Can I Bond Imediately After A C Section

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julie - December 30

Answer: I am pregnant with my third daughter. I had to be induced with both my girls prior and had HORRIBLE labors. For some reason my body wouldn't progress naturally and that is why I had to be induced. They were both very traumatic labors. My second daughter was 10lbs., coming out the wrong way and had a bowel movement inside of me. She was hitting my pelvic bone which put me in abnormal pain and I barely made it through it in one piece. Granted I have a very low tolerance for pain and everyone is different, but even seeing a woman giving birth puts me in tears. I also suffered horrible hemeroids and still bleed to this day when making a bowel movement. My daughters are 4 and 5. I am so scared of doing it again and having more complications. My dodctor says that If I do not show signs of delivery within a week they will do a c-section. I want to hold my daughter when she is born, and I want to feed her right away. I was never able to with my first two daughters. I would love for someone who has gone through a c-section to email me and let me know if it interferes with the br___t feeding and imediate bonding of your child. Are you able to enjoy the baby when you are home with it? I do believe that we should all try for a va___al delivery, just because it is an amazing experience and it is how God intended birth to be, but I also understand the fear and emotion of not wanting to. I have such high emotional stress because of what I have already been through and am scared that I cannot even handle the thought of giving birth again without feeling overwhelmed and scared I will jeoprdize the safety of the procedure. Please email me at :[email protected]


lilmama - January 2

I had a c section with my fist son and he was immediatley rushed to the nursery to be put under the oxygen hood because he did not breathe for a few minutes and the cord was wrapped around his neck. I did not get to see him for the first 4 or 5 hours and did not get to hold him for the first day or so. I was soo devistated but we bonded just fine after the fact. It is wonderful to be able to bond with your child immediatley, but can also be done after the fact. Your baby will still love you just as much if he/she doesnt see you right away. I hope this does not scare you because not all c sections go this way. I had a different situation than most.


KM - January 2

I had a very traumatic labour as well. Im only 18 and just had my 1st 6 wks ago. i went 13 hrs, 4 hrs of pushing and they couldnt give me the epidural because the anthesitsiologist wasnt available. I know how you feel I also found the pain terrible and have horrible hemrhoids too. I was planning on b___stfeeding but ended up with a c-section (because my baby was facing head up)and after i really didnt have the energy.Plus it wasnt really encouraged at the hospital and I was really nervous about it and no one offered to help me, and because he was taken right to the nursery after my surgery , he was given bottles the whole time. I didnt even get to see him till almost 24 hrs later because i couldnt get out of bed and they wouldnt bring him up to me.I found i didn't bond right away, but it could also be because how I was feeling physically after such a hard labour. I found it took a few days spent alone at home to bond


red - January 4

ive had two c sections- first one was spinal block, i was able to see him straight away and we had an instant bond . i was able to b___stfeed with the help of a midwive and a pillow on my tummy for baby to lay. my second son -i had to go under anesthetic, by when i woke up i was able to see him immediatley. even though he was taken to intensive care (fluid in lungs) the nurses made sure that we had time to bond. everything will work out fine- good luck.



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