C Section Infection

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BANITA - January 4

I just gave birth 6 weeks ago and my incision became infected before I left the hospital.I reported foul odor, extreme pain and ample drainage.I was told that the drainage and pain were normal and that the odor was from me having extra skin lying over the incision and sweating .{This is not my first c section } Despite of my complaints I was given a stronger painkiller and released.The very next day I was in the doctors office and my incision was opened and very infected.I was sent home and I had a nurse that came over to the house 2x a day to pack my wound and I was given an oral antibiotic.The very next night I went to the ER running a temp of 102.5. Finally , they believed how sick I was and I was admitted in the hospital for 48 hrs of IV antibiotics.After , I was released I continued to have the nurses come over to pack my wound until 2wks ago {4wks pp} .I have still been experiencing pain and I am now having a lime green drainage, when I brought this to the same doctors attention he said this was normal and the green drainage is just the blood billirubeing .Please, tell me someone else has heard of this. Right now my incision is still open and Im having a hard time finding a doctor that will work with me on this doctors work. If there is anyone out there who can give me some advice please help.


Kristie Metcalf - January 14

This is not normal. I had the same problem. I did not have quite the amount of drainage as you but my incision opened up. My obgyn sent me to Tissue Trauma who packed my wound and closed it up within 2 weeks. I also developed an infection. So bad that my next c-section was horrifying internally for my doctor. Most infections that develop are what they call cellulitis. IT is a SCARY infection if not taken care of. I had adheasons so terribly bad which was caused by the infection. And my internal organs attatched themselves to my uterus thru the adheasons caused by the cellulitis infection. I would be very persistant in getting this taken care of. If your incision is closed, Try laying on your back, pour hydrogen peroxide over your incision and either b__wdrying it or patting it dry. Use gauze and tape it or tuck it in the crease where your incision is. Do this twice a day. after your shower is good. The secret is keeping it dry. IT is a very moist area especially if you have extra skin lying over the incision. FOUL SMELL is not normal. A little drainage is normal, but not a lot. I hope this helps. Also there are two types of infections the air and the moisture. Two different infections Need two different antibiotics.


Marie Pollos - January 31

I also had a horrible infection in my c-section incision, and the doctor removed the staples and then stuck her hand inside of my cut and started feeling around. It hurt horribly and I was put on a broadspectrum of antibiotics and remained in the hospital for a total of 8 days. They never reclosed my incision and my incision had to be packed twice a day with sterile water and gauze and took between 2 and 3 months to heal on its own. I still am unsure of why they reopened it, but I do know that lime green drainage is what I had was green initially. I would maybe try to call the nurse line at the hospital and tell her your situation and see what she advises you to do. I wish I could help you more, keep us updated as to what comes out of this.


Holly Magness - February 9

I too had this same infection 4 years ago. I had the nurse come and pack my opening two times a day. She complained of the foul smelling odor and insisted that I call my family doctor since my ob/gyn just kept telling me this was mormal. I saw a surgeon on Friday and on Monday was having surgery, 6 weeks after packing the incision. The surgeon closed up the wound. I am still having pain after 4 years. Doctors keep telling me this is from my insides healing. I feel after 4 years it should be fully healed. I am now disabled and unable to work. Find a Doctor that will treat you now and in the future. Please keep asking questions.


Jen - March 7

Yes, i had a c-section. I went home nd 1 day later i developed a fever. My doc told me it was from engorgement. But it wouldn't. Finally on the 3rd day, my fever was over 103. So i went to the ER and they admitted me. They pumped me full of antibiotics, but my fever kept coming back. My doc ordered a CT of my abdomen and they found a huge ma__s of infection. I ad to have emergency surgery to get it cleaned out. Then i went home and had the visiting nurse dor a month to pack the wound. My suggesion to you is to get a CT ofthe abdomen. Good Luck


Mellony Najera - May 3

I have had the same issue my doctor also tells me this is normal and gave me more antibotics. I even went to another doctor who told me this was due to my skin hanging over the area. I have talked to numerous people who tell me this is not normal. I now have the lime green drainage. I also need answers.


