C Section Infection

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scsm - October 13

When it comes to C/S better safe than sorry. Just call your doc to have a look at it.


jamieduda - October 20

I had the same problem as all of you. My baby bot is 15 months old now and I still have pain and now after fighting with the pain this long they finally decided to do a CT and an Ultrasound and found that they left a foreign object behind.They are not for sure what it is, could be a sponge or a ma__s of st_tches is what I was told. Now I have to have surgery to remove it and the fluid around it. You can bet this is not the last time they will be seeing me, I plan to take this to court. If it was just a few months of living like this I would not bother but over a year is a bit too long!


stevieromero - January 21

i had a c section on Nov 7th and when i came home i started to have sevear pains like i could not get out of bed my husbend had to pick me up out of bed...and notices sevear swelling and pain... the next day again he had to pick me up out of bed...and i woke up those 2 night drenched in sweat and teeth chattering i was so cold..we called the hospital and when we got there they took my temp and it was 97.7 and i tried to tell them i had a fevor and that it was down cause it was chilly out side..and i insited the whole time and no one listened to me.. finally the doc looked at my iunsition and when he put his hand on my belly he jerked back


NyxTina31 - October 29

My incision was so badly infected that I was reaching fevers of 105.9 and lots of drainage (gushing). The drainage is still there but not as bad. The depth of the wound is nearly 5inches. I was admitted to the hospital for a few days and put on IV antibiotics. I was released with home health nurses coming out 2-3x's a week. The main problem is my insurance does not cover any more than those 2-3x's a week and the wound needs to be packed/cleaned on a daily basis and I have no one to help the other days of the week and because of the location can NOT do it myself. I am not sure what to do. Does anyone know what I would do in this situation? I don't want to end up in the hospital again. If anyone can give me any helpful information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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