C Section Infection

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siobhan - August 30

find a differant doctor...and get to one right away...infections, spread..


sue - August 31

All of a sudden i heard a pop and my incision leaked all over the place. is this an absess? i left the hospital last night and they gave me antibiotics and pain killers.


Jennifer Cruz - September 27

I also have the same problem.Sep12 I had a repeat c-section.The first one was in 2003 and everything was fine the first time. Now im home with my second baby and im having a bit of light greenish liquid coming out of my incision.And it has a bit of a foul odor coming out of it.Shout I be worried and got to see my doctor. Is it an infection or is this normal?


sue - September 27

banita, definitely have it checked out, my dr said the sooner the better. go in and do not leave without an answer, i am now on my 2nd week of havin a nurse come to my home and pack and clear out my incision, its painful and she says i still have a few weeks to go


Heather - October 7

The same thing happened to me. They initally released me from the hospital 2 days after my section. i was home for 2 days when I started having some drainage. No one warned me about this so I went straight to the emergency room. They gave me an oral antibiotic and sent me home. Two days after that, it was still draining. I woke up in the middle of the night and found that I had complely soaked my bed with drainage. So back to the emergency room, where the doctor told me that i should not have been given oral antibiotics, that i had an absyss that had burst. He told me that i would have to keep coming in to the hospital every day to have it drained and to stop taking the antibiotics. I went in the next day, as the doctor told me to, and the nurse there took one look at it and advised me that the infection was one of the worst she had ever seen and that the emergency room doc should have emmitted me on the spot. My OB came down and looked at the drainage and thought that they may have "nicked" my bowel during the c-section (that is how brown the drainage was). So the specialist came down and looked and he said that the bowel was fine (thank goodness) just that the infection was really bad. So my OB opened the incision back up, drained it, and left it open. I was admitted to the hospital for another 48hrs of IV anitbiotics. Then went I was sent home, back on oral anitbiotics. Initially, i had 3ft of packing in the wound that had to be changed everyday.So everyday I had a nurse coming to my home to change the dressing.I had my baby in july, here it is Oct now and I still have the nurse coming every 2 days to change the packing. There is not much left to pack now, they are basically just laying pakcing on the top of the incision to keep it open that little bit to heal. The wound was originally 5inches long and 4 inches deep. Now it is less than 1/2 an inch wide and deep. This was my first preganancy and I knew nothing about c-sections. I found out the hard way that i am what they call "drug sensitive". When they gave me demoral early on, i overdosed. Then the same thing happened with the epidural. So when I went in for my section, I could feel every cut that they made. They couldn't give me any more of the epidural without the risk of me overdosing again. So eventually they put me out completely. My husband had to leave the room and he missed the birth. i only got to see my daughter 12hrs later. Needless to say, delivering this way is less satisfying and then having the complications. So the only advice that I can give is that you know your body and you know when some thing is not right. KEEP PUSHING THE ISSUE! Doctors are not always right all the time, don't be afraid to speak up!


Leah - November 7

I had a c-section on Oct.14 2005. I had noticed a foul odor and drainage from my incision.3 days after being released home.I had profuse sweating and severe pain ,like a stinging or burning in my incision. I could hardley walk or get out of bed.I went to the doctor after 2 days of finally realizing this isn't normal (1st c-section).the doctor told me it was a bacterial infection called pseudomonas..very bad and risky to have..go in and get checked ny a different doctor it can spread internally..


