C Section With A Failed Epidural

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wantanotheraftertr - January 2

I had a c-setion on Dec 11th. It was the first c-section I have ever needed. I had an epidural that only worked on the right side of my body! They tryed to locally numb the left side and proceeded with the c/s! I felt everything and they finally gave me a general and knocked me out. DH and I would like one more so this lo doesn't grow up alone. I am terrified that i will feel everything again! Has anyone ever had this happen and had another? Did the epi work the next time? Please any stories will help put me at ease!


ShoppingForTwo - January 2

A spinal tap will definitely work next time, or just get put asleep again. No worries.


newbabyras - January 2

Well, all I can add is that you're not alone. I had a spinal block that didn't work. I'm definitely going to try the epidural next time around...


wantanotheraftertr - January 2

The only problem with getting put to sleep is they only have something like 5 - 6 min to get the baby out without the anesthesia affecting the baby! Newbabyras I was thinking of trying the spinal block next time. Not even sure what the difference is but something has to work. Good luck to you on your next.


steffoss - January 16

Try a spinal... I had epidural the frist time and spinal the second... both worked but the sppinal took longer to numb the left side of my body... very scary for sure .. but y our doc. will take care of you...that was a freak episode and chances are prob. slim that it will happen again Good LUCK


mindymay - January 16

same thing happened to me, but it numbed my legs only. so i couldnt kick the docs (just kidding) and i felt everything. i will have at least one more. the way i see it, is it was a fluke. and why worry about what you cant change. obviously we want more children so it didnt kill us from the idea. who knows maybe you can have a v____al next time.


crazybaby - February 13

that happened to me in my first c section with an epidural that was an emergency one with my planned 2nd c section i had an epidural and a spinal block i went to see the aneathetest before hand to tell her of my worries and she went out of her way to make me feel at ease ,it was perfect !! and id do it again if i could good luck



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