C Section Support Belt

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Sharmishtha - January 20

I had a c-section 3 weeks ago and have heard that a postpartum support belt helps with the pain and discomfort. Has anybody used one and what was your experience? I would love some feedback before I get one. Thanks in advance


Lori - January 22

Hi Sharmishtha, Congrats on your baby. I had a c-section with my first daughter and I wore the support belt even in the hospital and especially when I came home. I am due in March and having another c-section, and I already have my belt. It really does help you feel more mobile and easie to get around and it doesn't harm your incision at all. Why not be more comfortable right? Good luck Lori


Sharmishtha - January 22

Thanks Lori. That was really useful. My only concern about the belt was whether it would hurt the incision. From your post, it seems like it doesn't. Congratulations on baby no. 2 and good luck with everything. Thanks again for your input.


Cindy - January 28

Where can I get one of these?


Rosalida Bego - September 15

I do not where to buy the c-section belt. Canyou help me?


Lynn B - September 27

Try wearing control top pantyhose with the legs cut out. They're cheap and extremely effective!


Jbear - September 27

I bought control briefs after my c-section...those giant-looking, skin-tight ones that walmart sells for $3 a pair. They were so comfortable and I was able to move much more easily while wearing them. I had a maternity support belt that I planned to use after the c-section, but it was just too hot and made me grouchy.


Kenia - October 3

You can purchase the support belt at any surgical supply store


dominic - October 11

the belt is very usefull and effective i accidently left it at the hospital when i came home but i rushed out to but one thir only 20bucks and thats a fair price for one to be comfy and to be kept in one piece i like it!


Michelle - October 21

I should look into one of these, but I don't think I have a surgigal supply store around my area.



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