C Section Tenderness Numbness

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Darlene - November 26

I had my first c-section 5 months ago. This was my fourth child. I still feel alot of tenderness and am completly numb from my belly button down the middle to my right. I tried the post natal exercises, I have tried on the ball and have tried crunches. I could not feel any calories burning and could not pull my self up. Is this normal? I never had any problems like this before I had the c-section. I am very concerned my doctor could have cut into my nerve endings and /or my muscle tissue. When I were and kind of pants or shorts any thing that snaps or clips over with a zipper in front really hurts and is very uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced any thing like what I am experiencing? My doctor told me after two months from my surgery it would be like this for awhile. But for how long?


Isamari Briones - December 13

My Dr. cut into my nerve on my left leg;it's been 3 years since and my left leg is still numb.


jules - December 14

Darlene, I had a "C" done 11 weeks ago. I have the numbness and pain also, but not horribly. My Dr said average time is 6 months, but could take a year, even more to go away completely.


KM - December 17

all my pain went away after the first week, but to touch around the incision, 4 wks later it is still numb. Im not sure how long is normal for that to last.But also you have to think it is major surgery so..


ZM - December 18

I just had my second C-section 3 weeks ago today. I still have a little pain and numbness. After the first cesarian I had slight tenderness for about a year. That was after nearly 20 hrs of labor. My doctor said emergency cersarians can take longer to heal. This one was planned, so we'll see. Good luck.


t - December 19

well it has been 17 months since my second C-section and the feeling is finally returning. It was tender for a while but I think it was worse with my first C-section (twins) and it did go away eventually. Hang in there!



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