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alicia - December 10

my baby weighs 8 lbs already and i am 40 weeks i have not dialated and my doctor said he is not near my pelvis yet.I was wondering if i was going to have to have a c section and if i do can they put me to sleep if i need them to . I have panic attacks that cause me not to be able to breathe.If not does anyone know if there is anything u can do to induce labor. Ive heard that u can do squats. And will that help me if the baby is not near my pelvis?


Ange - December 14

Hi; I ahd my first child almost 2 mths ago via C-Section. I needed this because she was too big and my pelvice was too small. Her heart was also decelerating. I was also 6 days late so I wanted to induce labor naturally or else my Doc was gonna induce me that following Monday. The trick that worked for me was an entire fresh pineapple. I am convinced taht this worked as I tried everything else from s_x to bumpy car ride as well as nipple stimulation. Good Luck to you


Megan - January 7

I have recently had my 2nd c-section and I too have panic attacks. If you do have to have a c-section... which may not be the case sometimes the baby doesn't engage until the onset of labor and 8 pounds is pretty typical. I suggest you try to look at the situation with a different perspective. I definatley know that the last few weeks are hard, but since you know that you are prone to panic attacks, try to use self talk to ease your anticipation. If you do end up having a c-section it will seem very overwhelming in a lot of ways, but you can do it. What got me was when they strap your arms to a board. I felt so restrained. During my first c-section I had a panic attack right there on the table and it was horrible. This time around I knew more of what to expect and I did great.. and if you educate yourself you will too.


KM - January 7

You may not need a c-section.8 lbs is average and babies dont always drop or turn until labour. I have panick attacks too but a c-section was nothin. They will give you something to relax you. it is more exciting than scary. I know thats hard to believe.. I was terrified of it before I got one but in the moment its a neat experience. you feel no pain.Its wayyyyyyyy easier and better than natural labour. I promise you that


Ange - January 7

I totally DISAGREE with "KM". I was 28hrs into labour when they told me that I needed a section. I was DEVASTATED. I did all of this for nothing was the way that I was feeling. Anyway I too beleive that I had a severe panic attack on the table. I was REALLY upset, not so much excited as scared! Anyway I myself would have rathered a v____al birth. 5 days after my surgey I got a severe infection. I am just over 2 months post op and I am still in pain. Anyway good luck to you. Just remember that getting your baby here the safest way is the best way.Just try to relax and think of it that way. You are the tool that is bringing your baby into this world.


Melinda - January 7

Yes... they give you a choice whether to be awake or not!! :)


Rhian - January 8

Hi Alicia - I can really appreciate how you feel - I suffer from panic attacks due to a fear of vomiting and they terrify me, and I don't know how I am going to feel or cope in labour (I haven't been sick once by the way). I think I would want to be asleep if I was going to have a c section. My baby was due two days ago and now I am just waiting impatiently and trying not to worry which isn't easy - you have made me realise how fortunate I am because my pregnancy has been straight forward all the way through and my baby is now engaged, and I still have time yet before they offer me a cervical sweep. I am going to try fresh pinneapple, and also a hot bath. I will pray for you that whatever happens you will be able to cope and I am sure you will get a strength from somewhere.


KM - January 9

I am really surprised you girls found it that hard.. I really am a wimp..i am terrified before getting a needle at the dentist! lol But i was relieved when I could get a section after all those hours..anything to make the pain stop.If recovery goes smoothly (and that is very unfortunate about your infection) it really is easier than a v____al labour.especially when you dont have all the hrs of labouring behind it. several doctors have even told me this. Think about it, all you have is a sore tummy.from a v____al labour, in most cases you will tear or have st_tches from an episiotomy. you can't escape hemrhoids, and they are a b___h.. lol you can pull and injure muscles you never even knew you had..you are aching all over from pushing. Even your face swells, you can get black eyes and burst blood vessels.You don't bleed as long after a section either. I just found labour a horrible experience and the section was the easiest thing in the world.I was up and walking the next day and only had a tiny bit of discomfort for about a week. They can give you something to relax you if you need it. Demerol really works., or if really necessary they will put you to sleep.But I have heard about many women that feel the way Ange did.A lot of women are mostly disapointed for not being able to experience a v____al birth, also they feel a sense of failure.I also felt sort of like Ange did, as in "I did all this for nothing" because I got to 10 cms and the whole works. But at the same time, I was relieved they got him out and he was healthy.You need to be prepared for both going into labour because you really never know what to expect and every woman is different.


