C Section Infection

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lizzie kaiser - April 4

Ask your docotor for a blood test. I had several different infections and only after a blood test wasi given the correct treatment.


handreach - June 21

My wife had the C-section on 6/6/07, but she was still in fever one week after it. We've tried emergency room twice because we can't get hold of the OB. The first time my wife was sent back home with the antibiotics of generic bactrim. It only worked for one day, and her temperature came back again the next day. Being the first time parents, we thought it might be related to b___st engorgement because the OB office and some nurse told us so. But after using ice bag etc. to stop the milk, my wife was still in fever. So nearly a week after, I sent her back to ER because the skin around the incision is redish and she was still in fever. She was admitted this time, and some generic antibiotics was delivered through IV. The next day (6/17), her incision swollened and broke a gap on the incision. Lots of greenish and yellowish fluid came out from the gap. The OB and infection specialist have identified at least two bacterias. One is drug resistant E-coli. The doctors had prescribed two antibiotics, one is Cefazolin and the other is metronidazole since two days ago. So far, my wife is still in fever. Her wound is open but less drainage is coming out. I am anxious on when she could recover and I am wondering what I can do right now to help her.


thokozani - September 27

I've had an infection for over 2 months, and the bright green I had was a__sumed to be pseudomonas, which apparently grows in wounds that have been open a long time. It was a set-back several times in my healing, which has been consistently tended. It required packing with strong antibiotics, and finally a minor surgery where the doctor took out the old tissue (cut along the sides to get rid of pseudomonas and stagnant tissue). Finally it's healing properly and healthily. Don't give up on this one. Even with competant medical care I've had a few set-backs, and I'm finally seeing progress. If they just ignored it, it would be much worse. I hope you find a doctor who will take it seriously and culture it to find out what it is causing the drainage.


Millie0917 - January 12

Banita Ihope you receive this message soon, my name is Millie I also gave birth 6 wks ago and have exactly the same problem as you. it is so a like is scary I dont know what to do? the only differane between me and you is that in the past 6 wks I have been put on three different antibiotics and nothing seems to cure me the doctor had left an opening for the drainage to come out but on jan 3rd when he ck me he puncture the area making it bleed which it cause the opening to close and to me the infection now can no longer come out and is staying inside I just finished my last prescribed antibiotic if within a few days I get a fever again I will also go to the hospital


redmondsky - January 12

Hey Millie - my c-section incision got infected too. I had my son on Dec 3 and 10 days post opt I noticed a nasty/foul odor - went to my doctor - he gave me cream for it...dum dum...they it got worse and I ended up in the ER - they put me on antibiotics and I had a nurse come once a day to pack it. We are now..6 weeks post opt and it has almost healed but there is this small part that is still slightly open - although not infected. I keep hoping every morning that it will be closed...I go to see my doctor on thursday and hopefully if it's not closed by then they will do something for me - either st_tch it up or remove some tissue so it will close. If you have a fever - GET TO THE ER - fevers are important to deal with after a c-section. I would just not leave the ER until the deal with you. Good luck and keep us updated - I will do the same. I wish you a speedy recovery. As if having a c-section isen't enough eh? Dealing with these infections are a total drag.....


SusanD - February 25

I have the same problem 4 C-sections.... After my forth one is when it all started for me. now it's two years later and nothing had changed I've had four surgeries in the past year to correct the problem so I thought. And all I get is medications beyond medications. It has gotten to the point where my body doesn't get affected be the medications. It took the doctors each and everyone I've seen over a year to send me to and ob specialist and all the surgeries he has done hasn't helped me one bit. Seriously 4 surgeries and still to continue I've soaked my bed for 2 years now in blood, yellow discharge, green discharge, something that look like melted chocolate ice cream, and had a drain tube inserted for over a month to help with the situation that still has no change. I still have the discharge, foul odor that is too the point that it smells like dead flesh(rotten). I have numbness on my right abdominal area, v____a and inner right thigh as a result of all this. I have gotten in touch with the doctor who did my first 2 c-sections and she has advised me to find a third opinion by a plastic surgeon. That all the muscles, nerves, and tendons in that area would have to be removed so this way there is fresh flesh to fresh flesh. She a__sured me that it was normal to have a slight green thick discharge that should last up to 3 weeks after a c-section but that it was ridiculous to have the pain where I can't get up at all or that the pain knocks me out discharge that is thin with foul odor for more than that period of time that it can cause a blood disorder that can cause even death.


