has been hard every since.


amanda - January 17

ive had 2 csections,last one 1 1/2 yrs ago and scar is still hard.


A.Carree - January 20

I was wondering about that too. I had a section for the first time. My twins are 4 weeks old and my scar is still hard. Also it itches alot. I can say that recovery this time was much more difficult that having a baby v____ally.



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