C Section Scar

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Jamie - April 8

I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I am near my 8th month and am experiencing a pain that feels like my c-section scar from my first pregnancy is ripping open from the inside. I didnt know if it was common to have this discomfort, if it was the position of the baby, or if there really was a possibility for the tissue on the inside to tear? Anyone who has had a pregnancy after c-section please lend my your opinion. Thanks!


Jbear - April 10

I'm only four and a half months, but I've been getting a pain along part of my scar. My doctor said it could be a weakness in the connective tissue.


ANA - May 31

Hello, I'm pregnant for the second time too and my first was a c-section. After reading what you are feeling I got scared. Did you get an answer from your doctor about this. If you did will you please let me know what he/she said I would like to know what to expect. Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family. You can e-mail me if you'd like at [email protected] Thank you very much.


Mommy Angela - May 31

Thats how mine felt while I was in the last 2 months of pregnancy. Maybe its your scare tissue thats hurting because I just had my second c-section like a week ago and they told me that I had alot of scar tissue so that might be it


momma 2 - June 16

I am 12 weeks and experience the same feeling off and on, especially if I've been carrying my 30lb 18mo old. I plan to call my Dr.


cabbie - June 17

I also had this. I was told it was probably the adhesive scar tissue being worked loose. It was explained to me in terms of knee surgery. When one has knee surgery, they need to work that knee so that the scar tissue doesn't build up and make it immobile. Well, the section is much the same. It builds that tissue and with the uterus so big and expanding, it is pulling on that tissue that has built up from your previous surgery. It has nothing to do with the incision itself. I made it just fine.


Michelle - June 22

So are you suppose to just deal with the pain then? I am pregant with my second child after a c-section. But I have not experienced any pain yet.


kerri - June 23

this isnt an answer, but a question. i had my daughter c section 2 1/2 yrs ago, and the pain i feel behind my scar is getting unbearable. i havent seen a doctor because everyone says its scar tissue. i am not pregnant now, but as of today, i cant stand up fast or stand up straight and there is a lump thats pretty big behind and below the scar. if anyone knows what this is, please help me. i cant take it anymore, im about to cut it out myself its that bad.


jameela - August 23

I know this comment is several years behind and probably doesnt help these ladies out, but it might help others who are searching for answers to their questions concerning incision pains from previous c-sections, pain that is quite different than a contraction. Allow me to share my mother's story. My mother was 38 when she found out that OOPS! she was pregnant after almost 19 years. She found out after her GI doctor denied to perform a colonoscopy (they run a pregnancy test before doing this procedure, and if pregnant, no colonoscopy). Since she has fibromyalgia (basically, everything hurts like ten times worse than what is normal), and a little of this a little of that, she had to discontinue various medications, which throughout the whole pregnancy, she suffered SO much pain! SO, she had to suck it up pretty much. However, towards the 6th month of being pregnant, she started to feel a "different" kind of pain. She has had two previous c-sections: having me, and to remove a cyst from her ovary. So there is definitely scar tissue. She would describe that she would feel like she was being cut open, sharp pains, and she felt bursts of little "shocks", like when you're at the grocery store and you bump into someone driving their cart and you both feel a "shock" thing. And as two months pa__sed by, obviously it got worse, to the point that walking to the restroom was a ha__sle and very painfull. She would go repeatedly to the ER, all they would give her was terbutaline (because monitors said she was contracting). She was never dilated, always closed, but OP! Lets give her lots of terbutaline! and nifedipine! well, she switched OBGYN and hospital for a much and i emphasize MUCH better doctor and hospital because she felt she was not being cared for and felt she wasnt getting any answers from these people. This was at the 7th month. She was getting her usual twice a week nst's, baby is moving great, but still contracting. Maybe yeast infections? urine infection? NOPE. By this time she is feeling weaker and weaker, more and more excrutiating pain. One day, a tuesday to be exact, I took her to go get her usual nst's and a consultation with her high risk doctor (by the way, she NEVER got nst's at the previous place, no care at all!)and a different nurse takes the nst for my mom. We've seen her before at the OB Triage when we have gone at random hours because of her unexplainable pains (a nurse from the previous hospital told my mom " Your uterus is probably just one of those that likes to contract"..really?? What a thorough answer! That explains everything! WRONG!.) This nurse wasn't really our cup of tea but little did we know she practicly saved my moms life and my little brother's as well. So shes getting the belts around her, of course shes contracting. The nurse asks my mom "How are your incision pains?" At first my mom didn't understand her and said fine. Later she told her no, she wasnt fine, it hurt a lot..A LOT. This nurse called her OBGYN, asked if she could get an ultrasound on those incisions. WHy? she had a friend/co-worker have this same problem, and by a very timely ultrasound, they found that she had "windows" on her incisions. HER PREVIOUS SURGERIES IN HER UTERUS WHERE OPENING. She was 32 weeks. Baby was born that day by emergency c-section. My mom was 35 weeks. An ultrasound was done and Her uterus was like her doctor explained:" Imagine a ziplock bag, opened from the top, but with water inside and a nice goldfish swimming in it. Your uterus is opened from the incisions, and the only thing keeping baby put is the placenta, the bag of water. If the water were to break, you would have bled to death in a matter of seconds, and no chance for you to make it to any hospital. You and your baby would have not made it." But that didn't happen, thank God of course. But mom had a messed up uterus, had to be reconstructed. So shes recuperating, thankful shes alive to take care of her newborn son. So, please, this is no joke, the pains you feel could be telling you something. Ask questions, demand tests, do what you have to do to find out why you are hurting so much. If that awesome nurse would have not ordered that ultrasound, we would have just went back home and that day I wouldve lost my mother and my sweet baby brother. Not trying to scare anyone, but rather tell you how it is. If you have to switch doctors, DO IT. You deserve superb care. Hope this experience will help others to find some answers and take action for their health and their baby's.



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