tummy tamer - March 8

HI- wrap your bellies!! Support and compress. Keep it dry and clean, Dry sking brush toward pubic bone to move lymph and reduce infection, Drink lots of water. Don't have an unsupported incision. wrap you belly with a wide ace bandage- for now.


k.garza42 - March 12

i had a c-section 8 months ago and the day i had my staples out the next day i felt pinching felt my scar and drainage spewd out EVERYWHERE...it was pink and nasty i had to get mine packed everyday for two months i had a inch and a 1/2 opening and it never hurt but the only green drainage i had was on the packing itself also every time i was to get up during the treatment my incision would poor out drainage...i dunno if it helps but i still get incision pain and i can't feel my stomach


AnnaDenniston - March 15

Where Do I Start!!??!? I was pushing for 3 hours with my son, and he would not come down any more. we saw his head but that was it. so they finally rushed me to C-section as I am still trying to push Nathaniel out. one of the Dr are yelling at me telling me not to push and I yell back at him I cant stop.. It was the worst pain EVER. anyways so they put me to Sleep, I woke up in recovery, I had found out that my son was born not breathing because they put me under General Anasta__sia and got some of it as well, So they had to revive him. then he was OK. and I found out they FORGOT to do a SPUNGE COUNT! and they also had to push Nathaniel up through my Vagina but to the opening to get him out sense he was stuck because i pushed so long. Anyways the next mourning in the hospital I throw up a HUGE BLOOD CLOT! probably from the tub they put down my throat at surgery. So they released me 1 days later i was in serious pain. Later that night I was sitting on my recliner chair trying to b___st feed but my b___bs where rock hard and swollen to the max and the pain was so bad, and there was a stench coming out of the nipples and Nathaniel my baby would not drink from them so I thought something must have been wrong. an Hour later when i was sitting on the recliner i started shaking very fast and i was freezing cold. I could barely talk to my husband because my teeth where chattering so much. my mom took my temp and it was 103.0 or somewhere around that... They rushed me back to the hospital and they all ready had a bed waiting for me. I could barely walk because my incision was so painful. they told me that i had a very bad case of MASTITIS. an Infection in your b___bs from clogged milk glands. Anyways a day went pa__sed and i was getting worse and worse. you could not even barley b__w on my tummy with out me in So much pain. the infectious Disease Dr. could not figure out what was going on. so he had me on the strongest antibiotics they had for infections i had about 4 different kinds always hanging from my line. they where such strong antibiotics they keep ed b__wing my lines so they had to keep re sticking me i had no veins left they stock me and drew blood from me over 45 times while i was there. They finally ordered a CT and a ULTRSOUND and a MRI and X rays and they found what looked to be possible a sponge they where not sure. but i had a major infection in my uterus.. not to mention mast_tis.... it got so bad my sickness they had to take me down to Interventional Radiology to give me a PICK LINE because all my lines where b__wing and they had to keep giving me antibiotics because my fever was still there. So if things could not get anywhere. they DID. Right after they put my pick line in my upper arm that went to my heart. I Told they I could not breathe and then I guess I coded for about 30 secs they told me. i had oxygen on me i still was having a hard time breathing i asked what happened as i am crying. they IR DR told me I had a Vasile vagal reaction. anyways so stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. and i had to go home with a home nurse and my pick line. that pick line took so much time out of me.. i also had to keep giving me shots every day in my tummy to keep me from clotting. And That was my story. I just wanted to let you guys know I got pregnant a 2nd time i tried a V-Back I pushed for 4 hours this time and she would not come out. all I got to say is Everything hap pend all over again. I was sick in the hospital for 2 weeks. with the same infections and this time i got a blood infection on top of that and 2 hematomas and they had to take a huge needle and try to drain the infection out.. My baby girl had a blood infection too. she had to be in the hospital for almost 2 weeks as well with me.also my incision was lee king and a very bad Oder was coming out with greenish yellowish stuff. To make a Long story short I don't think my body was meant to have kids. but yet after all of this pain and infections and risking life. I still want to try and have One more child. has anyone else's had similar serious problems like me? annadennistonAtHotmailDotCom