Dianna - May 11

I had a c-section, and developed infection 2 days after being released from the hospital (a 2 day hospital stay). The incision was reopened, packed, and I was given shots of antibiotics everyday for 8 days. The packing was changed every other day, and they stopped packing it this week. It is now sore and red again, and is clearly infected (the infection never went away, just got somewhat better). The doctor keeps telling me that the hard pockets I'm feeling are "just the way that fat heals". Last week he pulls out 6 tubes of blood/fluid from a hemmotoma (sp?). That area felt that same way before he took the fluid out. How do you get these doctors to listen to you? I was told that the opening in the incision would close in its own 48 hours after the packing was removed, and its not closing at all (6 days later). Also, I hemoraghed (sp) yesterday all day, and was just told to put my feet up. Any suggestions?


Casey - May 29

3 weeks ago I had a C-section... It has since been very painful, oozing with blood and pus. It hurts very badly when I urinate. I have been to the ER and the Dr. said its normal for fluid pockets to ooze out of the incision and that I didn't have any kind of urinary infection. I am also bleeding "YOU KNOW" and it has a foul odor. I haven't had a fever that I could catch...But at night I always wake up with chills and sweaty. I'm very scared and my doctor keeps avoiding me! HELP!!


Jessica - May 30

Whoa.....you need to go somewhere else. your incision should NOT be draining anything.


Jackie - May 31

Had a bad c-section infection cellulitis. It was my first c-sec and I didn't know better till a girlfriend who had a c-sec said oh no that is not how it should be. Got on antibiotics and it eventually cleared up. It took extra long. I had c-sec since easy cheesy compaired. Got to have a good doc. They don't understand what your going through. I had a fussy new baby and post partum. I wanted to be put down like a dog. hang in there!!!!!! I can't believe you still have problems after IV antibiotics. Are you healing at all?


Dr. Phil McAllister - June 13

If you experience these symptoms and they persiste even after IV PenK and pain killers then you should demand an MRI of the area. These are indicitive of what happens when a sponge or foreign object is left behind when you are closed up. Generally Antibiotics taken P.O. should clear up most infections and I.V will be needed if it's been too long between infection and treatment. If neither resolve the infection then it's likely a superinfection/abcess that usually means in surgery someone can't count sponges. A single sterile sponge left inside can absolutely kill a person because your body will try and disolve it but it can't and will become a superinfection where your body kills it's own cells.


To: Banita - June 15

You need to find someone to help you. I had an infection after my second c section. My husband who is a physical therapist was very observant after I got home and would check it nightly. Luckily, he caught the infection before I even began running a temperature. Six hours after my first dose of antibiotic my fever started. It lasted two hours. I was very fortunate. My point is my dr took it very seriously that my husband so a little seeping and puffiness around the incision, and immediately put me on a z pack. You need to find help now. As far as I now after you get home, little seeping should be going on and green is not good.


Lisa - July 1

I just gave birth to a beautful girl about 6 weeks ago and i had the same problem with the odor and the drainage, i thought i was normal becasue this was my first baby. When i went i for my 6week checkup my doc said that it was infected becasue of the extra skin hannig over it so she did this thing to brun my skin together so it can heal, she also gave me some cream and some medacation to take. Now after reading all of your stories i am kind of scard, should i look into it more? Thanks


Starr - July 3

I too had a c-section and thought it was just normal, the first 9 months I went to everyone my obgyn, dermatologist, 6 weeks after the surgery I ran a high fever and was told that was normal according to the dr on call for my obgyn. My wound had a foul smell, drainage, and was read and painful. Finally 9 months of this ordeal, my husband got his insurance back and I could go see my regular PCP, he immediately told me what was wromg, he said I had cellulitis/steph infection, he put me on cefaloxen, washing it everyday w/ Hibecleans an antimicrobial wash, and then putting nizoral creme on it. Finally it is gone, the smell and pain is gone--def get it checked out!


Rhonda - July 8

I was sent home from the hospital after a c-section.I was still bleeding from the incision and I informed the doctors and the nurses.They acted as though I was crazy.I have had two prior c-sections before so I knew something was wrong.Well I was sent home on a Friday and that Saturday I was back in the hospital with a bloodclot in my stomach.Sure enough I had to stay in the hospital and after being released a nurse had to come by and pack me twice a day.I tried to sue the hospital for neglience but no one would take the case.So I really emphathise with you.I can relate how you feel.


Elaine - July 13

Go into a special ob hospital and dont leave until you are well. This is extremely dangerous.


lisa - July 13

I was wondering, after reading all of your stories i was wondering, the pain you said u were having how extreme was it? I had a c section and it also didnt heal it keep on opeing, anyways i am havibg pain in my belly but i am not sure if its normal or if i should be worried about it. SO when u guys are saying extrem pain is that like cant get out of bed pain? Thank you



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