C Section Or Vaginal

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Ann - February 9

I just found out I'm having identical twin girls (20 weeks). The nurse practioner said she has seen some scary things with va___al twin deliveries and would recommend a C-section. She said she has seen instances where one was delivered va___ally and then an emergency C-section had to be done to get the other out???? I would be really upset if I had to go through va___al delivery with one and end up having a C-section for th other. My real concern is if I have a c-section, I will need way more help with caring for the babies, especially the first week at home. I'm very independent and hate having depend on others-I'm a single mom of a 6 yr old-and I have heard lots of horror stories:( The specialist said if the babies and I do good through the pregnancy and the they are both positioned properly for a va___al birth, then the decision would be mine. What do you all think I should ido if i have the choice? (I had my son va___ally with a fairly easy birth-12 hours total)


salie - February 13

Ann, i think you should do a c-section because its more safer. have you heard of a postpartum doula? if you have a c-section then i would definetly hire one. they are great. feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want more information. good luck


Mom of Boys - March 9

I had a C Section with my twin boys (not identical though). They kept flip floping. One week they would be breech and then the next would be positioned right. At the final check, both were breech. I am like you and extremely INDEPENDENT. I know it is hard but really if you can have someone even for the first week, believe me you can do the rest. I did. My husband works all the time and I was pretty much alone all the time. It is definitely a good idea though to find someone that can be with you in the hospital and at home for at least a week. You won't think you want help but you will be so tired you can't care you does what. Recovery wise, (can't speak for a v____al delivery) but I didn't think a CSection was near as bad as what some people make them out to be. Of course it is all just personal opinion and you have to do what feels right for you. Need any more support, have question, or need advice, my email is [email protected] GOOD LUCK:)



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