C Section Recovery

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Sarah - August 28

I had a c-section 6 weeks ago and the doctor sewed me up instead of stapling me. I still have an opening the size of two fingers and have been battling infection. Has anyone else had this happen to them? How much longer will this take to heal?


Shelly - May 31

I've been both sewed and stapled. The sewing worked better. The scar is much better than the staple one. My second doctor said that stapling is the lazy way. He cut out the old scar, and sewed me up much better. See another doctor to have the opening looked at. You shouldn't have ever gotten an infection.


stacyann36 - June 24

I had this happen, and i had to go to the docs office weekly and she would clean the area with some antiseptic stuff ( which burned like crazy), and then tape it back together like with a b___terfly bandage...it finally healed, but was very un-comfortable if i walked for any distance or any clothing rubbed the area..it does get better though...


kathy - July 21

I was stapled & am having the same problem. The scar has bumps in it & had been infected 2x.


Melissa - August 7

I was stapled (about 6 weeks ago) on the outside and sewed on the inside. My fourth baby, first c-section. I've had an awesome recovery. You can barely see my 4 inch scar. I was surprised. Didn't have a problem healing or anything. Very clean, smooth scar. =)


jeanifer - August 8

i was stapled and also had an area of my inscision open. However, it was small enough to let is secondary heal, so instead of sutures, i just kept it clean and covered and it healed in about a week.


carly - August 28

I just had a c-section done two weeks ago, and I've just started bleeding a little heavier is this normal? Also I've noticed that right above my inscision it's numb, I can barely feel any pressure is this normal also?


nicole - October 1

I just had my second c-section 4 weeks ago and I had staples both times with no problems at all. I just took it as easy as possible when I got home and I am just now starting to walk regularly.


Christina - November 30

I had staples, because I am plus-size and my OB said it would allow for easier healing and promote drainage to prevent infection. I also had a drain in until my day of d/c from the hospital. I used plain water to pat the area clean, and used a mirror and a small hand fan to dry it several times a day. When I was home, I allowed it open to the air several times a day as well. I never developed any infection even though I was at high risk for it. Stapling is not the lazy way, but is often the best if someone might be prone to infection and needs it to be abel to drain if necessary.


rebekah - December 22

well im not sure bout that but uh i would use a hair dryer each time i took a shower to dry that area real real good and be sure you clean that area dont be affraid to use a wash cloth and hot soapy water it will do wonders to fight off the germs! also keep a bandage to that area keep it free of sweat or dirt and film! for pain and to use the bathroom drink hot tea its a blessing! also heating pads take away tummy pain! and youre first period after is awful and heavy so dont think your dying like i thought unless you been lifting on heavy stuff! and never let a dr do that to you again ask for staples t_tamium are good! good luck and take care


Jennifer - December 24

I had a c-section with my first child and it got infected. I think the hole was a little bit smaller than yours. I had to go the doctor’s office every other day to clean out the inside of the wound. They would rinse it out with saline, and then stuff it full of gauze. I was told that they would use less and less gauze as it healed. It needed to heal from the inside out. I felt no pain, but it sure did feel weird!


patty - January 9

This happened to me too. I had surgical glue along with sewing. It opened up and got infected. I've been going to the Dr. every week and having to put a dressing on 4x a day. I am sorry this happened to you too.


KM - January 11

I just have some strips or something.. I dont know whatever they used to close it up you cant see.my scar is a thin line and its a bikini cut. It looks really good and i havent had any problems


Melissa - January 13

I just had a c-section 3 weeks ago. It was my third c-section, but the first time a doctor has used staples to close my incision. I have to agree that the staples are the lazy way, because I had the nurse who removed mine (very painfully, I might add), tell me that after two c-sections, the doctor never should have used staples to close the incision. This has been my most painful recovery to date. So if you have a choice, tell the doctor that staples were meant for paper-not people.


nicole - January 16

im very sorry only when i stand but a can move around good i had someone with me when i came home but know im going to my mothers for a week is that good for me to come out


pam - January 18

ladies, Thank you for your posts. I have had a rough road of healing and was feeling a little isolated because drs. think it's no big deal ( it's not their stomach) and there is really no "real" info on the net on more complecated healing of sections. Your stories make me feel like I am okay, that otheres go through way worse and that I will heal staples or not. My dr. is a wonderful surgeon, he used staples, the parts of my scar that have healed are really clean looking. And yes, my staples killed when they were removed, not "tickled" as all the info on the net says. Have a great week and enjoy your beautiful babies! pam


bashful373 - January 25

Gosh, you shouldn't have any openings whatsoever! I had a c-section and I was sewn up as opposed to staples and had no complications. But if you are having infections, the doctor needs to double check you.



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