C Sections And General Anethsesia

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DeeJay - July 5

Hi, I am schedualed for a c section, and I do not want to get a spinal or epi. because I have severe disk and nerve issues in my back and I also have heard the horror stories. I would like gen. anethesia, and my doctor has not said yes or no yet, just that we will talk about my option in the next visit. My mother was put out for both me and my brother and we were fine and so was she. I also suffer from panic atttacks and I know if I am awake the thought of being cut open while aware will send me over the edge. This is really starting to worry me. Has anyone been put out for a schedualed c sec? What were your reactions? Thanks for responding in advance!!


lovemy3 - July 5

hi there i have had 3 sections and my first one was an emergency and i was put out. I was really si ck when i awoke and felt sick for a few days, vomitting etc. I'm not sure if it was from the circ_mstances of needing the emerg section or from the being put out. my other 2 I had a spinal with and never had any problems of nausea or anything spinal related at all. I wa told they don't like to out you out becasuse ogf the effects on the baby being under the general. I don't know what the effects are however. Good luck


sahmof3 - July 5

I've had three c-sections and had to be put under general anesthesia for #3 because of an extremely low platelet count. It wasn't a horrible experience for me overall, but when I woke up I was in a lot of pain and couldn't quite talk yet to let them know. After awhile (sorry, don't know how long, I was loopy) I was able to tell them about the pain and was given morphine. When I got back to my normal room, I felt ok, but was really slow. Like- the one nurse was trying to get me to drink more and I was trying, but I couldn't put thoughts together enough to pick up the cup. Then, my husband wasn't doing something or other to my liking and I couldn't think to talk, so I threw a jello cup at him- apparently- this is what I'm told- I don't remember it:) So, they wouldn't let me hold the baby until a few hours later when the effects were wearing off. Awhile before I got to see my son, I had terrible pain, but don't worry, I think that was just because I had a baby over 10 lbs. and they were "helping" my uterus shrink with pitocin, so you probably won't have to worry about that!! My c-section started around 1:00pm and by 9:00pm I was holding my baby and felt great (I'd been given perocet by then) and the next day, if I kept up with my pain meds. I was up and walking and felt pretty good!!



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