Sabrina Eklund - August 5

I am going through the exact same thing! I had my son on July 25th, so it has been about 10 days. I have been running a fever of 103 with lime green drainage, foul odor, severe pain, back cramping, and I'm extremely anemic. Having headaches and sharp pains shooting in my back from where the epidural was placed. I have been on 5 different antibiotics and still spiking fevers around the 103 range. Still not able to figure out what is going on, even after calling on the infectinous disease specialists...I am still in the hospital now. I have no idea what to do and niether do they. I have had blood cultures, urine cultures, stool cultures, and cat scans....and still nothing so far. If you find ANYTHING out...please let me know, and I'll do the same for you!!!


mybabyniff - August 18

This is not normal. I had a c-section and the same thing happen to me before I left the hospital I had told my doctors exactly what you told your doctor and they told me the same thing. I left the hospital on a Sunday .Monday I was very sick. I was in so much pain.Tuesday I could not stand to be in the room with muself I was smelling so bad. You see my stomach had started to rot. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was told that part of my stomach had rotted. Thye sent me home and told me to come back on Friday. I had surgery Friday afternoon and on Monday they had to cut part of mt stomach off the rotten part. get yourself check please I do not want what happen to me to happen to you Please get some help


bubbasmama - August 20

I had the same thing. I had a cesection 11-17-05 and was in the hospital for the normal stay but I was having fevers and couldnt pa__s stool, they gave me suppositories and sent me home. that was sunday well thursday (thanksgiving) I showed my aunt and sent made my dad take me to the hospital right away. as soon as the dr took one look he admitted me and I was on iv antibiotics for 48 hrs and my incision was reopened. I was sent home with my dad and him instructions how to clean an pack it twice a day. I healed after a month an a half, the scar isnt even bad. Now I want to get back on the wagon and have another...my beautiful boy is now almost 3.....reason for c section he ended up weighing 8lbs 10 oz I couldnt dilate more than 4cm, he wouldnt drop, my fever was up and so was his heart rate. If you even get a slight fever got to the hospital dont even bother with the dr.


diamondgurl08 - January 29

My mother did some research and found your posting and e mailed it to me. I'm going through the same exact thing although I have a large ma__s that has grown in my belly since my c-section and has caused great pain and green discharge coming from my incision and I had my daughter almost 7 weeks ago and I'm still having problems with it. I have had a nurse come to my home every day since I was released from the hospital to pack my wound and change it daily! I now have something called Cellulitis, it's an infection that if it gets into my blood stream can actually kill me. Of course this is scary and very painful I finally got help, I'm now on 3 different medications and cream that has to be placed on my belly 2x a day. I do have to have surgery to remove the ma__s (abcess) and it was all caused from my C-section...needless to say I will be suing the hospital for all the pain and discomfort I've gone through and the fact that I've had to have my family take time off of work to help me with my daughter b/c I can put no pressure on my belly and my joints are extremely sore (almost like flu symptoms) and its all from the infection. I would see your Dr. and find out about seeing a surgion especially if you have any hard ma__ses in your belly from your belly b___ton down, it could be cellulitis like me, which come to find out is caused by the c-section not being done correctly. Best of luck to you!


SarshaLizzy - July 29

I don't know if anyone will respond to this since there haven't been any post in a while but i am desperate and am gonna try anyways. I went through the exact same thing as is described here. My daughter is now almost a year old. We had to pack my insicion with gauze and all that for 5 months. No I am not pulling your leg for some reason I was not healing and my insicion didn't completely close until my daughter was 8 months old. As in I still had open holes in my inscicion till about 3 months ago. Anyways my question is did any of you ladys have more children after all of this and have normal deliveries. I want so desperately to have more children but am unsure of where and how to find a good doctor and most importantly if I should try for a vbac or just have a scheduled C-section. The first time around I had a C-section for no other complication other than the baby was just stuck. Please help! I need advice from women who have been there if any of you were brave enough to have more children. Clearly good doctors are hard to come by so I thought maybe you all could give better advice.


yessenia1224 - September 7

i have an appointment on firday with my doctor.. i had a csection 3 weeks ago. my wound look good , but i have a very small part that looks red and has 2 niddle pin holes on it. it dont smell but itches like crazy and oozes a pink watery substantace very little i may add... should i be concern and call my doctor or should i call my doctor asap?


scsm - October 13

When it comes to C/S better safe than sorry. Just call your doc to have a look at it.



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