C Section Scare

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Alexandra - January 29

This is my first baby after six years of marriage. I'm due on theth of February, but my baby just breeched. The doctor said If he does not turn with the next week a C-section is planned for the 7th of frebruary. What I want to know is this. I am a student who is close to graduate, will i be able to walk a least slowly to class within a week. I know you can't pick up your baby due to the incision, but my mom will be here with me for two months and my husband will be there too....Do you think those to help will be enough to help recorver on time for school.....I want my baby to be healthy, but I also want him to have a good life....Can somebody give me some advise on that? Will that make me a bad mother wanting to go back to school so soon after birth?


Alisha - January 31

Hi Alexandra, I too am a student. I was scheduled to graduate in May but I took this semester off to have my baby. I had a scheduled c-section four weeks ago b/c my baby was also breech. I chose to take the semester off because it would be too demanding. I have a four year old so I knew that a newborn would also be demanding. I made my decision based on my individual circ_mstances. It sounds like you have a lot of support and it would be possible for you to jump back into school. The only thing you should consider is recovery. C-section is major surgery. It's been four weeks since mine and I'm still having pain at the incision when I'm on my feet for too long. Granted, the pain is not like it was, but one week might not be enough to fully recover. Add that with a full time school schedule AND a newborn baby at home. It might be too much to handle all at one time. I don't think wanting to go back to school so soon after birth makes you a bad mother. I think it's admirable. If you have the help, go for it! If not, just remember: you have the rest of your life to pursue your education...but you can never get this time back with your little one. Good luck to you


Donna - January 31

I think you will find that you will be tired and sore, but it should be possible to go to cla__ses. Take it easy though. It can be difficult to recover from a c-section. However, I have heard that planned c-sections are easier to recover from then going through an intense labor and then having a c-section, which is what happened to me. Just two and a half weeks after I had a c-section I made a 4 hour drive to attend my grandfather's funeral. As long as things go smoothly, you can probably get up and about slowly, but remember you will also get tired a lot easier.


Alison - February 1

I just had a c-section late december and to be honest walking was not too easy at first. However I had high blood pressure to top it off. I would just suggest to make sure to park as close as possible to your cla__ses and allow plenty of time to stop and rest. I started to overdo the walking about two weeks after the surgery and now my muscles are still sore and in pain. Take it as easy as you can, and get lots of rest. Good Luck in school and with your new baby.


brandy - March 26

u should be fine...just rest up...i was up and driving as soon as a left the hospital...just becareful using the meds that they give u....they're really srong and can make u a bit disoriented. just take it slow....i commend you for trying to persue your dreams so soon...u go girl!


shiequane - October 7

recovery scare


shiequane - October 7

recovery scar afther c-section


amy p - October 7

it depends on your circ_mstances..everyone is different..also talk to your doc about cephalic aversion...i just told another girl about this...to me it would be a better option then just jumping into a c...



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