C Section Infection

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lisa - July 13

I was wondering, after reading all of your stories i was wondering, the pain you said u were having how extreme was it? I had a c section and it also didnt heal it keep on opeing, anyways i am havibg pain in my belly but i am not sure if its normal or if i should be worried about it. SO when u guys are saying extrem pain is that like cant get out of bed pain? Thank you


Siobhan - July 14

I had the same thing happen to me, its called psuedomous, infection...it is a hospital given bacteria.


siobhan - July 14

the green, sorta sweet smelling, infection is, psuedomonus!!!!... My son is almost 3, and I still have nightmares!!!!to this day!!! i was in the hospital for almost four weeks, in and out!!!.. They even quarentined me in a room and I couldn't leave for five days!!!.....Don't let the Doctors, pull the woolly over your eyes!!...it's a preventive infection, and a staff given infection, it comes from unsanitary...


Aleisha Gallo - July 20

I have had the same experience. I came home a month ago with a new c-section wound. It was fine at first and then I went to take a shower and just took a look at my tummy and a whole bunch of pink watery fluid came out. It dreched a hand towel in about 5 min. So the doctor came over and gave me a dressing and told me to keep an eye on it. A week later it was still doing the same thing occasionally. Then on the other side of the wound a small dime sized hole opened up and started to ooze greenish yellow. Not much but enough. All I have gotten from my doctor was cleaning it out and more dressings. I was on antibiotics as well. It seems to be getting better but stil having some greenish stuff. I dont know I guess its normal if they are taking it so lightly but I am a bit worried too.


Kimberly and Baby KeeLee - July 28

i had the same problem . I went to the hospital with a 102.3 fever , and my white cells were 14,000 the dr hospitalized me and he gave me 3 days antibiodics in an iv and then sent me home with 10 days of oral anitbiodics. so women and girls be careful espeacially if u are pverweight like me.


elvia hernandez - July 28

i had a c-section and about a week and a half after i had my c-section i experienced swelling, a burning sensation, and my incision was very hard and firm i went to the e.r and they admitted me immediately and opened my wound to release infected drainage and was put on antibiotics for at least 4 days then a nurse alsdo came to my house 1x a day to pack my wound for about 1 week and a half then i had to pack my own wound for about two more weeks then it dried on it's own and now i'm 4 months p.p a word of advice leave the wound open dont pack it just clean it and it will dry faster believe me! good luck you wi8ll recover dont worry and God bless.


siobhan - July 29

all I am saying is that it is a hospital given infection, and even though it is common, it shouldn't happen and it is preventable!!!! and you guys should take the law in your hands while you can..I waited, and waited and three years later i still am tramatized and afraid to have another child, and talked to a lawyer and of course I waited to long, but for all you women out there that this has happened to, the lawyer said to me I definalty had a case...they are trying to prevent hospital given infections, it's a huge epidemic...and like I said it only takes the surgeons and hospital care, to be a bit more careful and caucious, on being sterililzed....!!(i guess you can tell I am a bit bitter)


Mrsmicholson - August 8

My first two C-Sections ended in and open insicion. I also got the lime green drainage both times... it is normal! I had the nurses come to my house to pack the wound and even they said it is normal it is part of the healing process especially for larger women... Hope this helps!


siobhan - August 8

I am not a large woman and when they tested the lime green drainage, they said that it was a hospital given bacteria!!


Terri - August 9

My incision became infected also before I left the hospital. I was also running a fever when I was discharged. When I went to get the staples out, a few days later, my incision splayed open and I was rushed to the ER via ambulance from the doctors office. I was put on IV therapy, and the incision was packed. Finally, after about 5 days of this, I was taken to surgery where it was all cleaned out and sewn shut. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks after having my first born son. To this day, 15 yrs later, I have doubt as to whether or not my doctor was competent, seeing as though she knew I was infected, with fever, before I left the hospital after delivering. I also had the foul odor and drainage. It was the worst thing I have ever been through.


ChrissyR - August 10

Another thing that can cause greenish discharge in a scar opening is E-Coli. I had a c-section 3 years ago... I had a small opening in my incision that was infected... it was cultured and came back showing E-Coli bacteria...definately caused by bacteria in the hosptial...when my baby was 10 days old.. she was back in the hospital with 103 fever.... she was so sick from E-Coli bacteria...someone, somewhere along the way either in surgery or during our 5 day hospital stay made us sick. IV antibiotics for 2 days made the baby well and I was on an oral antibiotic, the infection cleared up.


drich - August 16

5 weeks after my c section I started to have severe pain in my right shoulder. I thought I pulled a muscle but didn't know how. 2 days later my incision became very red and puffy. I went to the doc right away and he lanced it. There was yellowish bloody fluid that came out and he packed it the last 2 days with iodine soaked gauze. He gave me an antibiotic as well. I wonder though if the shoulder pain could be caused by this infection?


Corrie - August 18

I had a C-Section on May 19th they re opened the wound and told me they would have a nurse come to the house once a day for 3 weeks to re pack the incision. It is now Aug.18th..the wouund seems to still be infected and the nureses have visited my home 60 times. The Dr. told them to stop packing it and have 2-3 treatments of Silver Nitrate to burn it shut. I have now had it burned more than 10 times!!!! I am nervous and can't get a straight answer. I would like to know if I can take any legal action and who would you suggest I speak to?


siobhan - August 18

If you find out what kind of infection you have, and what infected you originallly , if it was hopital given, you have a case, and you talk to an attorney that does malpractice...


T. Mercer - August 29

Back on November 22, 2004, I had a c-section because my son was breeched. The following day, I couldn't even hold my baby because I was in so much pain. I was told I had a uterine infection. I remained in the hospital for five days. When I went home, the pain really killed me. I would use the bathroom, and my mother and sister would have to literally pick me up off the commode. I still couldn't really move around or hold my son because the pain was excruciating. I went to the doctor, my incision had two small openings. It drained a little but it smelled awful. She called in another doctor. They both told me how great the incision looked and that I would heal and I was given more pain killers. Well, here it is August 2005, and my incision has re-opened. What should I do? This was my first ever c-section and I have four children.


siobhan - August 30

find a differant doctor...and get to one right away...infections, spread..



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