Ange - January 9

I am still gonna disagree with ya "KM", my section was the worst thing that has EVER happened to me! When I found out that I was pregnant I WANTED a section (be careful what u wish for ladies),and even asked my doc if I could choose (she said no),I thought that a vag birth was the nastiest most degrading, violating thing that a women could experience! I was totally disgusted and would cry and panic everytime i saw a vag birth on tv. Now that I have had a section I am a "vag birth advocate" lol! This was the worst thing that I have ever gone through! In the end it is all worth it and the ends do justify the means but let me tell you, I had a severe infection and could not move around for the longest time,(at least 9 days in excrutiating pain) This was NOT an easy recovery for me at all. I applaud those who can get through this with more ease. I totally disagree that a section is "easier" than a vag birth. HELL NO it isn't, not in my opinion. As for NOT bleeding as long, well I am 76 days post op and am still bleeding. I stopped for 1 week and started right back up and have not stopped! (This also could be due to the depo shot), but I did bleed the full 6 weeks. I am absolutely terrified that my next child will be a section as well. Just keep in mind that bringing a healthy baby into this world is the MOST important thing, and you just have to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. When you look at your new baby you will totally fall in love with him or her, I can guarentee you that. Good Luck to you and take care


b - January 9

i'm getting a c-section 1-10-05 at 12pm and am wondering did you ladies get a epideral or a spinal block and which was better for you? also ANGE what state did you have your baby? you sound awfully bitter.


Ange - January 9

To answer "b", I had my section in Toronto, Canada. As for you stating that I sound "bitter", how exactly do you mean??? I am expressing MY EXPERIENCE and nothing more!! I totally take offense to you saying that! I had a rough surgery, but how is that "bitter". I think that you may be using this word out of context. I have always stated that the ends DO justify the means and that the MOST important thing was that we as the women about to give birth are the tools that are bringing a healthy baby into this world. How this is "bitter", I don't know. Please explain if you would. And "B" please read my post again, I believe you misunderstood.


KM - January 9

Ange thats really awful about your infection.Maybe you would have had an easier recovery if that didn't happen? I do think your opinion is interesting tho, most ppl I know have thought it was easier.I am just glad that i didnt get st_tches or tears or have to experience pushing that baby out without an epidural, because I wasnt able to get one until my surgery and I went 13 hrs of labour and 4 hrs of pushing prior to it.for me, natural labour was AWFUL.B- I had an epi, and it was really effective for me.


Ange - January 10

Thanks KM I am not to sure if my section would have been better even without the infection. Just being "cut" alone was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I also pushed for a half an hour (which I did have an epidural),and would have rathered to tear a little there as apposed to being cut,(section). The pushing was definately the hardest thing I had ever tried to do LOL, but I still would have rathered. I guess I am a little tramatized. I am just over 2 months post op and am still in a great deal of pain. At night when I roll overin bed i get this REALLY BAD burning sensation in the middle of my stomach. My stomach is still VERY tender even to the touch. Anyway like i said, i totally applaud all of the women that can get through a section with more ease. Take care All And good luck to u Alicia


KM - January 11

I totally know where youre comin from with the pushing lol I did it for 4 hrs no epidural! lol you should ask your doctor about the pain. I really dont have any, only a bit of achiness when im walking outside in the cold. and i had mine 7 wks ago. I felt no pain after the first 2 wks.You found it painful when they actually cut you??


Ange - January 11

Hi KM; I didn't actually feel the cut no but I am still in a great deal of pain. I have this really bad burning sensation at night and sometimes during the day. I don't know what this could be. I am really glad that you are doing so well :) I was in excrutiating pain for over 9days after the surgery. After my experience I would not wish a section on my worst enemy (not that I have any LMAO), but I think that I would much rather deliver the other way. Anyway I am really glad that you are doing so well. Take care


amanda - January 16

hi ladies, well im on ange's side. i had my first ceaser 2 1/2 yrs ago due to my baby not engaging, i went through a hell of a recovery. i had an epidural and afterwards i blew up like a balloon, i looked like i was still pregnant for a good 3 weeks after. i took a full 6 weeks to recover and was in ahell of a lot of pain. i also experienced night time abdominal pain and burning sensations, trying to roll over in bed or get up for baby was very painfull. i slowly recovered only to have my second ceaser 12 months later but with a manageable recovery. this time around they tried to give me a spinal block 10 times but ended in ceaser, but put under this time. when i came to i didnt have as much pain and was walking around a few days later- no swelling. everyones different, we all have different experiences but one things for sure, i wouldnt wish a ceaser on my worst enemy either ange- even though its all worth it in the end.i feel for u alicia reading all these negative experiences, its in gods hands- try and stay focused on your precious gift waiting for you.


Ange - January 16

Hi Amanda; Did u ever foind out what the burninbg sensation was??? I too had sever adema (swelling)I was so swollen after my section that my pajama bottoms that I wore at 9 mnths pregnant didnt even fit me! I am still in quite a bit of pain some days. But in the end it is totally worth it!! How come they put you under the second time?? Did u request that? Just curious.



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