Lisa - December 24

I had an emergency c-section with my 3rd daughter in March 2005. I too developed a fever, in the hospital, was released anyway with oral antibiotics. I soon developed drainage and ongoing fever, flu-like symptoms. I too was told this was probably engorgement. I knew better after two other children, although they were v____al deliveries. I ended up in the hospital with IV antibiotics and debridement surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Robert Alleman, suggested the use of a Wound Vac. This thing was incredible. It kept the area clean and the viable until it could be reclosed in two weeks. I then had a nurse come out two times a day and clean the area after it was reclosed. After the st_tches were removed in a week and a half, they performed wet to dry dressing changes. All through this however, my OB/GYN performed bi-weekly wound cultures. My advice, get all the information out there and fight for what your instincts tell you is right. Also, check to see if you have a Wound Care Center in your area or a surgeon who specializes in Wound Care. As the number of diabetic people increase these centers are opening rapidly. They are a very good resource. Also, I haven't noticed a lot of discussion on the emotional impact of this type of infection. Make sure you have a good support system. I would of gone nuts if I hadn't had a support system of friends and family. There is nothing worse at this time of celebration of life, than to be worried about your own. Good Luck and I hope everything has turned out okay for you and your family.


djh - December 25

Get cultured for MRSA. It will not respond to standard antibiotics, if it is MRSA it will need: IV Vancomycin, Clindamycin or quadruple strength Septra. Good luck.


siobhan - December 25

I had psuedomonas too, and also had my wound cleaned with the Vac....Very tramatic experiance for me...three years later, ready to have another baby, I don't think I can!!


to Siobhan - December 25

Can you by-pa__s the icky c-sections and go for VBAC? i wouldn't do this infection again....EVER.... and I had no problem with my VBAC. So much nicer in every single way!!! The hospital said no, and I said "make me" and they couldnt' so all is well for me this time with v____al.


Siobhan - December 26

Well, I went in on Tuesday, and they induced me two weeks early because of the Toximia, they broke my water friday morning and I was only one centemeter, through out the day I only dialated 4 centermeters, I began to get a fever. and by 10:00 at night they did the c-section..and I had a 103. something fever..I think they infected me when they broke my water or something...it was rough, then stayed in the hospital for 4-5 weeks after that, because of the infection in my wound...I can't go v____ally, or couldn't , I cervex was real highand twisted up..weird!!


Tara - January 5

I have the same problem. I would consult with a infectious disease doctor to find out if there is any bacteria growing. I had 3 bacteria after a wound culture. I would also advise you to find another doctor for an opinion. also contact your hospital to quality a__surance to find out if your medical records are being looked into. Good luck and hope this helps.


Meg - February 27

I just had a reapeat c-section 2 weeks ago and im experiencing yellow drainage that stinks so bad. I have a doctors appointment today at 2:00 to see whats going on.


Mary - March 3

I hate doctors, I am going through the same thing right now. I went in for a section on the 8th of Feb, I was back in the hospital on the 18th of Feb with infection. I went in with a fever of 103 the night before and they sent me home, told me I had a kidney infection. The next morning(the 18th) I put the baby down and went to the bathroom I felt warm down my leg and thought I was bleeding. As soon as I pulled my pants down my incision poored out a reddish brown nastiness! Thank god for my mother being there she called the ambulance and I was readmitted the the hospital. In the ER everyone said it was infection and they wanted OB to see it, so when OB came she reopened me, the most painful thing ever and I had morphine too. She opened my stomach like I was her mail! With her finger straight accross like I was an envelope! After she took the infection out she packed me and I stayed for 2 nights. They released me with a nurse for 10 visits to my home, it is now the 3rd of March and I still have a pocket that has to be drained 2x aday. Everywhere else I am healing but that pocket. I am hoping I don't have to go back to the hospital. Bottom line I have a lawyer I will not hesitate to take legal action. I know I will have a case, because I also work at the Hospital that did my surgery and I know what goes on there. If I where you I would get a second opinion and a new doctor cause that is what I have to do. I am so sorry for this happening to you.


Leightonfamily - March 14

I have been reading through all of these and it is making me nervous. i have got all the symptoms of an infection, except the fever, but i am afraid of going to the doctor because the treatment sounds really scary. can anyone tell me more? what is packing? and how painful is all the treatment that i am about to go through? thanks


lizzie kaiser - April 4

Ask your docotor for a blood test. I had several different infections and only after a blood test wasi given the correct treatment.



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