Can I Elect A Cesarean

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jenny - March 14

i was just wandering whether i can elect a cesarian in my current pregnancy. i had a baby last year who died at 14 weeks the outcome was natrual causes. i had a very hard labour and birth and i had a condition called polyhydramnious(excess fluid around baby).i delivered natrually with my little boy. i am very scared this time round as im frightened that history will repeat itself. does antyone no what my chances of a csection will be. thanks.


jennifer - March 14

Hi depends on where u live. I would probably start calling doctors and get some second opinions on this condition repeating itself. It may be rare and therefore still safer to have a reg. delivery. That being said I can understand your feelings on wanting a csection. I had an emergancy c with my last pregs and am now preg and will do a planned csection as opposed to a vbac because of my fear of uterine rupture and that it could kill or injure my child. I would rather suffer than even risk that at all. Its hard to word exactly, but I feel that a vbac would probably be safer for me, but riskier for baby, while csection is safter for baby but riskier for me. My recovery wasnt bad and overall I didnt dislike my birth experiance. But if I had lost my child I would definatly be wanting to change anything I could to ensure next ones saftey. I feel so bad for you. I hope that everything goes much better this time, and that no matter what way you have your baby, it will be 100% successful and youll have them to love and hold forever!


marcie. - March 15

I agree with jennifer,it depends where you live. I requested I had a c-section before we concieved, and when it was agreed then got pregnant. Remember jenny,that a planned section will be easier than an emergency,you have time to get ready,and if you request it in the first place it will be easier too. a woman who is very worked up about labour can make the delivery harder,and longer, and the doctors where I come from would not want to put a mother,or her infant through such trauma. If I were you I would just keep on at the midwife,the doctors that this is the way you really want to give birth,and see what they say.Hope you keep us updated.


Well... - March 17

Well, Jenny, first off, so sorry about your horrific loss. Surely there are no words that will do it justice. Since your pregnancy and the baby had complications unrelated to your delivery method perhaps this next time will be easier for you. Unlike Marcie, I do not agree that scheduled c-sections are easier. My most difficult, complication-ridden c-section was my second one. I hope you can have a relatively swift, well managed v____al delivery and that your precious baby arrives safely and in complete health!



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