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Sissy - February 13

Heres my dlimena, I have a 22 month old DD and am currently 10 weeks pregnant. They took DD at 34 wks due to severe per-eclampsia via c-section, only thing was I had a ruptured appendix (ruptured at 19 weeks) inside of me so they did a classic (vertical) incinsion, but my utereus is a low transverse.Before I got pg my Dr said I should be able to go via VBAC,but when I registered with the nurse for this baby, she told me I would be a repeat c-section and I most of misunderstood the Dr. My first appt with the DR is the 21st and I would like to have all info I can find to agrue for VBAC. I realize there are risks, but after my horrible c-section and dehissance and everything,I would rather give a trial of labor a chance.... Has anyone been in the same predicament and had a successful VBAC. EEverything I read says I can with my uterine scare being a low transverse, but then you read you cant with a vertical outside incision, tia!


Em - February 14

I've never heard of someone's STOMACH rupturing during birth so that nurse is the one that is confused. If your uterus was vertical, sure, you would NOT be up for VBAC but plenty of time has gone by (my hospital allows VBAC as long as the C was more than 12 months ago). Good luck at your appt.


djh - February 14

I don't see how your vertical appendectomy site should have anything to do with your uterine site. I suggest you fully discuss this with doctor. It is not your abdominal muscles that expel the baby, it is the uterine ones and they were cut low transverse. Best of luck.


Sissy - February 14

Em- thanks for the repsonse,I was thinking the same thing,hopefully the Dr will tell me its ok when I see him the 21st.DJH-the vertical is my actual c-section site-they cut me that way because I had a ruptured appendix in me. I am cut from my belly b___ton to my pubic bone,and cut my uterus low transverse.My appendix rutptured around 19 weeks-they removed it via laprascopic surgery 6 weeks after myDD was born.


Hi Sissy - February 14

I think the most important thing is your uterine scar and you have the low-horizontal. You should be good to go from what I understand. Wow, a ruptured appendix while pregnant AND a c-section, THEN a are a trooper!


Sissy - February 15

lol-ty but no trooper. The misdiagnosed my appendix, first treated me for a UTI then said it was gla__stones ( i did have those). Then finally after 9 days I just couldnt take it anymore, the pain was so horrible, I went back to the ER and said something isnt right. They scheduled me for surgery to remove the gallstones, the surgeon came into to see me the am of the surgery and when he examined me he asked permission to do a catscan, said something didnt feel right.....well it showed a long ruptured appendix that luckily had walled off from the baby..the had to put a drain in me, but couldnt knock me out or give me anythign for pain except for nubain because at this time DD was in distress.The did while I was in the catscan about hurt, feeling them cut you open to insert the drain..omg...dont want to go there again. Kept the drain in for about a month then had DD a month later. The finally went in an removed it 6 weeks later...DD had surgery for pyloric stenosis 2 days later and then they took the gallstones out a month after that...I just can stand the thought of another surgery,so hopefully they will let me VBAC.


Kelly - February 15

First of all, didn't anyone ever tell you not to listen to a nurse? I have had 2 c's and the a vbac. Everything went smoothly. She is just wrong! I wouldn't stress for a minute. Also, don't forget if your Doctor is not willing to let you try it, there are other doctors out there that will want to follow your wishes!


Sissy - February 21

just to update VBAC for me, I have an adhesion on my uterus, sooooooo, they already scheduled my repeat c for Sept 5th, at least i know! ty for all the help all


Saird - February 26

TO Kelly- did you say you've had two c's and then a Vbac? Where are you from and how were you allowed to do that? I'm very curious....



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